Gun Gear: Samson Ruger Mini-14 A-TM Folding Stock pre-order $279.99

Samson Ruger Mini-14 A-TM Folding Stock
Samson Ruger Mini-14 A-TM Folding Stock

USA – -( Brownells is taking Pre-Orders on what is already working out to be a very exciting and popular accessory for your Ruger Mini-14 Rifles. Pre-order the Samson Ruger Mini-14 A-TM Stock Folding for $279.99 and as always Brownells Edge Members get FREE shipping.

Buy Now Gun DealsSamson Manufacturing is happy to bring to market the A-TM Folding Stock for the Ruger® Mini-14® and Mini Thirty® rifles.

Modeled after the original folding stock found on the Ruger AC-556 that was later made a bit of a pop culture icon, the A-TM Folding Stock is the perfect complement to your Ruger® Mini-14®.

Using the original molds and wood from the original stock maker, this is not a copy or a reproduction. The A-TM Folding Stock is compatible with all Ruger® Mini-14® models and the Ruger® Mini Thirty®.


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Walnut stock
  • Drop-in fit
  • Made in USA
  • Specifications (Folding Stock Only):


  • Length: 19.5”
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Width: 3.5”
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.


  • Length: 29.0”
  • Height: 5.5”
  • Width: 2.25”
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs.
  • Length of Pull: 13.5″

WARNING: The A-TM Folding Stock comes assembled and ready to drop into your Mini-14® or Mini Thirty®.

Any attempt to disassemble the A-TM Folding Stock by the customer will void the warranty.

Gun Gear: Samson Ruger Mini-14 A-TM Folding Stock pre-order $279.99

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Had a original mini 14 with the factory folder back in the 90’s..
Hated how the mags went in.
No idea how the commies put up with that rock and lock on the ak platform.
I traded it for a usas 12.


I’ve been waiting since the 80’s – 90’s for someone to offer this stock again. That was because buying an original would set you back close to $300 last time I looked. So a new one that costs the same money as the original overpriced stocks doesn’t compute in my book. If Samson was selling these for $150-160 it would make sense. I’d buy a stock before even had the rifle but as is it’s a no go. Frickin sucks because I’ve been itching to build an A-Team mini ever since I saw the show as a kid. I was… Read more »


I used to have an original Ruger Mini-14 in SS with the factory folding stock.
I loved that gun!
Wish I’d never sold it.
BTW, only paid $250 for the whole gun! (back in 1983…)