Giffords’ and Democrat Mayors’ Plea to Congress Can Only Make Urban Violence Worse

Convincing them the problem is with the guns is just another swindle in the long con. (Giffords/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Four people were killed and 41 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago so far over the first weekend of May,” Sun-Times Media Wire reported Monday. “Twenty-one of the weekend’s victims were shot in a seven-hour period from Saturday night to Sunday morning, including five teenagers wounded in a drive-by in Lawndale on the West Side.”

“As Chicago struggles to treat the flood of COVID-19 patients, a surge in gun violence continues to disproportionately affect the city’s most vulnerable communities and further puts a strain on the city’s resources,” Mother Jones complains. “[G]un violence is surging in several major cities—including Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Dallas—and many of those cities’ resources to address the issue are dwindling.”

Several levels of fraud are being perpetrated here, which isn‘t surprising, considering the source. The most obvious is the use of the pejorative term “gun violence,” meant to transfer blame from human actors to inanimate tools. Firearms aren’t the issue, nor are people having access to firearms. If they were, we’d be reading about daily bloodbaths perpetrated by members of the National Rifle Association, who number five million strong and are arguably the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet. When was the last time you read about an NRA member committing a “gun crime,” a hold-up, a drive-by or a rampage? Is there any doubt such an event would be headline news, played for all it’s worth, and shoved in gun owners’ faces at every opportunity?

So perhaps the issue is the “wrong” people having access to firearms? If you advocated racist policies, like Everytown and Demanding Moms bankroller Michael Bloomberg, you’d be pointing to the numbers for “male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25,” and using that as an excuse to disarm them all, regardless of who they are as individuals endowed with certain unalienable rights.  It disregards the racist roots of gun control and the strides for freedom made by leaders of groups like Deacons for Defense and Justice and undermines the needed messages from important contemporary voices.

Still, there’s no arguing which communities the problems with violence are coming from. The anti-violence groups themselves admit as much, as does the Giffords group and a coalition of mayors petitioning Congressional leaders for more money. While they claim to be all about “violence interruption and targeted outreach,” it’s inescapable that every signatory to the letter is a rabid gun-grabber and a Democrat.

So while Giffords’ executive director Peter Ambler offers pandering weasel words like “In the midst of a difficult situation, violence interrupters and street outreach workers are providing hope and lifelines to communities who need it,” never doubt for a moment that his goal is citizen disarmament, and the goal of the mayors is a monopoly of violence. What such urban wealth redistribution programs really do is keep a handful of manageable voices parroting a narrative that the problem is with guns. They make it look like the “political leaders” are “doing something,” helping them retain and grow their power.

Having Congress provide more money for that will only make everything worse. That means more people will die. With “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.

Think about what it would really take to “end urban violence” using guns – especially since those committing the acts of violence invariably are already breaking every “gun law” in the books, starting with having them in the first place. It would take nothing short of the complete elimination of all guns outside of “authorized” possessors to achieve the goal, and that’s clearly not going to happen – first because there aren’t enough enforcers to kill all of us who will not disarm, and also because anyone trying to do so legislatively would see the same “success” as the so-called “war on drugs.”

No doubt the ones who would profit the most would be cartels, which would add a whole new turf war dynamic.

The truth about urban “gun violence” is it’s not about guns, but about “progressive” fraud that keeps charlatans in power through a seemingly endless cycle of dependency and manipulation.  True, race is a factor—not as a cause of violent crime, but as an indicator of populations most influenced and thus victimized by a continuing history of destructive collectivist controls over the economy, over education, and over the lives of those trapped in a corrupt system.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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“Think about what it would really take to “end urban violence” using guns”
All it would take is to ensure that their victims have them. Nothing less will serve.
And that’s precisely why all the murders occur where the gun laws are the most prohibitive.
This isn’t rocket science. It’s as easy as gendering a newborn. Which is why Democrats can’t do it.

Pa John

Remember kids, there is no such thing as “gun violence”, just as there is no such thing as “fork violence”, “hammer violence”, “brick violence” and so on. The often used term of “gun violence” is propaganda terminology that is every bit as wrong and deceptive as any propaganda ever promoted for evil purposes. Violent people are not helpless victims of Inanimate objects, as violent people will _use_ whatever inanimate objects as may be available, be it a rock or a baseball bat, a big hunting knife or a big truck or car. All manner of inanimate objects can be used… Read more »


I notice they don’t post the picture of the HOODRAT(s) that shot them with their stolen or otherwise illegally purchased weapon. They don’t go after the perp that pulled the trigger on the almost GUARANTEED illegal firearm that shot you, they go after those who have done NOTHING wrong. It’s the typical Dem/lib/ASSHOLE way…. The DEMS disarm the cities/states then use their pawns as spokespeople, they furnish TARGETS for the criminals then use those targets to make even MORE unarmed targets for their Dem voting criminals. Manufactured Dem voters….


rock, I agree with you. the people who commit these crimes are already criminals who are prohibited from possessing firearms. most of these mass shootings happen in localities governed by leftists policies and politicians, yet they never blame the person, they blame the inanimate object. they judicial system is also lenient on criminals, plea bargaining down the crimes so they are put back on the streets much sooner than they should be, if they are able to catch and/or prosecute. if one of us are convicted of a firearms crime, we would be punished to the fullest extent of the… Read more »


@Rock – Idiotic as they may be, even the gun grabbers have the sense to understand that seizing a firearm from a peaceful law-abiding citizen is far safer than attempting to do the same with a violent gang member. What they don’t seem to understand is that when they push hard enough, those peaceful people will decide they’ve had enough. Those peaceful people include many if not most of the most competent and capable people on the planet. At some point even the most law-abiding will engage in self defense, and reaching that point is not in the best interest… Read more »


Honest observation doesn’t make me a racist. The problem is right there in the picture.
Honestly, when crime in Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Dallas comes up, is legally owned firearms your first guess at a cause?


Progressive public policy has been a complete and total failure in major urban areas. We know that the War on Poverty and War on Drugs are both really a war on people of color and the poor in general. In order to find cover for that failed public policy progressives must find a boogie man. That boogie man is the NRA and law abiding gun owners in general.; Rather than dysfunctional public policy that resulted in collapsing culture you blame inanimate objects and the people who are least likely to commit a crime of any sort. And they call that… Read more »


Black lives must not matter to fellow blacks according to stats.


No surprise the Liberals don’t want citizens lawfully armed. They don’t want their family members and constituents killed while committing crimes. Better to have helpless victims.

uncle dudley

Could the real reason these gun grabbers want to do away with firearms is that it’s democrats killing other democrats thus cutting down on possible votes for the democrats in the future.

Ryben Flynn

The “War on Drugs” has been going on fore decades with all kinds of Laws making this, that and other drugs and paraphernalia illegal. Hasn’t stopped any of the Drug Trade or use. Any “War on Guns” will be just as useless. If people want something bad enough, no Law is going to stop them.


I suspect that 99.99% of the firearms used in these shootings are obtained and possessed illegally. No law abiding gun owners involved here. I also suspect that in 99.99% of the shootings, the trigger man and victim was black. What we have in these DemocRAT controlled cities is not “Gun Violence”, but black violence. Black activists and DemocRAT politicians complain that too many blacks are incarcerated. Excuse me, but if blacks acted like law abiding decent human beings, instead of rabid, out-of-control animals, there wouldn’t be so many of them in prison. Stop blaming the firearm and put the blame… Read more »

jack mac

USA: It is those that desire to subjugate others that need blasting off the planet.

Deplorable Bill

The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The issue here is not guns or color or education or wealth. Legislators write laws, that’s what they do. So, how many laws do we need to know that something is wrong? There is nobody on earth that knows all the laws so lack of knowledge of law actually IS an excuse. You just can’t legislate morality. People are bourn inherently evil. Nobody needs to teach their children how to lie, steal, bully, hurt, bad mouth etc. People are bourn with all of this. All of… Read more »


Mr. D Plorable Bill, you have it right. ONce again. Part of the reason these demminfested cities are such a problem is that the demmocrat folks are so committed to the false principle that people are “basically good and only need some space to act out once in a while”. that they will eventually turn round and go right. Yeah, after how many they’ve each killed? Dems and their policies prefer to blame “circimstances” “racism” “poverty”, “education”.. all of which they have delivered, in truckloads, to these blighted metropolises. Kids are not taught in schools how to resolve conflict, or… Read more »

Red Falcon 1325

Guns aren’t the problem in Chicongo. Gangs of thugs with guns is the problem.

jack mac

The elected “leaders” of Chicago that are the problem.


jack mac: “Somebody” put them there. I remember an early 70’s news clip where a bunch of “inner city youth” were holding up their fists and chanting, “I am somebody”, over and over. I thought at the time, “Yeah, that’s going to work out well.”


Whether it’s a gun or knife or heroin or a baseball bat, it looks more like natural selection operating in Chicago more than anything else, despite the worthless gun laws or any other kind of law. I have no problem with it.


Yup. Gots ta have customers for all that opium the CIA has grown in Afghanistan, since about 1985 or so….. the pharmaceutical companies can’t quite manage to push enough through legal channels and over-prescribing docs, so the rest gets “distributed” in places like ChiTown, Balto, Philly, Lost Angeles, Scam Flam Cisco, Noio Yawk, Nawlins….. all places where the dem thing is the main thing. Places I don’t even like to BE let alone ever live there.


Tionico: When people, of whatever “hue”, hurt they will do whatever it takes to do away with the pain. It takes money to get a prescription. And now they are cracking down on the pill mills so street drugs have made a resurgence. It has been this way forever I suppose. I remember reading about the opium dens of years gone by. Circle of life.

jack mac

; Jacob: Research the percentage of “blacks” in Chicago that are prohibited persons, it is astonishingly high. Similar statics are the same in most large cities and states. Your “shitbag” comment is counter to defending our right to arms. The rest of your writing is not. Allowing our governing to deny any right from any ‘free’ citizen on any pretext is mortal to freedom. The pretexts to prohibit and the number prohibited are increasing. Officials classifying citizens as prohibited, establishes an official underclass an underclass that must be treated as such by all. Laws used to deny rights from individual… Read more »


@J337; I was in total agreement with your comment till you included the descriptive word “blacks”. Thugs who are WANTON to harm others, all across America, come in many hues.


For some reason one particular HUE stands out in a 70-30 ratio in our penitentiaries, coincidence? Nooooooo must be racial profiling. (A mind is a terrible thing to waste)
My favorite campaign from yesteryear


Laddyboy: Some “hues” contribute more than their fair share. Dispute that if you can.


they do….. but riddle me this one: WHY is it that the vast majority of the tboublesome ones “happen” to be of a certain narrow range of “hue”.? And that statistic does NOT account for those who have perpetraded foul deeds and BEEN CAUGHT and IMPRISONED (two factors that horribly skew the percentages in prison) thus reducing the percentages observed.counted in prisons. Back when, it was more or less true that about 70% of hippies went barefoot everywhere, I knew some that never owned a pair of shoes. Does this mean that going barefoot causes hippiiness? Or that hipies cause… Read more »


j337, with that mentality you should be one of the prohibited persons. what happened to you to make you think like that.


But should he be ? Looking at his crime I would say NO. Did he not pay his debt to society ? Did he lose any other rights ? His crime did NOT even involve a firearm so why should he have lost that right ?


Well, J337 at least you are entertaining. I have got to work on that memory thing.