Crossbow Hunting A YouTube Quick Guide by Veteran Outdoor Writer Joe Byers

“Crossbow Hunting – A YouTube Quick Guide”

USA – -( Whether you are considering joining the ranks of crossbow hunters or already experience the fun of hunting with a crossbow, the new eBook “Crossbow Hunting- A YouTube Quick Guide” by Joe Byers is filled with information for 2020 that will make you a more successful and safer hunter.

Crossbow Hunting – A YouTube Quick Guide

Author Joe Byers is a well-known and popular outdoor writer who has a decade of experience hunting, shooting, and testing crossbows.  He has hunted big game and turkeys with a crossbow across North America and Africa where he has taken Cape buffalo, black sable, and other game.

In this book, Byers gives readers critical information to make educated decisions on the crossbow that is best for them.  He includes chapters on how to safely use the crossbow and get started shooting and hunting.  In each chapter, Byers includes links to YouTube videos giving readers quick access to visual educational instruction on choosing and using a crossbow. With one click, you go from text to video illustration on bows, arrows, broadheads, and shooting techniques.

Joe annually tests new crossbow models in the field and reports his findings each year in numerous articles. He also tests and reports on the many accessories available to crossbow hunters. This book includes a rundown on new crossbows and equipment for 2020.

The retail price of this book is only $3.99.

Use this link to get your copy of “Crossbow Hunting- A YouTube Quick Guide”.

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