Outdoor Channel’s “Rubber Foot Buffalo” Explores Adventures of Western U.S.

New Thrill-Seeking Show Highlights Four-Wheel, Off-roading in Remote Death Valley Regions

Mark and Terrance on “Rubber Foot Buffalo” Airing on Outdoor Channel June 12 at 7 p.m. ET

DENVER – (Ammoland.Com) – When Mason City, Iowa police officer Terrance Prochaska was called to investigate a robbery of successful businessman Mark Holt in April 2011, little did they know it would be the start of a friendship that would land them together on Outdoor Channel’s new show: Rubber Foot Buffalo Adventures premiered at 7:00 p.m. ET on June 12, 2020.

“Rubber Foot Buffalo” is the nickname friends gave to Holt’s custom-built, four-wheel, all-terrain truck during an off-road adventure. The name stuck and Holt and Prochaska will be known to Outdoor Channel viewers as the “Rubber Foot Buffaloes” when their adventure show airs in June 2020.

Rubber Foot Buffalo Adventures follows the exploits of Holt and Prochaska as they journey throughout parts of the western United States (California and Nevada) in search of adventure, interesting people, and untold stories. The desert of California’s “Death Valley” serves as the first stomping grounds of Season 1 with Holt and Prochaska off-roading through ghost towns, former mining towns, and desert resorts long forgotten and abandoned. Along the way, the pair share stories and interview local characters – the late self-proclaimed thrill-seeker, daredevil, astronaut, Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes, shamans and hippies, to name a few – that must be seen to be believed.

The highly-dangerous and potentially-disastrous off-roading is the thread within the shows that take the pair throughout the Southern California desert and parts of Nevada. They discover gold, explore abandoned silver mines, a “hippie” commune, and other local sites and attractions that some viewers may question but, ultimately, come away enlightened as a result of Holt and Prochaska’s curiosity.

Rubber Foot Buffalo Adventures seems like a really strange name for a television show on Outdoor Channel until you watch it,” Outdoor Sportsman Group President and CEO, Jim Liberatore said. “The combination of adventure, outdoors, four-wheeling exploration and the characters they encounter create an interesting and spirited show that we believe our viewers will embrace.”

Rubber Foot Buffalo Adventures is distributed by UK-based Espresso Media International and airs on Outdoor Channel:

  • June 12 (7:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. ET)
  • June 19 (7:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. ET)
  • June 26 (7:00 p.m. & 7:30 p.m. ET)

About Espresso Media International: Espresso Media International is an international distributor of high-quality, factual entertainment, award-winning documentaries and lifestyle series. Founded in 2000, our catalog spans a wide range of non-fiction genres and has a variety of best-selling titles in the history, crime, space, science and human-interest fields in particular. EMI licenses programming worldwide on behalf of more than 150 international producers and production houses. Additionally, EMI’s co-production arm Espresso Productions works with third-party producers and brands directly developing projects and sourcing co-pro finance for documentary content in the company’s core genres.

About Coleman Television: Rubber Foot Buffalo Adventures is produced by Coleman Television Ltd., a small, independent film production company directed by former BBC Broadcaster Nik Coleman. The company was established in the United Kingdom in 2006, and Coleman was joined by his daughter and Rubber Foot Buffalo producer Ellie Milton-White in 2017. The company has bases in the UK, Dallas, and a co-production home for Holt Coleman Television in San Diego. The companies specialize in aviation, historical and adventure programming.

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