5.11 to Donate $25,000 From Proceeds of Police Week Patch to NLEOMF

5.11 to Donate $25,000 From Proceeds of Police Week Patch to NLEOMF
5.11 to Donate $25,000 From Proceeds of Police Week Patch to NLEOMF

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- 5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear announced today that they will be donating up to $25,000 to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund from the proceeds of the brand’s limited edition ‘Honor Those Who Serve’ patch. Additionally, 5.11 is a sponsor of the NLEOMF Virtual Candlelight Vigil which will take place on Wednesday, May 13th. This donation and sponsorship are two of several activations 5.11 has executed honoring first responders during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Honor Those Who Serve’ patch launch occurs during National Police Week 2020. The patch features a thin blue line and eagle – both symbols honoring law enforcement officers everywhere. 100% net proceeds of the patch will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund up to $25,000. The patch can be purchased online at www.511Tactical.com as well as 5.11 retail stores across the country.

“We are honored to be working with the Memorial Fund to support law enforcement officers nationwide through our donation as well as the candlelight vigil later this week,” said 5.11 Chief Executive Officer, Francisco J. Morales. “We appreciate all of our first responders, and especially law enforcement officers more than ever during this year’s National Police Week as our nation navigates the unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic. Our gratitude for our police force has never been greater and our support of the Memorial Fund will impact so many officers and their families.”

This year, 307 names will be added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. Due to the cancellation of public gatherings surround the COVID-19 pandemic, this National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Candlelight Vigil will be streamed via live webcast on Wednesday, May 13th at 8pm EST and available for anyone to join. To register for updates on the Candlelight Vigil and to light a virtual candle, please click here.

“We are grateful for 5.11, their partnership and generosity over the years,” said National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund CEO Marcia Ferranto. “Partners like 5.11 allow us to properly recognize and honor the men and women and their families who make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and communities. The importance of saluting these individuals is greater than ever as we’ve come to ask more than ever from our officers and their families.”

In addition to the ‘Honor Those Who Serve Patch’ and donation to NLEOMF, 5.11 also launched the Inside The Blue Line video series in partnership with SIG SAUER produced by Ironclad Media this week. The video series follows Manchester, New Hampshire’s police department and highlights the realities of life as a law enforcement officer today.

For more information on 5.11, please visit www.511Tactical.com. For the latest on 5.11’s activations, follow @511Tactical. For more information on National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund, please visit www.NLEOMF.org. For the latest from the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund and National Law Enforcement Officer’s Museum, please follow them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

About 5.11, Inc.5.11 logo

With offices around the globe, 5.11 works directly with end-users to create purpose-built apparel, footwear, and gear designed specifically to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of tactical professionals and technical enthusiasts worldwide. 5.11 products exceed rigorous standards, which have allowed the brand to establish a reputation for innovation and authenticity, and become the premier choice for those who always have to be ready. 5.11 products can be purchased online, through authorized dealers and retailers, as well as at 5.11 company-owned retail stores.

Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling gear and accessories at www.511tactical.com. Find a full list of 5.11 company-owned retail stores at https://www.511tactical.com/locations/.  Connect with 5.11 on Facebook, Twitter @511Tactical and on Instagram @511Tactical and #511tactical

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About the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum

Established in 1984, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to telling the story of American law enforcement and making it safer for those who serve. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial contains the names of 22,217 officers who have died in the line of duty throughout U.S. history. For more information about the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, visit LawMemorial.org. Authorized by Congress in 2000, the 57,000-square-foot National Law Enforcement Museum at the Motorola Solutions Foundation Building tells the story of American law enforcement by providing visitors a “walk in the shoes” experience along with educational journeys, immersive exhibitions, and insightful programs. The Museum is an initiative of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization. For more information on the Law Enforcement Museum, visit LawEnforcementMuseum.org.

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Well then walk the walk. Don’t ever call police for anything you need…. accidents, break ins, medical, assaults. Put your big boy pants on and handle it yourself.

jack mac

People cannot “walk the walk” when machine-gunned in their sleep by officials.


Jacob, don’t denigrate the police. The majority of them put in more work than thou to protect America.

Moreover, there is not a single policeman idiotic enough to try to take your guns away. They understand it to be a suicide mission, and moreover, are part of the gun-toting republicans that would be arrested anyway.

The Democrats are relying on the republicans to disarm themselves. They won’t last long.


@GunFun – You overstate considerably. Most officers are good people and would attempt to distance themselves from confiscation efforts. However there are officers who have publicly stated that they look forward to door-to-door collections. Some are adrenaline junkies and others are stone cold killers who only get joy from killing. Those are the types of officers who will be assigned to the “collection” teams – and they will do their best to escalate every single encounter. Once you get “officer down” calls, even the honorable officers will jump to defense of their “brothers” without checking circumstance – so will be… Read more »


Well, officer down, Finnky, will lead to a lot of people dying in an attempt to take my rights away. The ones that are willing to lead the confiscation efforts will die quickly. Then where will they be?

Heed the Call-up

Gun, you seem to have forgotten the two killed in Maryland due to police actions where they arrived on the scene to confiscate firearms and killed the owners instead, one in his bed while asleep. How alert will you be when asleep and the police come and shoot through your window and the walls?

jack mac

Police of all types are enforcers do as directed and allowed by officials that hire them. Enforcers serve and protect themselves and those hiring them and not private citizens—too many enforcers considering private citizens as lessor civilians. Enforcers willing to defend the rights of individuals are not their majority. Drug and arms laws are amble pretext to violate the rights of any person at any time. People now do not need to be personally advised by attorneys to be apprehensive when dealing with arrest authorities. Too many law officers desire respect out of fear. Fearing powers is counter the purpose… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

GUNFUN; Sir, have you never heard of the A.T.F.E., F.B.I., C.I.A., N.S.A.,E.P.A., I.R.S., State and local police, ETC.????????? What nation do you live in?

Arm up, carry on.