CCRKBA: Garcia Victory Was Warning to Anti-Gun Lobby

Mike Garcia for Congress
Former fighter pilot, Mike Garcia’s election into congress is a bit win for the 2A says CCRKBA. IMG

Bellevue, WA -( Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today congratulated Republican Congressman-elect, Mike Garcia, for winning the election over anti-gun-rights Democrat Christy Smith and said the victory should serve as a warning to the gun prohibition lobby that their big bucks spending effort to fill Congress with anti-gunners is in trouble.

“There is a message in Mike Garcia’s victory,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “You can be a conservative, pro-Second Amendment candidate and win in California, a state dominated politically by anti-gun Democrats, in the legislature and governor’s office in Sacramento, and within the delegation to Capitol Hill.”

“Smith’s campaign was supported by the gun control lobby,” he continued, “but dollars don’t vote, people do. And people are getting tired of far-left politics that trample on fundamental rights, especially the Second Amendment. “Evidently,” Gottlieb observed, “the gun control crowd learned nothing from Michael Bloomberg’s disastrous presidential campaign, which revolved around his extremist gun control agenda. He spent more than $300 million and finished last, and that was among Democrat primary voters, nobody else. Now Bloomberg’s Everytown is planning to spend $60 million to flip Congress and state legislatures this fall, electing more anti-gunners.”

“Garcia won on a campaign promoting American values, including the Second Amendment,” he added. “Those ideals seem foreign to the gun ban bunch, which thinks the constitution is for sale to people with the most money.”

Garcia’s victory this week proves otherwise, and it’s a warning that gun control is not the winning proposition far-left Democrats think it is.

“Garcia’s victory is also a message to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that her party’s gun-grabbing agenda could cost them the House this fall,” Gottlieb stated. “She couldn’t even protect a Democrat seat in her own state, which should raise alarms with vulnerable Democrats in other districts all over the country. “And Joe Biden should also be worried,” Gottlieb concluded, “because his anti-gun-rights agenda is not going to play well in the critical battleground states, where voters are tired of being attacked by politicians like Biden who want to take away their rights.”

About CCRKBACitizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ( is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States.


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Here is the way I vote for a person running for office;
Dose the person REALLY believe and support the American Constitution.
Does the person like guns!
Dose the person vote FOR MY way of thinking.
Is the person a HONORABLE.
Is the person TRUSTWORTHY.
Has the person LIED!


Given your seventh condition, I can only surmise you’ve never voted.


Amen! Landslide coming in Nov!


@Bill, That’s probably the biggest reason they want to drag out the pandemic panic and push mail in ballots for the November election. If they can keep the debates from taking place and get mail in ballots out it will be a tough uphill climb.

Although if Biden keeps choosing people like AOC to work on his campaign, the circus just may implode on its own!


If at all possible, show up at the polls and vote in person. The Democrats are counting on early voting, so they can manipulate the numbers. Right now Republicans should be working on voter ID and voter fraud.

Never underestimate the Democrats ability to cheat.


You’re Right Bill to say Amen! BUT, When you start thinking like that and saying that, look out! That’s when people start to think they have already won and then they think that they don’t have to turn up at the polls because they just know it’s going to be a Landslide Victory for the Republicans. Well I have seen that happen before and I say get off your bottoms and go to work and make sure this election is won. That same attitude took place in Virginia last time and now look what we are dealing with. OLD Blackface… Read more »


Folks are getting tired of the Democrats treating the 1A and 2A as a dog treats a fire hydrant.


The Garcia victory should be viewed as a sea change event nationally. Although this district was traditionally a conservative district it went blue in 2018 due to a special election. The key external influence at that point in time was a media and deep state war on the Republicans early in the Trump administration. Key to understanding the conditions at that time was one simple truth. Leftists and New Left Progressives are simply a better class of criminal that conservatives or libertarians could ever hope to be. The only way to cut through the progressive wall of lies is with… Read more »

Wild Bill

@ring, I sure hope that you are right. With so many foreign and domestic enemies arrayed against We the People, we better get our act together.


At this point the lesser of evils is all we can do. It’s better than the alternative of all out civil war.
It’s something I hate to think could happen but every day I wonder just how far off that could be.

Wild Bill

@Swany, We could go to organized civil disobedience. That is only half way!

Ansel Hazen

Why do anything halfway?

Wild Bill

@AH, So that one does not get his ass shot off.


I believe most of those calling for a rush to guns have never been in a firefight. It ain’t as much fun as they think. I’m old enough to not care for myself, however, I’d rather spare my kids and grandkids all those fun and games.

Wild Bill

@TLS, Yep, I got a little piece of shrapnel, about the size of a grain of sand, that went between my pinky and ring finger on my left hand. Nearly lost my pinky. People that have never been shot at just don’t know.


WB; Been there done that, been in another country and don’t want it here, but the way it’s going the Demo-Rats are pushing for one!!!!!!!!! All they want is total control, the Republicans keep talking about charging these creatures with all of their wrong doings but none of them are in jail yet after 31/2 years of B/S, they talk tough and run and hide!!!!!! Some of the women have more Gonads then the men in the Republican Party!!!!!!!! Most people that go off about starting a Fire Fight don’t have a clue about what they are talking about, scared… Read more »


The other side is all out right now with their brand of assault, our remedy is something altogether different. Are they not in an all out assault on us? I think most would readily agree that they are.


“I used to be a beat cop a long time ago. And I’d get called out on domestic disputes all the time. Hundreds, probably, over the years. But there was this one guy — this one piece of shit — that I will never forget. Gordy. He looked like Bo Svenson. You remember him? Walking Tall? You don’t remember? No. Anyway. Big boy — 270, 280. But his wife … or whatever she was, his lady … was real small. Like a bird. Wrists like branches. Anyway, my partner and I got called out there every weekend, and one of… Read more »


I can understand your mind set I couldn’t be a cop because I would have pulled the trigger…

Wild Bill

@sushi, I knew it was fake when I read, “it’s just me…. So I cuff him, … ” Cuffing them is when they realize that is there last chance to get away. Place no store in TV.


Yeah, I call out that BS every time while watching a TV cop show with the wife. If one person is cuffing someone it is because they are unconscious/dead, or want to be cuffed. LOL!


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.


Swany, no sane person ever WANTS civil war (or ANY war) anywhere near American soil. But it will nonetheless become a reality, regardless of which party – conservative or liberal – actually wins the upcoming November election. It cannot be avoided, because the rift/split between those two groups of American citizens has become too strong and severe for any other possible outcome. We can either bury our heads in the sand or accept the coming reality… but either way, we (individually and as a society) are screwed. I suppose I could recommend “the fervent prayer of a righteous man,” as… Read more »


Well stated. One of our greatest, Lincoln warned us that a house divided cannot stand. We are a house divided. On one side we have those of us who are committed to a world view based upon Reformation values and biblical virtues. On the other you have folks of the far left and authoritarian leaning ideologies foreign to our New World and Reformation beliefs. These two competing world views are mutually exclusive. One must prevail. The battle lines are drawn and are populated with imperfect patriots on our side. In acknowledging our imperfection and Original Sin we are strengthened and… Read more »


“bury our heads in the sand or accept the coming reality???
Our country wasn’t founded on that. If you want to be a sheep be one.
That statement is a disgrace to our forefathers…


Well Lucky, we still have to think about what we are doing. Lets get the election won and if we do and i’m praying that we do. Then it’s time to make the biggest push on our government that hasn’t been done in years and make them start throwing these Treasonous bastards in jail. Treason is a lawful offense and this country has got to start using it. If they are Treasonous, throw them in Jail and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. We don’t need a war but we do need to start observing our own… Read more »


When you push someone into the corner without an exit wars begin.


Famous last words, “it will never happen here.”


Democrat governors just used this pandemic to take away religious freedoms, and free speech. Think about it. For those of you who thought gun control was a one dimensional fight, think again. ANY official/civil servant who violates Article VI knowingly should be held for high crimes. We cannot have it both ways, violate one, violate them all.


Scratch a Democrat and find a dictator wannabe. And this crisis gave them the opportunity to show us all what they really are when their cover comes off. Vote for them at your own peril.


Winning one skirmish does not decide the outcome of a war. One data point does not decide the future. This is not a trend…….but it could be. It will take a very long time to take back the communist states, perhaps never. It took decades for the communists to take over California and will take at least as long to throw them all out. I am a conservative living in a southern state that almost elected a communist for governor last election. My state is following the same trend that turned California blue. We are but one election away from… Read more »


If you’ve ever been out in a boat that begins taking on water, somewht slowly, you will realise something. As long as you are motoring long just fine, nothing obviously wrong, there IS no problm.But at SOME point some aboard realise the motion in the waves is sluggish, she seems “heavy”, rools just a bit too much. THen someone pokes his head below the cabin sole and sees two feet of water, partway up the engine block. WOW< WE"RE TAKING ON WATER BETTER DO SOMETHING NOW. Then others wake up to the fact everything is not all hunky dory, there… Read more »


This is how The American People take back our country….VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS IN 2020…

Green Mtn. Boy

Vote for Constitutional conservatives in 2020.


Vote against democrats anyway.


Vote – destroy the gun grabbers
Don’t Vote – destroy your fundamental rights
Simple, n’est-ce pas?


Oh good Lord Alan.

Look at the full picture — as David Codrea has:
It Depends Upon What the Meaning of the Word ‘Republican’ Is

Republican flips House seat in California special election
You wonder what would have happened if they’d switched last names.

He repeats all the platitudes, but I hear no real specifics and wonder what he means by “significant military weapons.” I wonder how he’d do with this…

And the absence of specifics here troubles me for obvious reasons.

I need more information before I can put this in the “Win” column.


So you would rather have Smith in office? Grow up.

J Gibbons

While his website doesn’t specifically list 2A, Garcia still has several things going for him. First, his website is consistent with 2A support on the other issues he does call out. Second, his opponent was vehemently anti-2A. Win/Win in my book. In CA, I’d take a RINO over any of the current crop of Fascist Communists masquerading as Democrats.


Larry Elder has interviewed Mike twice.

He is very much superior to the previous Progressive, who isn’t the least bit ashamed of herself.

And he is better than the incumbent.

Now if only he can prevent ballot harvesting.


As a conservative, a Christian and a veteran Garcia loses all intersectionality points at the outset. My guess is when detailed exit polling is available his personal story as a first generation American, son of immigrants and poor kid made good via the USNA and US Navy had little impact on leftists.


You know what you have in Communist California with the democrats it’s time for a change. Most democrats are anti-gun just look at the dems running for President.


The Marcusian cultural Marxists have hopefully dug their own grave. We need to continue teaching in all ways possible the evil of Marcuse and his deceitful Marxist ways that have poisoned are nation and threaten the Liberty granted us by our Creator as evidenced in the Constitution.


Well said. Thank you.


Criminal liberal Socialist/Communist/Marxists in Congress & the public sector are endangering the
rest of the law-abiding American public,
Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States.
They have no place in a Free Constitutional Republic. In which the United States of America is…
Vote Them Out…


I pray that this is the start of the landslide for freedom loving people in the US!!


Some advice: Let’s not get too carried away.


TEEBONE . . . ?????? That is the problem for TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS now!!! We have been too “gentle” in our approach to demand that this country operate under the provisions of the United States Constitution! The federal government has become so vehement that you will do things THEIR way that if you demand your rights under the Constitution, THEY WILL KILL YOU!


If you are a true PATRIOTIC AMERICAN you will NEVER vote for ANYONE that has a (D) or and (I) behind their name!


I hope Gottlieb is right !