Hatsan Unveils New Versatile Tactical Shotgun Line of Shotguns

Hatsan VTS Shotguns
Hatsan USA just announced their new VTS series of tactical shotguns. IMG Hatsan USA

Bentonville, AR -(AmmoLand.com)- New for 2020, Hatsan is introducing its Versatile Tactical Shotgun (VTS) line of Escort shotguns. There are both conventional and bullpup configurations to suit all needs. The VTS series utilizes familiar controls and features found on the ever-popular modern sporting rifle. These similarities make transitioning from rifle to shotgun easier than ever before. Capable of firing both 2 ¾” and 3″ shells interchangeably, these shotguns are well-suited for a wide variety of applications.

The Escort DF12 is the premiere VTS series model, with both upper and lower receivers as well as the vented handguard crafted from tough aluminum alloy. It is available in both all-black and FDE Cerakote. It is available exclusively in 12-gauge. A hybrid aluminum/synthetic variant, the SDX, is also available and comes in both 12ga and .410cal. Its advanced polymer lower receiver features alloy guides inside the mag well that maintain its strength and ensure smooth, consistent magazine function. The ThermoDefend forend protects shooters’ hands from the heat generated during extended operation. One of the benefits to the VTS’ gas system is that a bullpup variant can be created that is just as tough and reliable as its counterparts. The BTS bullpup is also available in 12ga and .410cal, and is 9 inches shorter, making it easier to maneuver in tight environments.

The gas-operated semi-automatic platform features a new gas piston design that is simpler and more compact than other shotgun systems. The piston floats around the barrel itself, not a secondary tube placed below the barrel. This improves efficiency and decreases the overall size and weight of the gun, making it more user-friendly. The in-line gas system also helps reduce muzzle rise, improving the speed at which follow-up shots can be taken. The standard models feature a buffer tube that houses the recoil spring and provides a mounting location for the shoulder stock.

The VTS series shotguns feature upper and lower receiver assemblies that are easily separable via two quick takedown pins. This provides access for cleaning and maintenance. The handguard is also easy to remove by unscrewing the barrel cover and sliding it off the gun, providing direct access to the gas operating system and making cleaning simple and quick.

Picatinny rails are featured both along the top of the receiver and on the handguard, allowing plenty of mounting options for sights, optics, and accessories. The ergonomic, soft rubber pistol grip is removable from the lower receiver and can be replaced with one of many already-available modular rifle platform grips. The carbine models’ buffer tube mounted stock features an elevation adjustable cheek rest for easy sight alignment and a soft rubber butt pad to absorb recoil. It can be removed and replaced with other commercially available fixed buttstocks to accommodate varying preferences.

The 12-gauge models feature an internally threaded barrel for interchangeable choke tubes. Each gun ships with a cylinder bore choke brake that can be used with both slugs and shot and helps tame recoil. Also included are a standard Full and Improved Cylinder chokes, with other options available. The adaptability of the VTS series ushers in a new era of sporting shotguns – offering a single platform that can perform multiple tasks.

MSRP: Starting at $589.99

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