Auto-Ordnance Introduces the Hail to the Chief Thompson

Auto-Ordnance Introduces the Hail to the Chief Thompson
Auto-Ordnance Introduces the Hail to the Chief Thompson

U.S.A.-( Thompson Auto-Ordnance, maker of the famous “Tommy Gun” and other classic firearms throughout history, is proud to introduce the limited edition “Hail to the Chief Thompson.” Production of this elaborately engraved Thompson will be limited to a numbered series of only 25 guns.

Each “Hail to the Chief Thompson” is covered in artful imagery showcasing the life of America’s 45th president, Donald J. Trump. On the right side of the receiver is engraved “45th President of the United States”, and the unique number denoting each gun’s place in the series. The muzzle depicts the White House. The foregrip has the president’s famous “MAGA” slogan. The pistol grip boldly states two of President Trump’s commitments to the American people: “America First, Socialism Never”, and “Promises Made, Promises Kept”. On each side are images of President Trump and the White House. Members of the First Family are engraved on both sides of the buttstock, along with the Presidential Seal and American flag. “Keep America Great” is engraved on the left side of the receiver, along with the President’s signature. Hidden within the ornate scrollwork covering the gun are many “easter eggs” related to various important events in the President’s life. The finish of the gun is tough Cerakote Armor Black, then hand polished and clear coated. Highlights are done in PVC Gold.

Each custom Thompson begins as a Model 1927 Thompson, with 16.5” barrel, chambered in .45 ACP. Every Auto-Ordnance Thompson is made entirely in the United States, from American wood and steel. The “Hail to the Chief” Thompson (Model: T1-14-50DC1G) comes with a 50-round drum and a 20-round stick magazine. MSRP for this limited series item is $12,500.

The first gun, numbered 1 of 25, will be used in a giveaway with Ballistic magazine while the remaining 24 will be available for purchase. The Ballistic giveaway will run from now through June 8, 2020. Readers can enter the giveaway at:

Kahr Firearms Group partners with Outlaw Ordnance on the design and promotion of custom firearm projects. Outlaw Ordnance is based in West Monroe, Louisiana. A dynamically growing company, Outlaw Ordnance is changing the firearm industry through custom design and innovation. Check out their Instagram Channels to see what else is new.

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About Kahr Firearms Group:

Kahr Firearms Group, formed in 2012, includes Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research.  KFG Headquarters reside in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Kahr Arms produces small concealable handguns in .380, 9mm, .40, and .45ACP. Auto-Ordnance is the maker of the famous “Tommy Gun”, M1 Carbine, and WW2 GI Model 1911. Magnum Research Inc., designer and producer of the world-renowned Desert Eagle Pistol, Baby Eagle, MLR .22LR and .22Mag Rifles and BFR Revolvers. All three companies are proudly located in the USA.


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A little premature for a President who hasn’t exactly been the poster boy for the Second Amendment.


Exactly! If he had done something about the Hughes Amendment and this were select-fire, I would enter the contest. Being things are as you said, I wouldn’t want it if they called and said they were giving it to me.


Boy, they get testy if I say I wouldn’t have one if they gave it to me. This is the second comment they deleted. LMAO!!!!