New Level-Right PRO by Real Avid Makes Mounting Scopes a Breeze

Real Avid Level Right
Real Avid’s new Level Right ensures that optics are perfectly level. IMG Real Avid

U.S.A. -( Real Avid, the Leader in DIY for Guns, introduces a simple to use, highly accurate system to ensure proper scope reticle alignment to a rifle’s bore axis. Called the Level-Right PRO, this system provides the essential reticle alignment needed for predictable point-of-impact when exceeding a rifle’s zeroed distance.

Real Avid Level Right

As experienced hunters and long-range competition shooters know, a scope’s reticle must be perfectly aligned with the rifle barrel bore’s axis to prevent left- or right-drift of the bullet’s point-of-impact when shooting past the zeroed distance. Scopes that are not properly aligned with the barrel will exhibit point-of-impact drift that increases with the shooting distance. In the past, cumbersome procedures and multiple bubble levels were required to achieve reticle alignment. Now, the revolutionary Level-Right PRO makes the process simple enough that anyone can install their scope the right way at their home workbench.

Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer at Real Avid said “Guns continue becoming more accurate, and technology keeps improving optics performance. We looked at the way that scopes get mounted. We talked to many shooters and we realized there had to be a better way. Until now, there have only been complicated old school methods that aren’t capable of the kind of precision modern shooters demand. We eliminated fumbling with small levels and went right to the heart of the problem and created a Master Grade tool that quickly levels the reticle, not the turret. Our Gun DIY® customers want to do the job themselves, and they want the best tool for that job.”

Rather than attempt to level the rifle’s barreled action and the scope independently using small bubble levels and indexing scope alignment off the turret (an imprecise method), the Level-Right PRO indexes with the radii of the barrel and the scope objective bell simultaneously to level the entire barreled action and scope assembly. To then align the scope reticle to the barrel axis, the Level-Right PRO utilizes a Reticle Light and a leveled Precision Alignment Grid placed behind the rifle. The light projects the reticle onto the grid, allowing the installer to simply rotate the scope until the projected reticle aligns with the grid’s vertical and horizontal planes. Once aligned, simply lock down the scope rings and the installation is complete and accurate.

“We wanted to create a simple to use, but highly accurate way for users to level their reticle. Level-Right PRO delivers on that objective”, said Dave Steiner, President of Real Avid. “Level-Right PRO allows installers to level the gun and scope in one simple step. Once leveled, they are able to easily adjust and validate true reticle alignment on both vertical and horizontal planes regardless of turret alignment. Lastly, the operation can be performed on the workbench or kitchen table.”

The Level-Right PRO includes:

  • Level-Right Pro
  • Precision Alignment Grid
  • Rechargeable Reticle Light
  • Standard barrel and Picatinny rail attachment mounts
  • MSRP: $69.99

About Real Avid:Real Avid

Real Avid is the leader in DIY for Guns. We relentlessly invent superior problem-solving products and instruction that improve the experience of customizing, cleaning, building and modifying guns. Visit for more information and to see the full line of Real Avid products.

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