Lauren Boebert Earns Top Line in Republican Primary

Lauren Boebert Pro Gun CO Candidate at Her Open Carry Restaurant
Lauren Boebert Pro Gun CO Candidate at Her Open Carry Restaurant

Rifle,CO -( Colorado is a beautiful state. Between the rolling hills and snow-covered mountains stretching into the clouds, the picturesque landscape has been a go-to skiing destination for decades. And while the state has been red or purple for nearly as long, the last election proved that its citizens are prepared to vote Democrat if only as a referendum against President Trump.

Which is remarkable if only because Colorado Springs was once considered the fourth most conservative city in America. But shifting demographics of the state as a whole, and the disdain many of its Hispanic voters have for Trump and his yet-to-be-built-wall, sounded the death bell for the Republican Party in CO when Governor Jared Polis was elected. The anti-Second Amendment Polis has a long history of championing liberal cause célèbres even when doing so runs contrary to The Constitution, so it was no surprise when he backed Red Flag laws back in April of 2019.

National Review How Colorado Turned Blue
Colorado wasn’t always a Democrat-controlled liberal state.

The fact that Polis was electable at all flies in the face of previous voting trends in the state. Since CO was one of the few non-deep-red states to vote overwhelmingly against Obamacare. With new elections coming soon, the Republican party has decided to push a new face to the forefront of Colorado’s upcoming House of Representatives’ vote – Lauren Boebert. Interestingly enough, Boebert’s politics seem to be staunchly in toe with that of the President’s original campaign promises. The full details are below.

Lauren Boebert, the conservative candidate for the United States House of Representatives, earned the top placement of the Colorado 3rd Congressional District June 30th Republican primary ballot today and in doing so relegated 5-term Congressman Scott Tipton to the bottom of the ballot.

“I am thrilled to earn the top line on the Republican primary ballot,” said Lauren Boebert. “I promised delegates when I started my campaign that I would work hard to earn their vote and I couldn’t be more proud to have earned their trust and support.”

After Lauren Boebert spent only two months of campaigning, Congressman Scott Tipton, who previously spent 8 years as Chairman of the 3rd Congressional District, chose to bypass Republican delegates and the assembly process in January and instead chose to buy his way on to the ballot using paid signature gatherers.

“I’m going to win the Republican primary because I’m the true conservative in this race. Mr. Tipton has voted alongside Nancy Pelosi far too often, granting millions amnesty, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars, and cuddling up to the likes of Jared Polis to push green new deal types of energy schemes. I’m motivated by freedom, will defend the Constitution and fight for our conservative principles every day I’m in Congress. I’ll help send President Trump better bills, drain the swamp and build the wall.”

How this election will turn out is anyone’s guess. But hopefully, the birthplace of Magpul will return to its former glory and propel the state in a more libertarian, not socialist, direction.

Jim Grant
About Jim Grant

Jim is a freelance writer, editor, and videographer for dozens of publications who loves anything and everything guns. While partial to modern military firearms and their civilian counterparts, he holds a special place in his heart for the greatest battle implement ever devised and other WW2 rifles. When he’s not reviewing guns or shooting for fun and competition, Jim can be found hiking and hunting with his wife Kimberly, and their dog Peanut in the South Carolina low country.

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One of the designations in Colorado is; “East slope, or West slope, when looking at the state on a map you should know that politically the “Right” is on the left side of the state and the “Left” is on the right side of the state. The right side of the state is made up more of transplants who didn’t leave their politics back in their last state of residence, mainly, California. Now you know why Colorado turned blue. Here on the left side of the state I know many Hispanic people who are for Trump, they don’t like the… Read more »


Exactly why we need to educate them, not only about national and state politics but local as well.

Will Flatt

Leftists are cancer.

Will Flatt

Colorado is what happens when you allow commiecrats to flee the sh!tholes they have created like CA. Then they bring their toxic leftism with them and repeat their efforts to make the state they live in into another sh!thole.

Ryben Flynn

No, no. It is the Demokratik Peoples Republik of Kommiefornistan, the DPRK.

Will Flatt

It’s cancer like leftists that gave rise to the phrase, “Don’t California (my state)!!”

Green Mtn. Boy


Then there are RINOS,they have the plague of Leftism but lack the fortitude to admit they are in fact Commiecrats in drag.

Will Flatt

Yes, let’s not forget the RINOs. They are also the problem, moreso since they don’t have the courage to be honest about their beliefs. They too are statists!


@wjd Flatt
Agreed, and also not just about their being dishonest, but about their whole hearted efforts at times to engage in the same type of tyranny the left seeks to implement.

Case in point, Michigan and Ohio have Governors from each party, but both have taken actions due to the Corona virus that show they are peas in a pod. RINO’s are a cancer that are all to often defended by some in the Republican party as needing to win, even though that cancer will kill the host by keeping it in the body.

Will Flatt

Don’t forget Indiana. His Majesty’s Lord Guv’nor Sir Eric Holcomb has done extreme lockdown here too, threatening to arrest pastors since he declared all worship forbidden except online.


How about Verry well, Major. Burn the Governors Mansion.

Will Flatt

@TLS – Someday soon I predict patriots surrounding the governor’s Mansion … firing the building with him IN IT!

Wild Bill

@WF, Why should a governor get a mansion, anyway. Governors work for the people and should live like the people.

Ej harbet

Theres a old clint Eastwood movie called the gauntlet where they used gunfire to perforate a house until it literally collapsed from bulletholes. No minigun which could definitely do that just a bunch of m16s and shotguns and police revolvers.
Even at under 10 years old i knew that was fake but my parents couldn’t figure out why i was cracking up it. Dont redflag me bro

Will Flatt

@wjd – It’s the New American Dream… physically removing tyrants!!


Actually, Will, I think it was, originally, “Don’t Californicate Oregon.” Of course, that’s long since happened, and they’re working on the rest of us now. I’ve been watching their encroachment for over fifty years. You’re very correct when you say it’s akin to cancer.

Big George

Will, I’m sorry you’ve given up on us remaining Patriots here in Commiefornia! As a second generation Native, it bothers the hell out of me that I’m being chased out of my home State, having recently bought a ranch home in Arizona, along with many other, ex-patriot Californians, we’ll be moving as soon as Gov. New-scum ‘allows’ us to travel! BTW, I still waive to out-of-state folks, even those with TX plates! Be Safe.

Ej harbet

I hate to bear bad news but arizona is almost as blue.if we want a safe space we’re going to have to make one the 1770s way


I’m in Florida. Welcome to my world!


Thankfully no, not Broward county. Indian River. As far as I’m concerned, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties are unliveable.

Black Powder 26

Vote the “demorats” out of office. That is your only recourse. New Mexico is just as bad as Colorado when it comes to liberal socialism. Wyoming, you had better wake up as well because its just a matter of time before the blue socialist disease creeps over the boarder.


We’re awake and watching.

jack mac

Voting is the preferred course, but not the only recourse.


Just seeing a pistol holstered like that makes me want to vote for her, but I don’t live in CO. So many people freak out over people carrying — they need to get used to seeing more and more of it I hope.

Wild Bill

@link, we can still send her a donation. That is what bloomturd does.

Wild Bill

@USA, Ok, and … ?


If I lived in Colorado you would have my vote I truly hope you win we are in desperate need of people like you


She’s going to need all of our help for sure back her with everything you have. Make sure we back every bill she submits. Don’t forget to go after those local seats or she be walking through mud and no one likes that good luck Colorado.


Right after I retired I took a road trip and intentionally omitted CA,WA, and OR because of their complicated and oppressive gun control laws, in spite of the many beautiful places I would have liked to see. I want to do another trip, but because I will not make a 2 week trip through remote areas and camping in the woods without a firearm, I thought I might have to eliminate CO from my list. I certainly hope this beautiful, intelligent young woman can make a difference so I can return to CO once again to see the majestic beauty… Read more »


I live in Washington, and will rarely travel into or thruogh California. Their gun laws are bizarre….. so I lock it up in a hard case ammo in a different locked case, and drive on through. Oregon and Washington have harsh laws regarding carry by outsiders of concealed weapons. Oregon ONLY regcognises their own MOther May I Cards, but may issue to residents of ocntiguous states that have the Card from their home state. Thus I have Mother May I Cards in both states. California do not issue to non-residents. I know in WA, and I believe, Oregon, open carry… Read more »


I’m with you I won’t spend my money in any of these states either


Rip em up Lauren we need you in Congress more than you know . (Truth in government is absent ). We need to fix how they represent the . We’re all rooting for you good luck and god bless you and yours.


I was going to recommend that El Granto (author) beat his little feet over to Aspen to beg Glenn Beaton to read his drafts prior to submission for publication. Then I saw he is in SC. And, I was looking for his answer to “How Colorado Turned Blue”. Not there. A dot com millionaire of the loafer persuasion brought several of his buddies with him to begin the Colorado Project. Its aim was the moving of CO to the gay marriage side of the “equation”. Tim Gill (.com millionaire) succeeded beyond what must have been his wildest dream. And here… Read more »


People !


Umm..are we sure it wasn’t just alphabetical order? Having a surname starting with a W, I know all about alphabetical order I’m in Georgia, and the Metro Atlanta area has about half the population of the state, so we’re approaching a tipping point where the city can dictate to the rest of the state. Empire State of the South, indeed. Although I believe that one should not be able to contribute to a candidate one can’t vote for, the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise, saying that political contributions are protected free speech. So, I’m going to find her Website and… Read more »




“And while the state has been red or purple for nearly as long,”… Every problem in Colorado and most of the West is due to the large urban areas. It is where they congregate. Denver, Colorado Springs etc. are blue the rest of the state is pretty red.


VOTE FOR LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!