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U.S.A.-( Vincent Mann, Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Walther Arms, is a little bit of a crack up (you’ll see what I’m talking about in the video) and I’m definitely not complaining about that! These days you really need some comedy to help the eons-long Lockdown go down a little easier. Anthony Fauci Give Us US FREE!

Picture of Vincent Mann Walther Arms Inc.

OK, back to the work at hand: Vince joined us from his home in Fort Smith Arkansas, not far from the US base for Walther Arms Inc. to help us catch up with the goings-on at Walther since this crisis has gripped us all by our low hanging fruit. We’ve got quite a few of these “Catching Up” Videos and write-ups planned to help educate and entertain not only you good folks here on Ammoland, also everyone that follows me on the YouTubes. Vince reports that Walther Arms is up and fully running turning out all their popular lines: PPK, PPQ, etc. Employees not needed for manufacturing are working from home, as he is.

The first subject we got into after pleasantries are Walther’s different incentive programs including the Heroes VIP Program, their way of giving back to all the “Essential Workers” out there. So who’s essential and what’s the program? According to Vincent Walter’s Heroes are anyone who’s out there working right now to keep the country moving forward in the Covid-19 crisis, so anyone and everyone from Doctors and Nurses to Uber Drivers and Food Service workers. There is a form on Walters website that shows what prices you can get the handguns included in the program at based on what model it is click the link here. At this point, the program expires May 25th, 2020, unless maybe the lockdown never ends? I’m definitely biased when it comes to Walter Arms since they sponsor the WMMF Podcast, and we’ve been testing their guns on the channel for the last year (subtle plug)

However, if you’re out there looking for a new handgun and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices currently out there. There actually couldn’t be a better time to take a look at Walther! The number of incentives and programs they have right now, like their insane 30 day Money Back Guarantee now on every Walther gun, just actually can’t be beaten!

Our conversation with Vince also turned to what’s new in the Walther lineup? SHOT Show brought us the new Q4 Steel Frame line, “not just another chopped down Q5” according to Vince. Designed with Performance and Duty in mind, the Q4 comes in iron sights and optic ready versions and is for the all-metal gun guys and girls out there who want both strength and balance in their carry gun. We also went over their modern meets classic custom Meister Manufaktur line, which should be showing up in stores soon. They do have some new things in mind for since SHOT Show 2020 however Vince wasn’t talking, so we’ll have to wait on that. We’ll definitely get Vincent as well as other members of the Walther Arms team on in the future for new releases, in the meanwhile I hope you take the time to watch the video attached, there’s a lot of good stuff in there.

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