Glock 44 .22LR Success? First Rounds – Review

Glock 44
Glock 44

U.S.A.-( December is always a tricky time to launch new products.  In one aspect it’s nice to build hype just prior to January’s annual SHOT show.  It’s also true that announcements dropped during one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year can sometimes go unheralded.  The latter option seems to have been the case when Glock announced the G44, their first handgun chambered in .22 LR, during 2019’s final month.  Many people have clamored for Glock to produce a .22 slinger over the years, but when it was finally announced the response seemed lukewarm.  I put a pin in it and waited until SHOT during January of 2020 to try the Glock 44 out during range day.

GLOCK 44 .22LR 

I liked it.  I nearly loved it.  I went back to my hotel in Vegas and wrote up my range impressions (here) which were positive.  I figured the general consensus would be approximately the same, as I’d heard nothing but good comments from those around me at the Glock booth.  I was wrong.  Instead, Glock’s grand launch was spoiled by a couple reports of cracked slides in the Glock 44, apparently due to rounds igniting out of battery.  The internet was ablaze, and made it seem like hundreds or thousands of such reports were just around the corner.  So far, a mass recall hasn’t happened and there are a ton of positive reports to offset the few (justified) complaints.  Issues with a Gen I design?  Bad batch from a supplier?  Time will give us more information.  As I’m planning on teaching my three sons to shoot (in part) with the G44, I need to give this one a serious break-in first.

Glock 44
Compared to the slightly smaller G43x (bottom) the G44 proves only a touch bigger.

Before I cover range time, let’s take a look at the tech specs courtesy of Glock.

  • Length:  7.28″
  • Width (overall):  1.26″
  • Height:  5.04″ (with magazine)
  • Weight:  16.4 ounces (with loaded mag)
  • 2 x 10-round factory mags included

If you’re experienced with shooting Glock guns in any degree, the G44 will feel incredibly familiar.  The grip texture, mag release, sights and slide cuts are all quintessential Glock.  Oh, and the trigger too.

Glock 44
The Glock 44 fits nicely in all my G19 holsters.

The Glock 44 is nearly a twin to the immensely popular Glock 19 Pistol.  In theory, this gives the G44 a great role as a trainer.  You can spend all day at the range with a brick of .22LR improving your draw speed and building muscle memory.  After you’re done, run a few more reps with your centerfire companion and you’ve hopefully achieved the dream: a solid day of training on a minimal budget.

Glock 44
The G44 exits from a G19 holster nicely as well.

I hit the range with four varieties of .22LR, Remington Golden Bullet, American Eagle, CCI Mini Mag, and Federal Champion bulk pack.  These are all 40 gr, with the exception of Federal’s round at 36 gr.  Loading up, the G44’s mags are as easy as any other .22LR’s mags are.  It is important to make sure the first round is nose up, as it can easily sit in a nose-down attitude which nearly always causes a failure to feed.  This was the sole cause of feeding issues on the day.  When I ensured the first round was seated properly, the gun ran like a sewing machine.

Glock 44
Four varieties of .22LR, Remington Golden Bullet, American Eagle, CCI Mini Mag, and Federal Champion bulk pack.

I’m not one for benchrest grouping handguns, but I do like shooting some groups as I get a feel for the gun.  Below are some offhand 10-round groups at 7 yards, quick-paced.  I vastly prefer hit/miss targets, such as empty shotgun hulls, steel plates or clay pigeons.  While the G44 grouped fine (limiting factor: me), I found it to perform really well during hit/miss drills.  I was a bit surprised at just how well it shot for me, given that it’s really not set up as a target pistol at all.  If I had this during my grouse hunting years, there’d have been many more feather piles in the backyard before dinner.

Glock 44
Below are some offhand 10-round groups at 7 yards, quick-paced.

So I’m a few hundred rounds down the road from when I pulled the Glock 44 out of the box.  I’m a happy shooter so far, but I still have more .22 ammo sitting on the shelf that I’m just itching to burn up and the Glock 44 is the perfect candidate to send it downrange.  Even though my hands-on time with the Glock 44 is only a couple of months now, it has still had enough time to make a very positive impression.  Check back soon for more coverage, updates, and experiences using the Glock 44 as a youth trainer.  In the meantime, head over to Glock’s website and check it out!  MSRP is $430, while the street price is hovering around $359.

About Rex Nanorum

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Rex Nanorum is an Alaskan Expatriate living in Oregon with his wife and kids. Growing up on commercial fishing vessels, he found his next adventure with the 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regt. After 5 tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, he adventured about the west coast becoming a commercial fisheries and salvage SCUBA diver, rated helicopter pilot instructor (CFII) and personal trainer, before becoming a gear reviewer and writer.”

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Why am I not surprised? Anything put out by Glock always gets a positive review, even if it has to add qualifiers like I’ll have to be sure it’s reliable before I let someone else shoot it etc. I’m perfectly happy with my S&W M&P compact, has never jammed or misfired with ANY ammo and it cost half as much.

Ruger Shooter

This Glock was not at all interesting to me. What was was Ruger’s new LCP II in .22 LR; had one within a week of introduction. I had been wishing for the LCP (or LCP II) in .22 LR for a long time and got my wish. This Ruger has been exceptional; very easy to rack, extremely reliable and extremely accurate. I really wonder how Ruger got this small of a gun to be this accurate, but I am glad that they did. This LCP II in .22 sure has put a dent in my ammo supply and continues to… Read more »

Ej harbet

Yep that ones next for me as well. Im hoping they make a threaded barrel


EJ harbet as a matter of fact they do make a threaded barrel and it comes with a tread protector AND thread adaptor…

Green Mtn. Boy

For all Glocks hype at it’s announcement,3 years development 1 1/2 million rounds of bulk 22 rimfire didn’t help their cause, because like any other rimfire they tend to be more than a bit ammunition sensitive. That said the ammo that my sample likes it shoots very well,is Glock perfection,No but it operates as well as any other handgun system available.


I haven’t had one in my hands yet, however, I’d put 4:1 odds on the fact that the first problem that needs to be corrected is the magazine isnt being locked in place high enough creating feed issues, the second problem then will show up as the feed lips on the magazines. and the last problem of extraction is the dummies at the stores letting people dry fire a rimfire firearm without some form of protective dummy round in it. The peened over metal on the edge of the cylinder creates issues for extraction as well as firing when the… Read more »


Since I made this comment, Ive had a chance to purchase a Glock 44. It ranks right up there with my Rugers, Smith & Wessons, Vintage Walthers, and others. The issues I suspected, indeed are noted issues, as the display model did indeed have a damaged chamber rim from dry firing.


It is safe to dry fire a Glock 44.

Dave in Fairfax

Since I don’t have one here to look at, what makes it safe to dry fire it? Rimfires have never been a good idea to dry fire because of where the firing pin hits the round, and what is supporting that edge of the round. It upsets the metal in the chamber where the pin hits. Its the second thing I look at whenever I get a used .22.


I was looking at one of these at Sportsman’s Warehouse the other day and watched .22 Plinkster’s review of the G44. Based on his review and the comments here, I’m gonna hold off for a while before I consider adding the G44 to the safe. It appears to have, like almost all new models of firearms, some bugs that need to be worked out. My Glock 20 is one of my favorites and my Glock 21 was/is the most accurate out-of-the-box .45 ACPs I have ever shot/owned, so I am a fan of Glocks, but this one is going to… Read more »


Shot 50 rounds in ranger officer’s G44. Not impressed. 4 failures to feed CCI Standard and Min Mags. It’s light and comfortable enough, and decently accurate, but Ruger Mark4 and Walter P22 are better guns, the Ruger being same price, and the Walter being less expensive. I am a Glock owner, but not this one. Not everything Glock makes is perfection.


G44 was found to be too difficult to rack for strength-limited people. MK IV 22/45 Lite or S&W Victory are better 22LR pistols. Best for strength-limited are the S&W EZ in 380 or 9mm. They are easy enough for strength-limited people that they will actually be used. I see the G44 as being mostly a curiosity. Just opinion.


“G44 was found to be too difficult to rack for strength-limited people.” having picked one up at the gun shop for personal purchase, I have to state that this comment is pure BS. for a blowback operated firearm, the Glock 44 has a very light action when cocking. The simple fact that it is being compared to a Ruger IV series shows how disingenuous the commentary really is. Calling even more attention to this fact is the recommendation of a 380 or a 9mm for use instead of the Glock 44… This alone shows lack of true knowledge of the… Read more »


Make a 20 rd stick I’ll add one to my collection…maybe


My 44 is very reliable as long as I use 40 gr. high speed ammo. It doesn’t like 36 gr. HP or some 38 gr, ammo. CCI Mini Mag and Blazer seem to work very well. The issue is ammo is not easily found and often the stores don’t have the same brand or style week to week. I tend to buy any .22 LR ammo when I can find it and I reserve the lightweight loads for my rifle. My G44 for the most part works very well.


years back when they were “the new kid on the block”, I carried a Glock 29. My experience with that subcompact 10mm had me laughing when the whiners were crying about the “snappy recoil” of the Tupperware based .40 S&W. Now I cant help but wonder, When Glock is going to bring out a “44M” (my designation not theirs). I despise the idea of using a .22LR for self-defense. people constantly bring up the anecdotal “evidence” of how many people died over the decades from being shot by a .22LR, yet they dont have all the facts: first is many(… Read more »


Silly suggestion for .22 Hornet or .22 Magnum.

Ej harbet

I was all in on. The 44 then i saw a lcp22! Maybe ill snag a 44 down the road


I will stick to my Beretta Bobcat, Browning Buckmark and old H&R DA revolver. you can keep the plastic fantastic.


I purchased the G44 when it became available and I am not pleased with it. All reviews not withstanding I find it to be finicky and very sensitive to the ammunition used, even failing to cycle / extract / eject with high end ammo. I purchased some CCI Mini-Mags but have not been able to try those since my local range is closed due to staffing difficulties associated with the Corona Virus restrictions. (In a shout-out to the Great State of Arizona, the range is not closed due to government edict, the county would actually have preferred it remain open,… Read more »


sounds like a limp wrist issue (not stated as an insult). Your statement on it being flimsy and cycling issues speak to what happens when the wrist isnt held solid and firm. This IS a common occurrence when a light caliber is introduced in a firearm line and people think they dont need to use the same practices as on the others This was a common issue when Colt introduced the Ace .22LR 1911


Before the Coronavirus pandemic put a stop to the matches, I shot in five GSSF matches earlier this year. There were between 4 and 6 G44 shooters at the match, for each dat that I was there. More on other days. Every G44 shooter experienced match interrupting malfunctions, every time they shot. Not just on my lines, every time. Same story for the other days, reported by the people running the matches. I have read about the G44s that work(Unicorns!), but I have seen every one around me, in every instance, fail! The GSSF should group all those turd guns… Read more »