Versacarry Converts Production Facility to Make Masks and Face Shields

Versacarry Converts Production Facility to Make Masks and Face Shields

U.S.A.-( Versacarry is known for producing a very popular line of quality leather handgun holsters, belts and other firearm related products.  In an effort to help with the fight against the COVID-19 virus that continues to affect thousands of people across the United States, Versacarry is in the process of converting their production facility from building holsters to producing face shields and face masks.

“When I saw and heard numerous reports that there was a critical shortage of face shields and face masks for medical and emergency workers, I knew that was something we could help with. “says Justin Sitz CEO/Owner of Versacarry. “I redirected our development engineers from working on new products for the gun industry to develop products and production methods to produce these items critical for the health care and emergency response workers.”

In less than a week, Versacarry has switched their focus and production and will be shipping face masks and face shields shortly.  With weekly output expected at 20,000+ of each item, these will be sent to the front line of this pandemic war and into the hands of hospital personnel, EMT, police officers, firefighters and others facing the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis.

For more information on the face masks and face shields, check out the following link. If you work for an organization that need these items, there is a place to contact Versacarry on the webpage link and they will respond to you.

 Versacarry produces a wide variety of holsters and other shooting related products. For more information visit


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Making one of the best holsters on the market, durable as all get out, and now kicking it to help America through this outbreak. Awesome.

Tom Claycomb

VersaCarry-thanks for jumping in to help America!

American Patriot

I’d be curious on how much their selling them for???

Dave in Fairfax

AP, The last paragraph says that they are selling them to organizations. There’s a link. Are you an org? The link says, ” Work for an Organization that Need these Items? We would love to help! Please use the contact form listed below and a Versacarry® representative will get back with you.” If not and you only want masks for home, I made up a set of plans for near N95 masks. You can make a pile of them for cheap and you can dunk them in alcohol to clean them, then let them air dry. If you want the… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

This is great if you are an organization, if you’re a normal human, not so much. I see lots of plans for masks, including from that gov, that do a minimal job of filtering at best. I’ve got a plan for making near N95 DIY masks. It’ll cost you about $25 in materials, and some time, to make enough for you and your family, maybe some friends as well. If anybody wants the plans, let me know.

Ansel Hazen

Post it up.

Dave in Fairfax

AH, 6 MB, I’ll e-mail it to those who are interested. My FEMA Brother says it’s “simple and effective.” I didn’t go for pretty, I went for wearable and works. If you pass the file on, please leave the copyleft on it.
you have mail.


I’ll take a copy. I’m not into making things with fabrics, but I have a sister who is. And she’s a retired RN in Washington State. So quite highly motivated. She used to work at Sacred Heart in Spokane, where they shipped the first repatriated cases from that first cruise ship back at the start of this.
She retired just over a year ago though. And is she ever glad now that she did!

Dave in Fairfax

Knute, you’ve got mail. Tell her to stay safe.


She will. She’s had Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for a couple of years now. It’s why she retired early. She can’t hardly buy anything new because the plastics and packing choke her up, so she buys used, or amazon and leaves the package in her garage to offgas. Now she just hunkers down at home. But she might want to make some for her little community in Davenport, is what I was thinking.


Lincoln county in Washington was one of the first to declare itself a 2A sanctuary. They have a pretty good local LE. Check out this facebook post from the sheriff:
“Due to local cases of #COVID-19, the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office is asking all criminal activities and nefarious behavior to cease. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in halting crime & thank all the criminals in advance. We will certainly let you know when you can resume your normal criminal behavior.
Until then…. #washyourhands & #behaveyourself”
A sheriff with a sense of humor! Will wonders never cease? 🙂

Dave in Fairfax

Knute, I’m sorry she got the sensitivity. Repeated insult(technical term) can do that, among other things. I like the Sheriff, I hope that works out for him. %-)


Yup, it was cumulative. She was always somewhat sensitive, as our mother was. No perfumes or flowers ever. But one day she bought a memory foam mattress and couldn’t stand the smell. It wok her up in the night. She just threw it outside and went back to her old mattress. Her dog loved it!
The next day she went to a store that had just installed new conveyor belts and one whiff lit her up like a Christmas tree. After that she couldn’t stand any plastic, styrofoam, packaging, or any chemical smells.


Would like to get that email.


Dave: Thank you so much! Please email us a copy?

Dave in Fairfax

Waverly, gcm and BobD,
You just did. You’ve got mail.

I’m serious, anyone who wants the plans, let me know, they’re free.
It’s good works, not profit. I don’t make squat on this, it just is to help since the gov won’t.