This Isn’t a Public Health Problem

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This Isn’t a Public Health Problem, iStock-1213378005

U.S.A. –-( Politicians said we can’t go to work because of a public health emergency. That doesn’t make sense. The actions of our politicians don’t match their words.

  • If we release violent criminals from jail, and then jail peaceful shop owners, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If cops who are not wearing a mask, arrest you for not wearing a mask, then this isn’t a public health problem.

  • If police threaten to give tickets to a husband and wife because they are sitting next to each other in public, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If police ticket couples who are driving together during a mandatory lockdown, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can walk on the beach, but you’ll get arrested for sitting down on the beach, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you can go to the beach, but you can’t fish from the shore, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If churches are closed but abortion centers are open, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If people die of preventable causes while our hospitals are empty, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the liquor store clerk can serve thousands of people a day, but you can’t open your business for a few dozen customers, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If golf courses are open, but shooting ranges are closed, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the grocery clerk can see over a thousand people a day, but your priest can only have 9 other people his his church, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If the court is open for marriage or divorce, but not to renew your concealed carry permit, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If counties who shelter in place have similar death rates as counties who don’t, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If we treat counties that have never seen a death from Covid-19 the same way we treat New York City, then this isn’t a public health problem.
One third of Covid deaths in green, one third in yellow, and one third in red area.
  • If politicians send sick people back to nursing homes, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians demand help, and then refuse to use emergency hospitals staffed by volunteers, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If you’re told to socially isolate even after you’ve had covid-19 and are now immune from it, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians say we shouldn’t jail people for disobeying the regulations that the politician just wrote, then this isn’t a public health problem.
  • If politicians go to the gym, go get their hair cut, and go to a nail salon, but you can’t, then this isn’t a public health problem.
Make haircuts safe and legal

We have a political problem during an epidemic, but not because of the epidemic. Politicians want to control you. Please get off the couch and solve it, or we won’t have a country by the November elections.

Call your elected representatives and demand your freedom.

Set us free!

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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The list sounds a lot like a government our forefathers warned us about..

Wild Bill

@Swany, The founders also tried to prevent this kind of government, but the betrayers have been busy for more than a hundred years changing the definition of what a Right is.


Died of natural causes my ass.


@wjd; Yep! Natural causes. Just like the Supreme Court Judge who was found in his bed in the morning of a heart attack. The problem here is : HE WAS ON TOP OF HIS BLANKETS WHICH WERE NOT DISTURBED!!!!


Scalia was murdered, PERIOD end of story.


@USA: I would not mind if many of these TYRANTS and SUBVERSIVES were to receive the ARKANCIDE treatment such as Seth Rich!!


Sounds like a government which our Founding Fathers would already have been finished shooting a second time. They are spinning in their graves at what we have allowed. “…….a Republic, if you can keep it.” We haven’t.


List of truths! I love it!


The Chinese SAR’s COVID2, Power Grab.




While investigating any of these suspicious deaths one must ask themselves “Where was Hillary at the time of occurrence?”


This is being used to undermine our freedoms. House Bill h.b. 5117 will tax us out of having guns and ammunition. We need to respond to these Tyrannical gun grabbers. They are trying to ram this through quickly.


I think you mean 5717,which is a bill “To end the epidemic of gun violence and build safer communities by strengthening Federal firearms laws and supporting gun violence research, intervention, and prevention initiatives.” It looks like the same ole s**t to me. Can’t they at least show a little imagination? Of course, the “epidemic of gun violence” has been falling off ever since its peak in about 1990. Among other things, this seems to be correlated with the reduction of environmental lead pollution due to phasing out leaded gasoline (see This bill should get nixed in committee as blatantly… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, Thank God the socialist democrat party does not control the House of Reps.


Their is NO EPIDEMIC OF GUN VIOLENCE.(this is just one more name the fascist pricks use to MAKE people think We have a GUN PROBLEM), we have a people problem.
Remove all Suicides/accidents and you wind up with approx 8000+ a year(counting gang bangers and rug dealers), in a nation with 500+ million weapons and 325+/-people ,the US ranks about 50/60th in the world.

Wild Bill

@Dos, Yep, pure propaganda designed to manipulate the masses.


IMHO, this is not totally a politician problem. It is also a problem with citizens not standing up for their rights. Enough is enough,,,everybody (that feels safe) go back to work and carry on with your normal life. Civilian nullification of their unconstitutional and stupid laws is what I’m talking about.

Wild Bill

@CS4A, The first line bureaucrats could nullify the unconstitutional orders of the various governors, mayors, city councils, and county commissioners.


Working on opening our parish church. I don’t like the guidelines at all, but they are what the priest wants and we could get shut down for not following them.

Ryben Flynn

Getting shut down would violate the 1st. Amendment.


A lot of these arguments are simply about the point at which gov’t intervention is wrong. No right is absolute and, in this case, public safety must be part of the answer. How much? I don’t know, but some.


@loveaduck….yes the arguments about government intervention is wrong stand correctly identifying that the government is wrong! The basis for all of the consequences is based on Executive Orders not Law. Those Executive Orders are based on faulty modeling, and a hypothesis of results. This is NOT factually driven. Oh and yes our Rights are absolute. On what basis do you conclude that they are not so? You still have the Right to yell fire in a crowded theater and you will suffer the consequences of a false publication. Currently, Dr. Prick is yelling FIRE! based on faulty modeling, faulty hypothesis… Read more »


NOWHERE in any Constutitoin duly ratified in the US are government tasked with the responsibility of “keeping us safe” or “protecing public health”. And don’t try and fly that “general welfare”clause, as its wings are busted. “The security of a free state” is the responsibilty of WE THE PEOPLE. It is NOT assigned to government. Further government can ONLY govern with the CONSENT of THE PEOPLE. When events such as Rob has listed here occur all accross the nation on a daily basis, the PEOPLE have NOT consented to the insanity thrown upon us by government. Government intervention is NEVER… Read more »


No, this is UNALIENABLE, it pr-existed the 2A, and the US Constitution, and has been around for 6000 yrs.The 2A is not for the people, it is a WARNING to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT where their STOP line is.
This is NATURAL LAW, and was given to MAN by GOD himself.
NO MAN CAN take away your right to DEFEND your life, and property, or your loved ones.(reasonable regulations can be be employed, but NOTHING to which we have been subjected to and allowed to happen)

Wild Bill

@duck, Rights are absolute or they are not Rights. Changing the definition began with Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. who could not stand the thought of the common man and himself being equals.
If there really were a public safety exception, the city, county, state or federal government would be obligated to send police help when you called.

Wild Bill

@GF, Let the police shut down your church and all the members would have a perfect class action suit based upon the First Amendment. So slap that priest up side the head; get rich; and restore the republic.


It’s times and people like the examples we see today that the Second Amendment was held in such high esteem hundreds of years ago. Times may change, but people don’t.