JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter – AR Stocks on Your AK

U.S.A.-( Is your AK tired and wore out? Should it really have been just put out of its misery before it was shipped here in a parts bin from whatever communist country it came from? If they were making a Viagra commercial for AKs, could your Ak star in that commercial?

Have no worries friend, JMAC Customs has a huge selection of parts and upgrades to breathe new life into your old AK. Today we’re going to look at one of those parts, their M4-AKM adapter. What this does, is allow you to use any of the multitude of Ar-15 stocks available on the market today, on your AK-47.  I know that many out there would say “NYET, rifle is fine”, but I would beg to differ.

JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter

JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter
JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter

On the AK platform, you are always somewhat limited when it comes to the stock. Unlike the ever-growing droves of AR stocks available, AR stocks almost always have adjustable lengths of pull, allowing you to customize the rifle to you, and even the clothing you are wearing. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to run a scope on an AK, but it can be somewhat difficult. Your check weld often becomes more of a chin weld. Not much of a problem with AR stocks, because you can get an AR stock with an adjustable comb riser.

JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter

JMAC isn’t the first to come up with one of these adapters. However, a few key features they’ve built into their adapter makes it stand out as the best one for me. First, this one is stronger than all the others for two reasons; first, the grip screw runs right through the adapter. That’s right, the adapter also becomes the T-nut for the grip, and this gives this adapter a rigidity much greater than the competition. It is also made out of 7075 aluminum which is a much higher grade than some others; they also hard coat anodized it, giving it a tough finish that also looks good. There’s a QD sling mount on both sides of the adapter as well, and the cheek rise is only 3/8 inch higher than that of a standard AK. This is lower than other adapters of this type, and means that you will still be able to use your iron sights. This is a really well thought out adapter that was built by shooters for shooters.

JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter
JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter

Installation is simple, and something anyone with basic skills can handle, and I walk through it step by step in the video. There are a few key points to note; there are no permanent modifications to your AK. Change your mind and decide you want to go back to your classic look? No problem, everything is still there, and your original AK stock will go right back on. The tang actually goes through the hole for the buffer tube, so everything stays just as it was originally. The adapter also goes into the receiver and becomes the T-nut for the grip. This gives it a significant strength advantage over anything else on the market. It also gives the adapter a rock-solid feel, just like it was a permanent part of the receiver. 

JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter
JMAC Customs M4-AKM Adapter

JMAC Customs has been making innovative solutions to update not only the Kalashnikov platform but other platforms as well. They also offer a wide array of muzzle devices, suppressor mounting solutions, and a ton more are coming down the pipeline. JMAC Customs is always an interesting company to watch and see what they will come up with next.

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