California Legislator Presses Governor to Suspend ALL Gun/Ammo Sales

Democrat's War on Guns
Democrat’s War on Guns

California – -( On March 20th, 2020, Gun Owners of California sent an urgent letter to Governor Gavin Newsom requesting he update his COVID-19 EXECUTIVE ORDER N-33-20, which declared an exception to the stay at home directive for those identified as “essential” as per the federal Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

The CISA guidance was updated to specifically include “[w]orkers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges” as part of the Essential Critical Infrastructure.

As this federal designation deemed the firearms industry as essential and supersedes mandates to close gun stores from individual states, GOC has been anxiously awaiting the Governor’s response to clarify his Executive Order.

Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, however, has officially requested that the Governor suspend all firearm and ammunition sales, citing the perpetuation of a “cycle of public panic and impulsive action.”

See letter circulated among his colleagues for supportive signatures HERE.

Rather than protecting our homes and families with a firearm, Santiago has another idea: instead, he says we should be armed with “strong safeguards on public health and safety.”

Last we checked, social distancing from an armed intruder is not going to help anyone, and a mask offers zero protection from the spread of looting or any other crime for that matter.

Santiago’s request of the Governor is intended to stoke public fear and anxiety. It is not only reckless, but it is also tyrannical.

A growing number of law-abiding citizens have been forced to realize that they are their own first line of defense – particularly in a pandemic when resources are strained. Covid-19 is exposing all manner of tyrants, with mayors, legislators and judges believing their authority has no limits. This is outrageous!

GOC asks that you continue to support our efforts as we fight against such oppression and press the Governor to affirmatively resolve this issue.

Come election time, be assured that GOC will be at the tip pf the spear in reminding ALL CALIFORNIANS who supported your rights to protect yourself – and who did not.

Gun Owners of California LogoAbout Gun Owners of California:

Founded in 1975, GOC is the oldest pro-gun political action committee in the United States of America, having been at the forefront of the battle since assaults on the 2nd Amendment began. It is a 501(c)4 non-profit and operates exclusively from membership contributions and donations. Visit for more information.

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The impulsive action they fear is us coming after them. Fear warranted.


A strong piece of wisdom I learned, sometimes the hard way, from my very wise Dad:

Don’t want to get stung by the hornets? Leave their nest alone.

Shameless tyrants like this clown need to uunderstand that the more they attempt to poke the hornet’s nest the more likely millions of hornets will come out and “take care of bidniss”. But they insist on poking……….


Another instance of where Democrats are proving themselves to be enemies of a free people.


Mr. Santiago seems to have the available resources to identify 22,424 guns in the hands of people that should not have them. A pretty exact number, I would say. Which leads me to question him, “If you can identify 22,424 guns, why don’t you use that same list to go and get those guns, instead of taking guns away from the law abiding people that are allowed to have them entitled by the US Constitution that are not included in your 22, 424?” Some politicians just can’t get past the fact that all of us sheep are not stupid. Here’s… Read more »


The Liberal dirt bags are so self centered that THEY actually do believe that “We the People” are stupid.
THEY don’t care how many inner city shootings there is or how many “illegal guns” there are, THEY are afraid of your and mine.


quote: “instead of taking guns away from the law abiding people that are allowed to have them entitled by the US Constitution”

try this:

instead of taking guns away from the law abiding people that are GUARANTEED to have them AS PROTECTED by the US Constitution

Fixed ot for ya.

NEVER FORGET that chunk of sheepskin with squid sqeeze on it, kept under glass in DC, does not “allow” or “give” us anything. It NAMES what is rightfully OURS, then tells GOVERNMENT to KEEP YER FILTHY MITTS OFF IT

Will Flatt

Santiago needs to meet with Pinochet to discuss this further.


Miguel Santiago is CA’s newest gun sales hero. You really have to laugh at these imbeciles, trying erase basic human rights with their idiotic ideas.


California seems to have more than it’s share of stupid ignorant politicians and bureaucrats. They, are contrary to the needs of the people and offer no solutions except the typical tyrannical restrictions. CA is a one party government that is crooked as they come. How we got here is pure apathy and we are now paying the price. Until this state gets some balance, the only solution it appears is to leave. You cannot reason with these idiots and they’ll never agree with you. Once in position, they are free to do what they please and they have. Exposing these… Read more »


Michael J. . . . They are not “stupid ignorant politicians and bureaucrats.” They are working to the plan of the Communist Democrap Party and their intention is to institute a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Government in America! Do NOT underestimate these Communist Rats! They have infiltrated and now have control of the public education system, the Lamestream Media, and one of the major political parties in this country! if we want this country to survive as a Constitutional Republic we need to get better organized and vote AGAINST anyone with a (D) or an (I) behind their name.… Read more »

jack mac

These politicians and bureaucrats are not stupid or ignorant, they are greedy and evil.


This guy is head of the LA County commission on homelessness. One would think, he would have better things to do than mess with the 2A.


fireball4 . . . No. He actually does not have anything better to do . . . as far as he is concerned. He is working toward the plan of the Communist Democrap Party which is to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States and replace it with a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Government! Get yourself and anyone you can drag along with you to the polls and vote AGAINST anyone with a (D) or an (I) behind their name. You and anyone else who is a patriot need to destroy the Communist Democrap Party at the polls… Read more »


so THAT explains a whole lot!!! He is afraid that his charges, the wilfully lazy and homeless clilents of his,will be less able to acquire arms thus less able to push back when they don’t get their “needs met”.

The bible says “if a man WILL NOT work (note well, it does not say if he is not capable of working, only that he refuses to) DO NOT FEED HIM. Its not much of a stretch to add “house” to that prohibition.

Wild Bill

@Tio, that is the best thing that you have ever wrote!


Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…


It’s Kalifornia.


California leadership and many in the courts are knowingly in violation of Article VI. It’s time to hold them responsible.


Der People’s Demokratik Republik of Fuhgeddaboutit. I’m SO glad I left there forty years ago!


Santiago is just another Wetback Communist Democrap who wants to destroy the Constitution of the United States!!! Newsom needs to pull his cranium out from between his gluteus maximus and declare that everyone and everything that relates to the firearm industry is “essential”. If he does not he will be successfully sued and the U.S. legal system will stomp all over his Communist intentions! I cannot wait for President Trump’s second term in office. I fully believe that then the gloves will come off and the Communist Criminals that have been bending this country slowly into the Communist Police State… Read more »


Actions without accountability results in more unaccountable actions! Politicians are not held accountable for their actions, either physically or financially, leading them to use “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again” to their hearts’ content. Oooh, wait a minute! Aren’t they the ones who always tell us we can hold them accountable at the ballot box? Wow! Tough consequences!


This may be wrong to say but…if they want a sanctuary city so bad which they fight for EVERYBODY’S WELCOME kinda thinking why do they need guns anyway? All of a sudden your worried about all the WONDERFUL PEOPLE you let in? I lived in half moon bay California 15 yrs so all the left coasters here don’t even tell me (that’s not how it is you don’t understand )

Cargile For Congress

It looks like the Assemblyman has an idea of what might happen if all these law enforcement agencies continue to release criminals onto our streets. I saw this coming weeks ago… Don’t think for a second this couldn’t spread like wild fire across the country. The greatest defense we can offer our Constitution is Patriots who know and respect the true nature and intent of the 2nd Amendment and are willing to fight for it.