NPA Introduces its New 9mm Solid Copper Hollow Point +P HELO Defense Round

National Police Ammunition new HELO Defense 9mm ammo

Miami, Florida ( – National Police Ammunition (NPA), the world’s leader in lead free ammunition, is pleased to announce the development and the release of their HELO Defense 9mm 115 grain + P solid copper hollow point with proprietary interior skives. The HELO Defense 9mm is the same bullet that has been adopted by several law enforcement agencies known as the “HELO Duty” but is now available for the law-abiding citizen for self-defense. “H.E.L.O” is an acronym for High Expansion, Law Enforcement, Ordinance.

The NPA proprietary HELO family of products was originally designed for law enforcement and specifically to pass and exceed all FBI performance protocols. Unlike bonded jacketed bullets the HELO is formed from a solid piece of high-grade virgin copper. At that point a proprietary cavity is formed with interior skives, the copper bullet is heat treated to the ideal hardness to allow the projectile to achieve maximum penetration and expansion while retaining 100% of its grain weight through ballistic gel and does not break apart like many copper hollow points on the market today.

An additional benefit is the HELO is designed to defeat barriers and not have its cavity get “plugged” by heaving clothing, drywall, and even plywood. The projectile also has a black oxide coating that reduced copper fouling in a firearms barrel and reduces drag for maximum velocity without over-pressuring the cartridge. The HELO was designed to hit all the benchmarks of the FBI Protocol Test, even penetrating at the minimum length of 12” into bare gel from a Glock 43 sub-compact pocket pistol and will also penetrate an average of 15” of gel from a full size defense pistol averaging 1,150 FPS from a 4” barrel.

NPA HELO 9mm Defense Ammo

Along with a press release announcing the product, NPA has also released a demonstration video which shows the cartridge being tested for accuracy, reliability, and terminal ballistics using a high-speed camera that captures the projectile creating the temporary wound cavity into clear ballistics gel media.

The 9mm HELO was tested for accuracy by using several full sizes duty pistols and not a test fixture barrel which most manufacturers use when reporting their accuracy specs. The 9mm HELO consistently shoots below a 2” group at 25 yards shot from a rest with a 4” duty pistol.

Reliability and versatility of the HELO 9mm defense was shown by shooting multiple pistols from full sized to pocket pistols and even select-fire machine guns, in which the bullet reliably fed and fired from each firearm.

To demonstrate the terminal ballistics, the HELO 9mm cartridge was run through every FBI Protocol test and was captured on high-speed camera displaying the bullets’ flight into bare gel and through several barriers, which law enforcement can encounter in trying to stop an armed subject.

The video also shows the penetration, expansion, and weight retention of the HELO 9MM Defense round.

NPA will first introduce the 9mm 115 grain + P HELO pistol cartridge in the popular 9mm caliber and will be expanding the line to all other major calibers. The HELO Defense round can be purchased on National Police’s commercial brand site .

Clear Ballistics gel 20% was used in all FBI Protocol tests because it closely mimics the density of true FBI gelatin.

NPA has released 2 demonstration videos: a long format showing all the full FBI Protocol Tests and a short format video showing bare gel and heavy clothing which would be the most likely scenario in a self-defense situation, these videos can be found below:

Tested, Adopted, & Recommended by Law Enforcement

About National Police Ammunition

Based in Miami, Florida for over a decade National Police ammunition is one of the leading manufacturers of lead-free ammunition in the United States whose products have been tested, approved, and recommended by State and Federal law enforcement. NPA’s products are held to the strictest of quality controls which have been developed with our customers to address the unique requirements of law enforcement agencies. NPA is the only manufacturer of sintered nontoxic, heavy metal free, and low spark frangible bullets which they also load the same bullets into their own cartridges.  This is in contrast to most other companies that purchase their frangible bullets from a third-party vendor. NPA consistently provides superior lead times, outstanding service, and the most cost-effective lead-free products to the industry. 

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The HST is almost a dupe of the Black Talons.




So they made a bullet that looks and acts exactly like the long removed Black Talon…




Just another BS statement from “Laura Burgess” company. What is that you say? This statement is BS, “the copper bullet is heat treated to the ideal hardness”. Now if they had said that the bullet is annealed to the ideal hardness they might be approaching the truth. But, as has been shown by previous advertising, they either knowingly or unknowingly print things which are not true. So, “Caveat emptor.”

Dangerous Dave

Since annealing refers to a process of heating, then cooling (quenching for you), it seems like saying “Heat treated” is accurate enough. Perhaps they chose not to use the technical term because almost anyone can grasp the concept of heat treating, but not everyone knows what annealing is. If your audience has to pull out a dictionary to understand what you’re talking about, you’re probably a bad writer. I know what annealing is because I’ve done it. Not everyone has, or does.


Copper and it’s alloys cannot be “heat treated” to a state of greater “hardness” than they already are. They can only be made softer. They are made “harder” by working the piece. “Laura Burgess” has a habit of stating things that are not true in their advertising. Do most people know or even care, probably not, but that doesn’t mean that the truth shouldn’t be presented for those who are interested in knowing it.

Dangerous Dave

Also true, but they didn’t say they made it harder, they said they heat treated it to the “ideal hardness”, which they said won’t break apart like other hollow points. Annealing does indeed make copper softer and less brittle, so it still stands to reason. Seems like you’re trying awfully hard to make an accusation that just isn’t there. Personal vendetta?


DD: Just the truth Dave, just the truth.


Well, they show 50 rd boxes on here but on the above link, I can only find 20 rd boxes. I had planned to order a few of the fifty rounders for my personal T & E but if they can’t make fifty round boxes happen that will be a deal-killer.


I never heard of them but God bless them they seem to have a decent product AND it comes in 50 round boxes instead of those moronic 20 round boxes. For that reason alone, I will order a few boxes for my personal T & E.