Support the Healthy Dog Importation Act NOW! – HR 6921

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Support the Healthy Dog Importation Act NOW! – HR 6921

USA – -( It’s time – and if you take action now it’s finally possible – to stop the flood of unhealthy dogs pouring into our country each year.

Thanks to the leadership of Congressman Ralph Abraham, veterinarian and medical doctor of Louisiana, and the co-sponsorship of the other two veterinarians in Congress, Kurt Schrader of Oregon and Ted Yoho of Florida, HR 6921, comprehensive, bipartisan legislation to protect the health of our pets, livestock and people was introduced on May 18, 2020.


The success of spay and neuter programs has eliminated the problem of dog overpopulation in many regions of the United States. The vast majority of US dogs are now spayed or neutered, and fewer dogs are born in the US each year. At the same time, demand for dogs has increased, outstripping US supply and leading to the import of dogs from all over the world.

According to a 2019 report, from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) more than one million dogs are imported into the US each year. However, only about one percent of those are screened for diseases such as rabies, canine brucellosis, canine influenza, hepatitis, distemper, and others. This is a threat not only to other dogs and household pets but also to our livestock, the food supply, and public health.

The US dog Import system is broken. The dogs being imported come from counties that lack the veterinary, public health, and sanitation standards found in the US. Infectious pathogens exist in many of these countries that are not native to the US or were eliminated earlier. Many of these diseases can be transmitted to people and other animals.

The Healthy Dog Importation Act of 2020 (HR 6921)

The Healthy Dog Importation Act would require every that dog entering the country be in good health, permanently identified, certified by an approved veterinarian in the country of origin to prevent fraudulent paperwork, and carry records showing that it has received all the proper vaccinations. Those entering the country for resale, transfer, or donation must be at least six months of age and accompanied by a USDA import permit. The bill would also streamline and coordinate federal oversight, ensuring documentation and import permits are shared electronically between APHIS, CDC, and Customs and Border Patrol, while clarifying APHIS’ key enforcement authority.

These changes will go a long way toward ensuring that the federal government is responsibly screening the dogs entering our country each year, and discourage the spread of infectious diseases in the US.

Act now – Urge your Congress member to support HR 6921, the Healthy Dog Importation Act of 2020

Federal Register / Vol. 84, No. 21 / Thursday, January 31, 2019, / Notices, page 727

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I find it difficult to believe that we have had a “dog shortage” of any kind. Even if dog reproduction has slowed, the pounds and no-kill shelters are in a constant state of overflow. Anything to minimize import of additional noisy turd factories has to be good, IMHO.

Wild Bill

, I don’t know what a noisy turd factory is, but I agree with your no shortage of dogs assertion. My entire security staff were hands free deliverys. I did not even have to go to the local shelter.


@Ammoland – My city pound “imports” dogs from surrounding cities. Neighboring cities to our south have large low income areas where people get pit bulls, then discover they don’t care for upkeep costs or efforts. Other people, including from my city, dump their dogs in the “country” (mostly lower density suburbs). Many of those inner city pit bulls and the country-strays end up back here and adopted. Doubt they are making much profit on the animals. Last dog I adopted from them cost me $25 as they often adopt “VIP” dogs at that price, small compared to cost of shots… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Finnky, I am glad to read that you adopt dogs. I knew there was something that I liked about you!

Wild Bill

@Ammoland, the networking that takes place between dog shelters is for the benefit of the dogs, not profit, according to my local shelter. And that makes sense as there is not much market for mutt dogs.

AZ Lefty

SO the COMMERCIAL BREEDER INDUSTRY is saying we need another law that will stoop we the people form importing a dog we may want and to justify it they are using the example of a few unethical no kills as justification to do this instead of passing laws to regulate those doing it because it would affect the PUPPY MILLS they support!


And why was there no examples given to back the claims of this bill ? And yet nothing about the FOOD (livestock) that is shipped to the USA for peoples consumption. While we ship livestock to other countries. WTF