Who Moved My Freedom Podcast Episode 570 – Crispy11b & Maj Toure

Omar Avila “Crispy11b”

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- “I noticed that me telling my story, was keeping my brothers memory alive!”, that was Crispy’s response to my question of whether or not it was difficult to have to repeat his story every time he came on shows and Podcast like mine.

Wounded Warrior Omar “Crispy” Avila’s story is unfortunately not uncommon and not easy to recount without awe and sadness either. Yet we must never forget the price our warriors pay so that we may enjoy the fruits of liberty.

Omar Avila was born in Mexico, an Immigrant, an athlete and a High Schooler when our country came under the 911 attacks. After graduating he joined the Army and served in Iraq as an infantryman, and in 2007 11 months into his first deployment he met destiny in the form of 200 pounds of explosives packed into an IED.

Patrick “Baby Face P” on Youtube joined on this podcast and Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter Joined us in the last hour. Our show is usually two hilariously entertaining hours long, starting promptly at 7pm Eastern time and ending around 9pm. With our guests beaming in from their homes and business around the country, and we always have a lively audience adding to the mix on YouTube. We don’t really plan out our conversation, usually allowing the subject matter to flow naturally, however we do try to break the show up into six twenty minute sections (which mostly never works out perfectly) However to give you some flavor of the conversation here we’ll go ahead and break the show down into six rough segments.

[First 20] We have a tradition of making our guests do “JazzHands” as an Icebreaker and Crispy was nice enough to play along with us. After which we discussed the benefits of Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips with BFP and delved into Omar Avila’s backstory. Omar’s spoke of the journey with his dad (who also served in the US military) bringing him, his siblings and Mother from Mexico to the United States, and settling in Texas. His aspirations to play Football in the NFL (what he thought he would do after High School) and how he wound up that firefight with Insurgents in Iraq. His M1151 Humvee tragically driving over a 200 pound IED in 2007, killing two infantry men serving with him. Although he was injured he climbed back into the Humvee burning from the diesel fuel stored in the back, to get behind his 50 cal and fight back to give his brothers a better chance to survive.

[Second 20] The second 20 of our podcast finds Crispy recounting to us the controversy he got into with Instagram after a photo he took with Trump Junior was removed from the platform. We also start to get his reaction to an article posted on a blog about him entitled “Omar ‘Crispy’ Avila: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”. We also go over claims that he’s been a long time member and supporter of the NRA, a claim although he reaffirms himself to be strongly pro second amendment, Omar very adamantly denies any support for the NRA until it cleans up its act and removes Wayne LaPierre.

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[Third 20] Crispy continued fact-checking the blog article with us, as it delves into his Paralympic Powerlifting. Perhaps the most important mission for Omar Avila these days is helping out other injured Veterans and Burn Victims in the world.

[Fourth 20] About an hour into the podcast while we were discussing whether or not President Trump automatically has the support of the gun community, Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter joined us to give us a perspective on how his native Philadelphia is fairing during the COVID Lockdown.

[Fifth 20] Mask or No Mask? Crispy and Maj debate the effects of an extended lockdown, are we really suffering? Exactly how dependent does our government want us to be on them, and how dependent do we want to be in turn? If you have never had the opportunity to see the founder of the Black Guns Matter Movement (a nonprofit dedicated to bringing second amendment education to the hood), on a tear you owe it to yourself to pull up a seat.

[Sixth 20] Could a Second Wave of Covid-19 derail SHOT Show 2021? Myself, BFP, Crispy, and Maj peer into our crystal balls (no pun intended) to reflect on when we all think the Gun Community will be able to get back to big gatherings like SHOT Show?

Guests on our latest Episode 575 are Kevin Dixie, Puerto Rican Pistolero, and MJ’s Firearms.

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