Tandemkross Unveils New Upriser Chassis for Ruger PC Carbine

TandemKross Ruger PC Uprising Chassis
The new Uprising Chassis for the Ruger PC Carbine allows it to accept a wide variety of accessories.

Weare, NH -(AmmoLand.com)-TANDEMKROSS is proud to announce the release of a new product for the Ruger PC Carbine: the all-new Upriser Chassis!

Made of reinforced polymer, the Upriser chassis is both durable and light. The Upriser also places a strong emphasis on cross-compatibility and modularity. This allows it to accommodate virtually all AR grips (with or without a “beavertail”) and mil-spec buffer tubes and stocks. What’s more, the Upriser has an intentional focus on aesthetics that others simply miss.

Tandemkross Upriser Chassis for Ruger PC Carbine

Every Upriser Chassis comes with a trigger finger-length magazine release, a flared magwell, an aluminum grip/stock adapter, and an AR compatible hiveGrip.

The included grip/stock adapter is made from aluminum to ensure it is built to last. The Upriser’s unique grip/stock adapter creates an ergonomic angle. This allows comfortable use of optics or iron sights for quick and intuitive sight acquisition. The Upriser offers the most natural cheek weld in the market.

The flared magwell and trigger finger-length magazine release team up to create a streamlined reloading experience. The magwell comes with every Upriser chassis, but is easily detachable, leaving it up to the shooter to install.

The AR compatible hiveGrip leverages our proprietary vibration dampening material. Wet or sweaty hands won’t slip on this grip as moisture intensifies the shooter’s bond with the material.

TANDEMKROSS leads the way with the Upriser chassis thanks to its competitive pricing, user-focused design, and a wide array of compatible parts and accessories.


TANDEMKROSS is an aftermarket firearm parts company that manufactures solutions and improvements for popular firearms, making an already good gun GREAT! We strive to redefine firearm industry standards and we realize that innovation, exclusivity, and price point aren’t enough. At TANDEMKROSS we took our commitment to quality a step further by offering a Hassle-Free Lifetime Guarantee on all of our products backed with excellent customer service.

Visit us at www.tandemkross.com.

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1 year ago

Damn, Tandemkross wins the ugliest stock competition, hands down !

1 year ago