Biden Throws Temper Tantrum When Questioned On The 2nd Amendment

U.S.A.-( The seditious mainstream media refers to the former Obama Vice President, Joe Biden—the increasingly likely Democrat Party nominee for U.S. President, to take on President Trump—as a political “moderate.” But, is he? Is Biden really a political moderate?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the noun form of the word, ‘moderate,’ as ‘not violent, severe, or intense.’ As applied to politics, the Dictionary defines, ‘moderate,’ as ‘professing or characterized by political or social beliefs that are not extreme.’ As an adjective, the word, ‘moderate’ means, ‘avoiding extremes of behavior or expression: observing reasonable limits.’

When used either as an adjective or noun, the word, ‘moderate,’ as applied to Biden, is a misnomer because one thing Joe Biden is not is “moderate.” Intemperate both in his public discourse and in his policy statements, Biden is anything but moderate.

If Biden isn’t able to control his anger when an American citizen politely, if firmly, questions him on policy, how will Biden control that anger when goaded by professional journalists if he were to become President? Granted, he would never be disrespectfully, unceasingly hounded by the Press as the Press hounds Trump, as Biden and the seditious Press kowtow to the same Globalist elites. Biden is their man; their shill; their toady, and they would go easy on him. But he would still be subject to criticism, now and then, and he should expect that, and he should be able to respond effectively to criticism, when it occurs, without losing control of his emotions.

If subject to a hot temper, a politician must learn to control that temper. Biden obviously cannot. Imagine, as a thought experiment, the Press hounding a “President” Joe Biden as that same Press has viciously, vilely, unceasingly hounded President Donald Trump. That would never happen of course, but Biden would still have to deal with day-to-day pressures unlike that of any other person.

Would Biden be able to handle the pressure? Trump has shown he can.

In fact, Trump thrives under constant pressure. He has to. He has never crumpled, and that rankles the Establishment Press even more. But would Biden be able to control pressure? Based on his campaign performances to date, the answer is a definitive, “no, he would not; could not.” Biden would rapidly fall apart. But, then, the Bureaucratic Deep State would cover for him. They would be developing policy and implementing policy. Biden would merely be signing off on that policy. During the impeachment trial of Trump, this fact came out.

Democrats argue that the Federal Bureaucracy develops the Nation’s policy, and that the U.S. President must be mindful of that and treat the Federal Bureaucracy, the Deep State, with deference. Of course, that idea turns Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution on its head, for the Constitution says something much differently. There is only one policy maker, and it isn’t the Federal Bureaucracy. It’s the U.S. President. Biden, as U.S. President would delegate that policy making responsibility to the Federal Bureaucracy. But, there’s the rub. The Policy Making duties of the U.S. President cannot be lawfully delegated. It is a core function of the U.S. President.

To delegate a core function of the U.S. Presidency would be not only to discredit the Office of the U.S. President but it would amount to the emasculation of the Executive Branch of Government. In the Biden Presidency, Biden would be a mere figurehead. That wouldn’t bother Biden. It should bother him, but it wouldn’t. That would be his job as the lackey of the Neoliberal Corporatist Globalist Collectivist Establishment “Elite-Elect” and of the Elite-Elect’s servants, the Federal Deep State Bureaucracy. But, even as a mere figurehead, Biden would still be the face of the Nation. Imagine that, if you will.

Apart from Biden’s abjectly poor emotional demeanor, the use of ‘moderate’ as a political descriptor for Biden is patently absurd, as exemplified by his position on a fundamental, immutable, unalienable, natural right.

Granted, expressions such as ‘moderate,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘radical,’ ‘centrist’ ‘conservative,’ and the like, as applied, inter alia, to political belief systems and policy positions are inherently vague if considered in a vacuum, nonetheless these terms do have explanatory value when comparisons are made between two or more political belief systems or policy.

For example, one might conceivably infer Joe Biden to be a political moderate if one compares Biden’s political beliefs and policies to someone like Vladimir Lenin or Joseph Stalin, notwithstanding that application of Biden’s political policy prescriptions, if actualized in the U.S., would move our Nation toward a totalitarian political and social system and, so, must be rejected out-of-hand if Americans truly wish to preserve the Nation as a free Constitutional Republic.

Words such as ‘moderate,’ ‘liberal,’ ‘radical,’ ‘centrist’ ‘conservative,’ when used in a political context, must, then, be construed relative to a particular system of governance and relative to specific policy prescriptions if they are to have any real meaning.

One must look to the political and social and economic belief systems of a person and to one’s policy prescriptions as applied to our present system of governance and, more to the point, as applied to our system of governance relative to the citizenry’s fundamental rights and liberties, if any sense is to be made for calling a person a political moderate, or a political liberal, or a political radical, or a political conservative or, any political whatever.

In the context of our own system of governance and when compared to Biden’s policy prescriptions pertaining to the Bill of Rights, Joe Biden is definitely not a political moderate.

The use of the expression, ‘political moderate,’ for Joe Biden by the mainstream media, tells the American public more about the desire of that media to intentionally confound the public than to accurately inform the public about where a politician’s belief system and policy prescriptions accurately stand, on the political spectrum. None of the Democrats that the seditious mainstream media refers to as “political moderate,” is accurate. The expression, political ‘Radical,’ more accurately describes them; not the word, ‘moderate,’ nor even the word, ‘liberal.’

Americans should not be duped by short descriptors the mainstream media uses to typecast politicians. Those are often merely a blind. Rather, Americans should look to a politician’s policy prescriptions. Most importantly, Americans should pay particular attention to a politician’s stance on the Bill of Rights, especially the right of the people to keep and bear arms. That is a simple a foolproof test of a politician’s loyalty and fealty to Nation, Constitution, and People.

If a politician does not accept as an absolute, the idea of an armed citizenry, upon which the sovereignty of the American people necessarily depends, through which a free Constitutional Republic is preserved, then that politician does not and cannot serve the best interests of this Nation; nor does that politician serve the best interests of the Constitution; nor does that politician serve the best interests of the American people. Such a person is Joe Biden. He does not and cannot serve the best interests of Americans.

Bereft of ability, intelligence, candor, integrity, moral courage, and antithetical to the very concept of an armed citizenry though which, and only through which our Nation can continue to exist as a free Constitutional Republic, this man, Joe Biden, owes loyalty only to his wealthy benefactors, the Oligarchic, Globalist, Elite-Elect. And, this wealthy, powerful, ruthless, and secretive Shadow Government has no regard for the American citizenry, whose power it envies, and in whom it sees only as a pathogen, dangerous to the world-wide schema they seek to implement.

One of the first orders of business, if not THE first order of business for Biden, at the behest of his masters, will be to constrain the fundamental right of the people to keep and bear arms. Look to see a number of executive orders emanating from his Office were he to become the 46th U.S. President. Indeed, it would not be surprising to see Biden, at the behest of his masters, declaring a National Emergency, warranting imposition of Martial Law, banning civilian ownership and possession of weapons.

When the Shadow Government can emerge from the Shadows, no longer afraid to admit to the American public that the public was right all along in having inferred such a creature was lurking behind the curtain of open Government, and that Shadow Government now becomes the Open Government, as it would have no reason, any longer, to lurk in the shadows. The public would witness a new Order, a new Reality, taking shape before its very eyes, and it would have absolutely no say in the matter.

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The blood flow to what he calls a brain has failed. Decades ago.


Didn’t Joe “Tug” Biden have a starring role in Hot Shots: Part Deux?


Old old old news guys


Former VP Biden has had two brain aneurysms surgically repaired. If you look up the possible outcomes it mentions that frequently people have personality changes to include outbursts of anger, mental confusion, loss of words, improper use of words and so on. Pretty clearly he’s not medically fit to be President, regardless of the politics involved. Suspect they will use the 25th Amendment to take him out shortly after swearing him in…and who will be his #2…Harris? Warren? What other Communist? I think they realize creepy Uncle Joe is the “least bad” of their options, as they hope that voters… Read more »


Biden would be offed within the first 6 months, a case of the pesky reemerging covid virus dont you know, or well, we all knew he wasn’t feeling well. They would have the Clowns In America come in and do their thing. Do you think we would give a damn what anyone thought? Do they now?