Why Are Democrats Disarming Citizens and Setting Prisoners Free?

By Dan Wos

Blaze Delasio Criminals Released
Democratic Politicians like De Blasio are shocked that criminals they released during the pandemic are committing crimes.

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- From the headline, you would think you must be living in an alternate Universe. As Rachael Maddow said after real Americans took back the White House in 2016, “You’re awake by the way, you’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also, you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell. This is your life now.”

This IS your life now, (at least temporarily) and how you choose to protect yourself and your family amidst the irresponsible behavior of some state legislators, is up to you. Well, not really because several Democrat State Houses have decided that they would prefer you stay unarmed and helpless during the corona-crisis by making it impossible for you to legally purchase a firearm. These are the States that have shut down gun sales in defiance of the Federal “essential” classification.

· California [D]
· Massachusetts [D]
· Michigan [D]
· Nevada [D] undefined
· New Mexico [D]
· New York [D]
· Pennsylvania [D] by appointment only
· Washington [D]
· New Jersey [D] by appointment only / limited hours
· Washington D.C. [D]

Does it make sense to deny lawful citizens their ability to access firearms while several states have decided to release prisoners? That is exactly what is happening. According to a Fox News article by David Aaro on 4/20/20, New York, has decided to release those whom the state determines “vulnerable” inmates to protect them from the coronavirus. NYC Mayor De Blasio decided it would be a good idea to release some inmates arrested for “minor crimes” after learning that some from Rikers Island and Sing Sing prisons tested positive for COVID-19. How many “minor” crimes are punished by stays at Rikers or Sing Sing?

So, why do Democrats try to disarm the population while Americans are at higher risk of crime due to economic strife stemming from COVID-19 and some states are literally adding more criminals to society? Is it really to save lives? Some would argue, disarming good guys while releasing bad guys might be a dangerous mix. Nah… That’s crazy talk.
Gun store closures happened immediately after the biggest rush on firearms America has ever seen. Some gun stores reported up to four hour waits with lines around the block just to get into the building. Many reported a never before seen number of first-time gun buyers. This tells us that people (even non-gun owners) were concerned for their safety like never before. Can’t have that, so several states put an abrupt end to it by deeming gun sales “non-essential.”

At the same time gun stores were being shut down, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio released more than 1,400 city inmates as part of the state’s early release due to the coronavirus, even after the City’s 5 District Attorneys and the Special Narcotics Officer stated in a letter:

“At the same time, we want to make clear that the categories of those proposed for release have, in some instances, included individuals who pose a high risk to public safety.”

De Blasio would soon find out that at least 50 immediately committed crimes upon release and landed themselves back in jail. According to the Blaze, De Blasio said, “I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that folks were shown mercy and this is what some of them have done.” Is that what you think, Bill? Yeah, shocking! Who would’ve thought?

Don’t forget, Democrats want to defeat the enemy. But who exactly is it? Clearly not criminals. Obviously not China, who is responsible for the virus. By the actions of the political left and its media, it would appear, their biggest opposition is “Real Americans.” In other words, those who thwart the socialist agenda in pursuit of the independence and freedom the Constitution promises. By making good people vulnerable our elected employees create government dependence and fear among voters citizens, usually followed up with new regulations that promise to protect society from the dangers they created in the first place. By making patriotism, Christian faith, the Bill of Rights, and traditional American values “bad,” good people are now positioned as the enemy while the political-left desperately seeks power and control. Why do you think American flag-waving, quarantine protesters are being labeled as terrorists? Aren’t they supposed to be the good guys?

Not anymore.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.
Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy


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Deplorable Bill

This is nothing less than locking the wolves up with the sheep and disarming the guard dog. Anyone who would vote demoncrap is a fool or worse, is someone who is actively trying to destroy the U.S.A. I took an oath to defend the nation, the people and the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That was long ago but I still live by it. Further, I am ordered by Scripture to defend those in need. I hope there is no one foolish enough to pull crap within my range or sight — ever. I trust that goes for… Read more »


By allowing crimibals in society, and NOT allowing law abiding citizens to defend themselves, the government can create an atmosphere of FEAR. Then use that fear to pass more strict gun and people control laws.

Get Out

Did De Blasio not think or receive guidance before releasing criminals that they wouldn’t go back to their criminal ways?

Green Mtn. Boy

He doesn’t care it’s that simple.


He’s surprised?? Seriously?? What a knucklehead!!
Hey Billy, why do you think they call them “criminals “?


Any Politician Who RELEASES Known Criminals Held in Prisons Should be Held Accountable and Charged with the Same Crime the Released Committed “PERIOD” Nobody is Above the Law.


“..Charged with the Same Crime the Released Committed…” I believe they could be charged with aiding and abetting any crimes committed by the released prisoners. And if any deaths resulted from those crimes, then anyone involved in the crime can be charged with murder, so there ya go. Not that it’ll ever happen. I wonder if people could bring civil suits against them, however. That might be an interesting avenue to pursue.


AS the American People are the ultimate power and authority in the U.S., what is stopping all of you?
Oh yeah, that yellow stripe up American backs that are so bright it can be seen from Mars.
If you will not STAND for freedom, you most certainly will kneel to tyranny.

Wild Bill

@tt, That being said, what are you doing? Why don’t you reveal your plan and lead the way?


let’s look at the models. there were 1400 prisoners let out and 50 immediately committed another crime, that is roughly 4 percent. based on our models, if it would only save one life, we should not let criminals out of prison.


50 got caught.


Very good point. Who knows which/how many other releasees immediately re-offended since the police aren’t responding to most calls for their own safety.


These Communist need to go….Trump 2020…. retake the house and boot those M’Fers out of our country.


Democrats love felons and illegal aliens and hate lawful citizens. They want both to vote. Bernie Sanders, Communist, wants felons to be able to vote. Not just released felons, but convicts still doing time in state and federal prisons. Of course, all democrat politicians are open border advocates. In California, illegal aliens are voting due to motor voter laws. Yes, in California illegal aliens are granted drivers licenses and can register to vote when getting their licenses. Gavin Newsome is giving illegal aliens tax dollars. This is madness. BTW the governor of Massachusetts is a republican. Charlie Parker. RINO. This… Read more »


True. Bernie is a COMMUNIST, not a socialist.
Glad you were so observant.


Big Bird, alias Da Da de Balseo, Fredo and his worthless gov brother ( give me more because I didn’t plan ahead) and Screwsom Newsom are making the felons, recently released, thank you ACLU (amercian communist lawyers union), and the Illegals their future voters. They take away your rights, so these skells are free to commit more heinous crime against you and your family; and you no longer have the right to protect yourself; thanks to these shit bags. What is the recidivism rate of the recently released thanks to their pleas to protect them the covid bug. Hello New… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

Because Democrats are stupid and you can’t fix that.


Kentucky has left the gun stores open, but have the indoor gun ranges closed. You know, the buildings with some of the best ventilation systems and Plexiglas between people, those aren’t safe. It seems that some of the private outdoor ranges are open, just not the indoor ones.


That’s because the people making the regulations have never been inside an indoor range, nor do they want to, nor are they likely to be. So many of our problems result from people making laws/regulations affecting things they know nothing about.


De Blasio if we were just looking at this guy only remember he changed his name in 1983 to Warren Wilhelm Jr. He married Chirlane Irene McCray De Blasio has served on New York City’s City Council and then as the city public advocate. Before that, he served as campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 U.S. Senate campaign. De Blasio wasn’t officially “Bill de Blasio” until January 2002. He had two other names prior to that. Born Warren Wilhelm Jr., he changed his name for the the first time in 1983 — to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm — to embrace his… Read more »


Gee, whoda thunk, Bill. Yah, everybody but you. What a surprise.


Most all states listed are also Open Border supporting Sanctuary city, as well as listed as states wanting their mismanaged governments to be be bailed out from the bloated & obscene salary and pensions they awarded themselves. Top it off is D.C. is now a sanctuary city for (D) elites that lie, steal,frame, and abuse American citizens rights. NO intelligent, fair minded GJ can be seated as residents in the pool also live off the greed and theft in DC. Things have to change soon.


Not only did this dipshit help the spread of CV-19 he unleashed a criminal element on his constituents!! How MORONS like him get into office is beyond me!!

Wild Bill

, Yeah, he would coop us up to prevent the spread, but let them loose to prevent the spread. Libtard logic or really dark motives.


WB) Why couldn’t it be both? A few at the top with dark motives, followed by a horde of brainless sheep like Biden that thinks he’s still the VP, and doesn’t even know what State he’s in the biggest part of the time? Sometimes he doesn’t know even with it printed on a teleprompter right in front of him, whispered in his ear by his handlers 18 seconds ago, and probably written on his palms as a “cheat sheet” to boot. And then he still gets it wrong? This is a bad rap for the actual retarded. I haven’t met… Read more »


JEEZ! It is called the Hegelian Dialectic. For those of you uneducated in the tactics of the communists, the Hegelian Dialectic was created by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a communist in the early 1800s. Part of his dialectic states for the government to create all sorts of pain for the People. When the pain grows and the People can stand it no longer and they cry for relief, the government delivers communism. The communist democrats have been plying the Hegelian Dialectic for over 70 years. THAT is why the unconstitutional gun control and releasing criminals, along with the demise of… Read more »

Wild Bill

@tt, good report.


I think it’s unconscionable just on a human level that that De Blaseo is as stupid as he acts.


Democrats always do the best they can for felons (their ‘besties) at the expense of those they wish to rule. They want to disarm everyone but themselves, take away everyone else’s money & pretend to give it to the poor, pretend they are smarter than God (someone they say doesn’t exist or only exists when convenient). They want to rule us & expect us to be happy about it.


@OV – Is one of those two the density of the populous (ie: stupidity of the individuals composing the populous)?

Wild Bill

@OV, Most humorous!!

Liberty Valance

Correction. Nevada gun stores have NOT been shut down or closed due to the pandemic. Although there are stores that are “appointment only” the majority are open every day. Even the local Sportsman’s Warehouse is open for business – guns and ammo only. Get your facts straight before you fear monger.


in the beginning many were closed just as PA was. So technically he was right. I’m not sure when he wrote & submitted the article ? Is it possible maybe it needs a update probably so. Where’s your articles ? As article dated on March 24th. Most have changed their orders such as PA. Nevada is listed as UNDEFINED.
“The Sportsmans Warehouse in Las Vegas is currently closed under an emergency order there, but in other states the business is on the “essential” list and remains open.” https://kmph.com/news/local/why-was-sportsmans-warehouse-forced-to-close-right-now-the-city-of-fresno-isnt-saying

Liberty Valance

I passed many gun shops in Las Vegas today that were open, including Sportsman’s Warehouse in Henderson, NV for guns and ammo only. Gun shops were NEVER directly ordered to close even on day one of the shutdown. To include the state in his list was IMO irresponsible.

Wild Bill

@LV, You “… passed many gunshops in LV today that were open …”(sic) but did not go in? I was following you until you wrote that.


The Democrats want to Destroy America so They can remake it in Their Vision. They don’t care if They are Ruling a Pile of Ashes as Long as They are in Power. The way I see it is that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and that Renders Their BS Null and Void, and Any Law enforcement Who goes along with this crap They should remember how I was only following Orders worked out for those in Nuremberg!


Good one, Old Vet!!!


Deceptocrats hold sacred the bond between LEOs and the criminal element
that justifies the employment of so many, who are only following orders.

American Patriot

I know of NO 2A closures in Nev…..Where are you getting your info?


Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or… Read more »


I don’t know where the information came from that Michigan is banning gun or ammo sales from, but that’s false. I live in Michigan and have just recently bought a used gun at my local gun store. Plus I have also purchased ammo for that gun. Please don’t publish some things that are not true.
We do have a Democrat for our governor but she hasn’t mentioned anything about prohibiting gun or ammo sales.


Where do you live in Michigan? I live in the Flint area and I can assure you all the gun stores and ranges around me are closed, and have been since all this began. Dunhams, closed, Adams gun shop, closed, Flushing rod and rifle private member only range, closed, Gander Outdoors, closed and they even went a step further using this whole shut down as an excuse to PERMANENTLY close its Flint location doors. Hell, even Williams Gun Sight the self proclaimed “Michigans largest firearm dealer” is following Furor Hitmers orders like a good little subject. Being the big, successful,… Read more »


Because in the face of Evil…Good Patriots DO Nothing.


Washington state has not shut down firearm sales. Some gun shops are open; others are closed. Same thing for shooting ranges.

Wild Bill

@Clark, the issue is not whether a gun shop is open or closed. The issue is who made the decision to open or close the gun shop.