Statement from Acting Secretary Wolf on Corpus Christi Terrorist Shooting ~ VIDEO

N.A.S., Corpus Christi, TX Police File Image from
N.A.S., Corpus Christi, TX Police File Image from

N.A.S., Corpus Christi, TX – -( Yesterday, [Thursday 05/21/2020] a gunman opened fire at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas in a terrorism-related attack against members of the U.S. military. The FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force are leading the investigation, supported by DHS’s U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service and ICE Homeland Security Investigations. Thank you to the Naval Air Station’s security forces and all the law enforcement organizations for their swift work in responding to the attack.

It is clear that the United States remains a top target for terrorists and terrorist organizations all over the world. Our military personnel just faced a separate deadly naval base attack in December where an al-Qaeda inspired shooter killed three service members in Pensacola, Florida.

DHS’s counterterrorism mission remains its top priority since its founding after the 9/11 attacks, with a particular focus on Foreign Terrorist Organizations. We will continue to make substantial progress in our ability to detect, prevent, protect against, and mitigate the threats posed to the American people by these groups and by those who adhere to their distorted ideologies. The men and women of the Department across all of our components continue to stand watch all over the country to protect the American people, the homeland, and our values.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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It’s about time they allow our servicemen and women to be armed on base.


Propaganda ‘for’ our enemies, whose side are you on?


What was a muslim doing within 5 miles of of a United States military facility ? Who is the tapioca brained, leftist, jerk that keeps on specifying training protocols to include sworn enemies of the United States, her life style, and her people ? We’ve been the victim of filthy muslims at The Chattanooga recruiting center, Fort Hood, and now this ! Who is the Numfutz that says “Maybe it’ll work THIS time” ? Maybe they’ll only kill two or three of OUR military. Clinton disarmed our military while on base. If there is an attack by muslims, they have… Read more »


At least we are now acknowledging the truth and not trying to hide the facts luke Obama did!

Matt in Oklahoma

But did they? I know nothing about the shooter, nothing about the 2nd suspect, motive, group involved etc.


Regarding the question of why our military isn’t armed while on base on U.S. soil: I’ve seen folks trying to lay it at Clinton’s feet and others at Bush Sr.’s feet. I’ve been unable to find anything definitive about it, but I know it goes back way before either of those. My husband was stationed at Ft. Campbell in Kentucky in the late 60s prior to his deployment to Vietnam. He recalls being on guard duty at night with his M16 with no ammunition. While neither Hopkinsville, Kentucky nor Clarksville, Tennessee, are known as hotbeds of foreign insurgent activity, it… Read more »


Looking at top photo with this article, it strikes me that the police standing behind their cars only have side arms at the ready. Was the action too fast, or are they lacking long arms? They are US Navy Police rather than local, which might explain the difference. Every TX lawman with whom I’ve discussed the topic (VERY limited sample) has stated that large majority of LEO vehicles have an AR, shotgun or both. Of those options rifle is most common followed by both. So why had these guys not deployed the right tools for the job? While seeing more… Read more »


Finnky, I get the impression, from the angle at which this photo was taken and from the caption, that this is a stock, file photo rather than being an actual photo from the scene. That could be the reason for the hardware not being appropriate for the situation. Not sure; just a guess.


– Good guess. Looking back at the photo, cannot really imagine officers allow a reporter into a location where they could have taken that picture. Even at that, event took place on a base, so only official photographers would have been allowed anywhere in vicinity.

“News” does love to include pictures purporting to depict a situation, which generally are misleading if thought of as a source of info. Given how so many people “read” the photos and headlines without looking much further, would strongly prefer they used more realistic imagery.


Thanks for feeding anti-semitism! BTW, Muslims are those who practice Islam. So, with only the most basic understanding, you can see that whoever put together this “infographic” didn’t really have a solid understanding of what is going on. Please understand what you repost.


Here’s a great vacation idea for you. Go to Columbus, Ohio and go to the part of town called Little Mogadishu. Get out of the car and welcome your Muslim friends. I bet you $50 you don’t come out alive. Even the Columbus Police avoid the area.

Deplorable Bill

I am aware of black ops but that sure looks like an isis flag to me.

Arm up, carry on