New Rite in the Rain All-weather 25m Multipurpose Target, MOA Grid

Rite in Rain New 25m Target
Rite in the Rain released its new all-weather 25m rifle target.

U.S.A. -( Rite in the Rain is a company with a singular goal: make paper products that are impervious to the elements. Some of their earlier hit products include a dope sheet and shooting journal, which in this editor’s opinion are a must-have if shooting in inclement weather.

Rite in the Rain All-weather 25m Multipurpose Target

Using traditional “Shooter’s MOA” will get you close, but precision demands accuracy. This includes accurate math. “True-MOA” adjustment grids mark each quarter-minute accurately to 1/1000”, saving time and ammunition in zeroing aiming devices. A reference table refreshes the shooter on the appropriate increment and direction of adjustment for common aiming devices. Leading lines and a central diamond clearly define the point of aim, and intuitive scoring rings expand the utility of the target for various marksmanship exercises. Durable and weatherproof Rite in the Rain cardstock holds up under rain and through abuse to deliver well-defined groups, no matter the conditions.

The No. 9129 is available on for $19.95 MSRP. Developed in collaboration with Canebrake Consulting, LLC.

“True-MOA” grid is more accurate than other approximated targets. Rite in the Rain cardstock is tough and weatherproof for poor range conditions. Reference section details adjustment increments for common aiming devices.

About Rite in The Rain:

Founded more than a century ago in the forests of the Great Northwest, Rite in the Rain began by developing sheets of paper hand-dipped with a special coating to create a unique moisture shield for use in the logging industry. Made in the USA since 1916, Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products circulate around the world in the hands of outdoor professionals working in poor weather.

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