Red Storm Rising with Police Officer Resignations ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( “National” Police?

It is in the interests of tyranny and aspiring leftist tyrants to discredit, and eventually disband (defund), local police and sheriff’s departments.

By doing so, Marxicrats open the door to the creation of a “national” police force, a “Gestapo” over which they will have complete control, and which they will ruthlessly use to enforce their Marxist agenda

As uniformed patrolmen are replaced with “social workers sitting by telephones,” we will see widespread increases in violent crime and continuing anarchy in most metro areas.

It is exactly what they want!

Even now, police officers are resigning by the hundreds in NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. They’ve grown weary of the “thanks” they get from liberals!

Predictably, Marxicrats will then insist that the only “solution” is to establish their national Gestapo force to keep the version of peace.

Locally-elected sheriffs in certain counties vowed not to enforce unconstitutional laws (passed by Marxicrats) that infringe on our Second-Amendment rights because they know they work for us. That will never happen with a “national” police force!

Marxicrats are heartbroken that two-million Americans didn’t die from Covid19, as they smugly predicted. They were planning to pseudo-sanctimoniously lay that at DJT’s feet!

Covid19 thus gave them hope, but despite their best efforts, it didn’t last.

They’re now hoping this new manufactured “crisis,” organized and executed by Marxicrat’s “provisional wing,ANTIFA, will somehow hand them the Presidential election if they can only make it last through November.

They’re working tirelessly to that end, as we see!


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American Patriot

Let NY, LA & Minneapolis go without cop. We damn sure we won’t lose any republican voters….And I have more ammo than I can possibly shoot. Let them lead the way especially the Big “M” any state that would put a muslum in office deserves what ever they get!


Every cop I’ve had to deal with has been polite, even when I’ve screwed up and he’s giving me a ticket.


you are black?

Wild Bill

@Grime, Are you?


I had an Canadian County Oklahoma deputy that must have been having a bad evening one night. I did roll through the stop sign which led to an acceleration lane. But, I just said screw it as the $305.50 ticket amounted to four cents for every time I had done it over the years leaving work. I never ran it again until I retired. I do believe though that he was trying to get me to get nasty with him but I didn’t buy into his game. Oh, by the way, he was fired about three months later because of… Read more »


So? What have the police ever done for us? In my 70 years I’ve yet to have a positive interaction with any LEO. Every time it’s been to garner $$$ for the omnipotent state via the stupid traffic regulations. I can protect myself and my family, and I can do without the enforcement of their rules.

“I don’t call 9-1-1 – I carry a 1911…”


You must be a Cop magnet .Remember, “Attitude is everything.”


Fine by me, then we the people can do our job, we are not constrained like cops.Ask any criminal who they would rather screw with a homeowner/private citizen, and it”s always the LE.
Asked WHY?, and they say because they will shoot your ass.(they are correct)


Is ANYONE supprized at this???

Nope, Didn’t think so…..


Those of us who survived the post Vietnam era of the 1970’s in the military can recall how bad things got when the military became an enemy of the people in the eyes of leftists. Budgets dried up, training died, a zero defects mentality dominated leadership to the point where even if you did squeeze out some training ammo the Zeros were afraid to use it for fear of having an accident. As a result, basic skills evaporated and the quality young fled in droves for the First Civ Div. No one wants to walk the streets as a pariah… Read more »


Maybe not a Browning M2 or MRAP, but Hesco’s and barricades with razor wire are defensive measures.


The 60’s demonstrators are now the democrats in power, wonder what it will be like in 2060 ? Scary thought .


At the rate D.C and Congress is going we Won’t be a country after 2020 if Dems win.Revolution starts 48 hrs after inauguration.GOP & DEMS are putting out new gun laws every week while this shit is going on.Enough is enough, matter of fact it’s been enough for a long time.


This is simply an attempt to overthrow the Republic. No negotiations, no pandering, no appeasements to the traitors of the Constitution.

These treasonous thugs deserve two things, a fair trial and upon conviction, a public hanging!

Matt in Oklahoma

Don’t act like all the sudden y’all support law enforcement. You’ve been talking smack for years. Make sure you call ANTIFA when you need something.
Where’s all them 3%ers at that claim they fight this stuff?

Heed the Call-up

Matt, you must have thought you were posting your comment to a Leftist site.

Matt in Oklahoma

I know exactly to whom I’m posting to as they or maybe you


It hasn’t reached the point for the American people to take back control of our government…. yet . The negotiations are continuing, I suspect we’ll have a decision sometime in the fall .

Matt in Oklahoma

With the President who enacts gun control?

Wild Bill

, The president did not enact gun control. No president can enact any law. A federal statute only comes into being when a bill is passed by both houses of Congress and is signed by the president. I know that you that. So what are you really writing about?


I agree with Matt. I am retiredLAPD and am disheartened by the amount of vitriol I see here and other sites. Tired of the “jackbooted thugs” comments, usually by the “I can handle anything by myself” crowd. You know who you are. Ever been in a riot? Ever actually had to defend yourself? Hell, ever got in a heated argument with someone that had the potential of going sideways. Till you been there, don’t knock those of us who have been.

Wild Bill

@3l, Ok, how this comment about the police, in every city the police prevent us from cleaning up the riot, loot, and arson mess in a permeant way?
If the police were not there to protect the rioters the problem could be fixed over night.
The police are the social democrat mayor’s personal army and are facilitating the violent socialist take over of America’s cities.

Greg K


Matt in Oklahoma

THE PEOPLE haven’t passed a law that says THE PEOPLE can smoke the scumbag rioters so……..

Wild Bill

, The people have the law of self defense. If a rioter picks up a rock (deadly force) we can use a shotgun on them. They picked their deadly force, we picked ours.
If confronted by more than one rioter, there is a disparity of force that supports our using a shotgun. They picked their deadly force, we picked our deadly force.
If rioters have bottles filled with gasoline, brick, caustic cement slurry in a glass, almost anything, then they have picked deadly force.

Greg K

120, ever wonder why you we are in all those riots? Sure, you were attempting to bring order out of chaos, but for whom? It’s time to rip the band-aid off this festering wound. Wild Bill has it right…He’s identified the problem. It’s Culture that’s being manipulated by our Servant Leaders that’s the problem. Currently, they managing the population from crisis to crisis. All the while, they increase the list of “Illegal,” so that no one is above reproach. As a consequence they utilize the cops as their revenue enforcement, and to habitually restrain the people (the real bosses of… Read more »


Appreciate your candor, but citizens do not go by rules you guys do.
LAPD?, you poor soul.


Waiting on the REAL enemy.

Matt in Oklahoma

It’s ok I want them to be able to disagree. That’s what it’s about


Don’t expect respect or support when when “Just doin’ my job” is the go-to excuse for your defense of anti-constitutional activities.

jack mac

Matt: Right suppressing laws of the governing require oppressive law enforcement. Governing lawmakers dangerous to freedom, their law enforcers immediate threat. The number of law officers willing to violate rights needs all so considered. ANTIFA types mere irritants compared to existing despotic governing. It is regrettable right protecting peace officers found with enforcers of oppression, but they will either join or fight citizens defying tyranny. You are correct; there is “talking smack,” but no sudden support of enforcers of unconstitutional laws.

Autsin Miller III

Thank you for your insight. In my opinion, the police need to get a jump on this situation and everyone of them stand down for three days at a well informed time, say 10 days from now. The ensuing chaos will dispel any controversy over the need for them. That could be done before anyone has an opportunity to create said national force and give them some negotiating power when cities attempt to force draconian policies on them.


What we are more likely to see will be police strikes and “blue flu” in the progressive utopias like NYC, Chicago and Seattle. Work slow downs are already happening in Chiraq. Thirteen Chicago PD officers took a siesta in the Congressional District Office of Bobby Rush. That will happen more and more as morale declines and then crashes.

Green Mtn. Boy

This will not come to a good end as the Bolsheviks intend to take over this nation.


It will not come to a good end for the Bolsheviks.