Washington Lawmakers Only Interested in Gun Control for Law Abiding ~VIDEO

By Larry Keane

Current de facto warlord of CHAZ, Raz, stands on the left with an AK after handing out an AR-15 to a random CHAZ denizen. IMG NSSF

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- The crisis in Seattle is revealing gun control politicians are only interested in enforcing gun laws on the law-abiding. When it comes to actual criminals, they’ve abandoned their citizens.

A video surfaced of “Raz the Warlord” of Seattle’s infamous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or recently renamed the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), handing out AR-15s from his Tesla’s trunk.

This is the same city and state that’s crushing law-abiding gun owners with layers of gun control laws, yet when the laws for which they voted are blatantly violated, there are no repercussions. Seattle Police confirmed a department-wide letter warned police not to respond to calls within the CHAZ, unless there’s a mass casualty, active shooter, or structural fires. A police spokesperson clarified police are responding to calls, asking callers to meet them outside CHAZ barricades.

“Seattle is not under siege and we are responding to every call and every area of the city,” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told CNN. “Admittedly there are barricades that prevent us from going in as quickly and efficiently as we like to. We recognize that we have to make sure we protect everyone’s safety in this situation.”

AR-15 Tesla Truck Special

Gun control zealots in Washington, including Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan, have shown little interest in enforcing existing gun control laws. This is the case even after videos of Activist Raz Simone, a hip-hop artist known as “Raz the Warlord” was seen in a livestream video on YouTube handing out AR-15s from the trunk of his Tesla. That’s a violation of Seattle’s safe storage ordinance.

“Somebody over there who’s 18 know how to use a gun?” asks a figure believed to be Simone. He’s later seen in the video carrying an AK-47 and a holstered handgun on his right leg.

One young man raises his hand and responds, “18.”

“Take the clip out and put it back in,” Simone instructs him.

“No one’s going to f****** ask me why I’m walking around with an AR-15?”

“No, just come right back here,” Simone instructs before telling him, “Keep the barrel down.”

“I got you, just don’t say any names,” Simone’s warns before the video ends.

Laws, If You Enforce Them

Seattle Police Assistant Chief Deanna Nollette told reporters that Washington is an open-carry state but it is illegal to use a firearm, or other instruments, with the purpose of intimidation. No arrests of gun-wielding or gun distributing “protesters” have occurred.

However, there are several other firearm violations happening here. NSSF warned against passing the following laws, knowing they wouldn’t contribute to public safety. NSSF warned these laws would be selectively enforced, encumbering law-abiding citizens while gun control politicians would look the other way at actual criminals.

Washington was the first state to pass universal background checks in 2014, requiring all transfers, even between two private parties, to be facilitated by a federal firearms licensee with a completed background check. In 2018, voters extended by referendum I-1639, a law that required those background checks to include semiautomatic long guns and to be completed through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, the Washington State Patrol electronic database, the Department of Social and Health Services’ electronic database and other agencies or resources as appropriate.

None of that happened. Apparently, state law does not apply in the autonomous zone. The depth of Simone’s background check was asking, but not verifying, that the bystander was 18. That’s another state law broken. Washington’s I-1639 also only allows those under 21 to possess semiautomatic long guns at their home or business, on a range or to and from lawful outdoor recreational activities. It also requires so-called “assault rifles” to be secured when transferring between parties. The video clearly shows Simone handing the supposedly 18-year-old an AR-15, modern sporting rifle with a magazine inserted.

Simone also immediately handed the AR-15 to the man, completely disregarding Washington’s required 10-day waiting period before any transfer of a semiautomatic firearm can be completed. That was also part of the voter-approved I-1639 law, as was the state’s required training certificate to take possession of any so-called semiautomatic “assault rifle.” That training is intended to provide “… instruction on basic firearms safety rules; firearms and children, including secure gun storage and talking to children about gun safety; firearms and suicide prevention; secure gun storage to prevent unauthorized access and use; safe handling of firearms; and state and federal firearms laws, including prohibited firearms transfers.”

Fair Weather Gun Control

So far, though, Gov. Inslee and Mayor Durkan haven’t seen a problem with illegal gun transfers brazenly being broadcasted from their city. That’s a far cry from gun crisis Gov. Inslee and Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson bemoaned just seven months ago.

“We should be making it harder for those who want to inflict mass violence and destruction upon innocent people,” Gov. Inslee said. “By limiting magazine capacity and banning assault weapons, we can work toward a day where no one in Washington state loses a friend or family members to senseless gun violence.”

AG Ferguson went further, calling for California-style background checks for the sale of ammunition too.

Now, though, when protests turn to vigilantism, Mayor Durkan dismisses the gross violation of gun laws as a “block party” and “summer of love.” Gov. Inslee made the highly dubious claim that he wasn’t even aware of the crisis until President Donald Trump tweeted it.

This, unfortunately, verifies what we’ve known. Gun control laws are only followed by those who obey the law. It’s also a reminder that criminals have no respect for the law. Apparently, neither do the politicians who write those laws.

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BLM Antifa Are thugs with a terrorist agenda…only in blue States does this happen…!!!!!

AZ Lefty

Aw go find a safe bunker snowflake


Go back to San Francisco. You and your ilk are ruining Arizona.


Here’s the challenge AZ, how about you and your elitest friends pick the time and place and we’ll settle this bullshit once and for all. And the prize is “Winner Take All”. You up for that?


Hey, I only live a few hundred miles away. Should I head over and pick up a couple for us?


As always… ONE sniper can remove the Antifa “warlord” problem.


leftists suffer from psychological projection, a mental health issue. they are not doing all the things that us law-abiding citizens have to do to purchase and possess. now will any of these people be prosecuted for their crimes, doubtful. that being said, I sold all my firearms and bills of sale were eaten by my dog.

Get Out

Buffoon’s handed an AR-15 and he tries to figure out how to get the mag out, he’s a negligent discharge waiting to happen. He didn’t even check to see if there was a round in the chamber. Doubt he even knew where the safety selector switch is either.


This isn’t anything we haven’t known for a long time, folks. Citizen disarmament laws only affect the people who aren’t the problem.


I, and a number of others I know with a “certain skill-set”, wouldn’t have a problem being a half mile away and having fun with these numbnuts!!!


If liberals so casually and flagrantly disregard inconvenient laws, why should the rest of us undertake “obedience”? The warlord is a muslim, funded from Dubai, the owner of multiple apartments, nice cars… and he seemingly owns Durkan too who lives in a multi-million house on the lake. If you think he’ll do jail time, well, Inslee has an 80 page application for a variance just for you.


To the people of Washington and other leftist states, it should now be clear that those elected liberals had absolutely no clue how their laws would miserably fail when the shtf.
All that feel good BS legislation when tested by lawlessness didn’t have the desired effect they promised it would. Laws that are ignored by the thugs are the least of these stupid officials problems. Making honest citizens into legislative criminals will be. Ironically, the ballot box speaks louder than a few real people. Time to clean house.


I live 9 miles from Chop, as the crow flies. Way too close for me to feel comfortable, and yet, as the video shows, there are probably only a few numbnuts in that whole group that have ever fired a weapon. WA state has an idiot for a guv. and the mayor is as left as any commie could be. They are in on the whole scam, and the rumor is the head (Warlord?) of this revolutionary Chop group, is running the guns from the port of Seattle. They are armed mercenaries that should be removed by deadly force, if… Read more »


A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.
The bad guy with a gun is merely the politicians’ Useful Idiot to achieve his agenda
with the mush-for-brains masses that have been turned out by the Department of Indoctrination….er, Education.


“The Riots and Protests Will Make Gun Ownership More Popular”
By David Harsanyi
June 18, 2020

“Not in a million years, not if all the nation’s prestigious public-relations firms were mobilized for the cause, could gun manufacturers have conceived of a more effective advertising campaign for their product than the *defund the police* movement.”

Continue Reading:

Gene Ralno

Hopefully, law enforcement will get a warrant and hunt these snot-nosed delinquents, arrest them and charge them with possession, menacing and accepting illegal firearms. Then hopefully, the judge or jury will add to the sentence for arms violations the maximum for looting, arson and rioting. Last I heard, that could be 30 years or more. I know, wishful thinking.


The hypocrisy reeks but the concept is refreshing.


Those blue helmets are real easy to pick out in the scope!


Fortunately, reticle black contrasts nicely with UN Blue……
and illuminated reticles contrast nicely with Antifa Black.
See, it’ll all work out.
We’ve got enough guns, invest in ammo.


This is actually good news. The 2nd Amendment exists as much for the radical left as for anyone else, and it is good for these snowflake communists to experience the sense of self-reliance one has in a lawless place if he is armed. I have no problem with my ideological enemies being armed. If they get out of line, I’m armed as are my neighbors. It was humorous to watch the snowflakes when they first received the rifles. It’s clear that they will have no idea whatsoever how to clear it or reload it, and they’ll be absolutely clueless if… Read more »

AZ Lefty

SO because these people are socialists they do not have 2A rights- Sad to see NSSF turn into a Snowflake fear mongers


They are violating state law; that is the issue. Melt away, snowflake.