East Hartford Police Union Claims GLOCK Pistols Are Defective!?

East Hartford police union president says some department-issued pistols don’t shoot straight
East Hartford police union president says some department-issued pistols don’t shoot straight

HARTFORD, CONN-(Ammoland.com)-The East Hartford police union is accusing Gen 4 Glock 17s of shooting to the left.

According to a blog post by East Hartford’s police union President, Officer Frank Iacono, the police issued pistols tend to have the sights misaligned, causing the guns to hit to the left of the target.

“My members have guns with sights cocked to the side and are being told to aim to the right of what they want to hit,” Iacono said. “This is completely unsafe and unacceptable and should’ve never been allowed to happen.”

The East Hartford Police Department pushed back against the claims that Iacono made in his blog post. The agency contends that all officers on the force qualified with the same guns that Iacono claims are defective. They stressed that all department-issued firearms are safe, and the public is not in danger.

According to Iacono, the pistols get worse over time. The officers in the East Hartford Police Department have been using the Austrian based guns for over three years. Iacono said when the Department contacted Glock for a solution, the manufacture told the agency that the officers were holding the pistols wrong and suggested that they adjust the sights. Iacono claims to fix the problem that the sights had to be pushed to one side so much that they hung over the edge of the gun’s slide.

“Our firearms staff has run this issue up their chain of command and has been in touch with representatives at Glock,” Iacono wrote in a blog post. “and the only solutions (Glock representatives) have offered is to tell them to instruct our members to compensate by aiming to the right of the target, and moving the sights on some of the guns so far to one side that they’re hanging off the slide.”

According to East Hartford Police Department Training Officer Jeffrey Otis, a small number of the Department issued Glocks were shooting high and to the left. He said Glock sent out a representative who verified the issue. The Glocks in question had sight adjustments made on the range to alleviate the problem.

Initially, the Department said they made sight adjustments on the range as a stopgap until new parts arrive for a permanent fix for the pistols. The Department did not say what parts other than sights would fix the reported problem.

Internet users and I personally have experienced getting a Gen 4 Glock 17 with sights that the factory shipped that were pushed slightly to one side. Most users were able to fix the sights with a common sight pusher to dial them in. Most occurrences didn’t require swapping out parts or sending the guns back to Glock for repair.

In an update, in February, the Department said they sent the small number of Glocks with the misalignment issues back to the company for repair. The Department was satisfied with the repairs from Glock.

Officer Iacono is not happy with the fix and would rather have the Department switch to another gun. He did not offer a replacement suggestion

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John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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Mystic Wolf

Well gee whizz could it be that those cops just do not know how to use the weapons they have, anyone that knows anything about a Glock knows that some of them are just a tiny bit off, it is a simple fix with an adjuster tool and about 3 minutes, had a Glock 19 and the sights were off the tiniest bit. I found that most officers as well as sheriff’s do not have good aim practices, when a person can out perform a cop on the range?. Every pistol that I bought needed to have the sights adjusted… Read more »


I wish I had a dollar for every time someone had me shoot their handgun because it wasn’t shooting to point of aim and it shot to point of aim for me. Shooting is a skill that takes time and effort to perfect and as with everything else some do better than others with their efforts. As someone once said, “A man has to know his limitations.”


Sooooo true


Took a new gun to the range and shot a group roughly twenty times as large as I did with my P-64. Entire group low-left some 10” at 7 yards. Correctly guessed it was grip and trigger control issue – but did ask range guy to prove it (told him it was me but I wanted to confirm before installing new trigger). Apex trigger, dry fire and last time I shot it was able to hit 10” gong with most shots at 45 yards. Highly doubt my shooting will ever approach limits of even that cheap Tupperware gun – but… Read more »


It has taken me awhile now, perhaps close to 10 years, but I am getting somewhat competent with a handgun. I am no Rob Leatham, or Jerry Micheluk, but I have gotten to where I can usually hit close to my point of aim, smoothly and reasonably fast. I have to say, I shot a couple of Glocks early in my pistol shooting days and I was left lukewarm about them. They are of course, the gun you would pick, if you had to take a gun out of the box and go into a battle with it, with no… Read more »


@pigpen – Mine is of similar vintage and came to me about five years ago. Don’t know if springs are original, but exterior was so ugly that I stripped and cold blued the whole thing. Was shocked as I lack hand strength, yet quickly reached point where first round is as accurate as the rest. By no means the most accurate pistol I’ve shot, but not fair to compare to braced AR… If I could master the heel release and protect it from sweat, would not feel under armed carrying it. Not my favorite pistol to shoot, but close. Surplus… Read more »


Same here. I used to unintentionally embarrass my students when they SWORE it was the gun.


When I was a new cop I was at department range training one day, and was consistently missing the center of the target. We had just been issued new Sig Sauer P220s/P226s. I told one of the range masters that the sights were off on my pistol. He had me hand the pistol to him, and without a second’s hesitation he raised it up toward the target, fired off three quick shots, and they were all dead center. He then called over another range master and said, “he says the sights are off.” The second range master fired off three… Read more »


I just shot my new G17 Gen 5 and I found I had reacquired old bad habits. It was shooting low left. Well, I know that is me milking the grip. I used to fire 350 rounds per month in training and was pretty good. But I hardly shot since retiring. I know there is nothing wrong with the gun, it’s just deteriorated skills. Make the officers practice and provide an instructor to the mix. Those Glocks likely shoot right on.


don’t they have a department armorer who can verify or diagnose that is the problem? how about putting it in a shooting vise to take out shooter error?

not saying i have any glocks or firearms at all, but if i did, they would shoot well right out of the case.

seems like they have a leadership/training problem not a firearm one.


@gregs – Did all your guns fall off a boat, or did the walk off through (legal) unregistered private sale? Either way, seems like good planning on your part given political situation. I’ve got dive gear if you want some help retrieving them from bottom of lake. May need to do some searching for the ones I once owned as well.


“Glock sent a decent instructor to rectify the problem. Now all officer are shooting within several feet of the intended target.” Everybody’s happy …except the guy buying ice cream for his daughter in the shop down the street. She is expected to recover.


Learn to read for comprehension. What article DID you read, anyway? Not this one……


Sounds to me that Iacono has some sort of side deal with someone in the distribution chain that is willing to share some commission if they change brands.


I’d have a tendency to agree with you. If the problem is fixed with replacements I’d like Locano to stand up, publicly, and give a no nonsense explanation why the department should switch. I will say that if I was Glock I never would have screwed around with this to begin with. I would have test fired replacement guns and shipped them out immediately.


THERE is the money quote. I smelled that one right out of the gate.

Remember, the noisemaker is a POLICE UNION official. The cos who USE the guns are just fine with them. Its the UNION clown has his sights set on something besides holes correctly placed on paper. HE’s the one needing a “sight adjustment”.

And to think WE pay clowns like this to make trouble? Deactiviete ALL “public sector” unions. Should be illegal. Extra baggage on the taxpayer dime.


– After hearing union spokesperson following the Tuttle’s shooting in Houston last year – I trust police unions as far as I could throw them. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth just typing about it.
I sure hope Goines is getting extra attention from his new “special” prison friends.


I will have to back up what another posted that most cops aren’t gun guys. I was recently at my range when a group of shooters showed up and immediately donned their plate carriers and all associated gear instantly identifying themselves as a group of officers, well that and all of their vests said POLICE across them in big bold lettering. I always eye people when they show up on the line to evaluate whether or not I should stay, leave, move or just ignore them. This group warranted an occasional eye be cast in their direction, their gun handling… Read more »


Yes they can be scary with their gun handling.


& – OTOH some can really shoot. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several of those who can. One likes to say how swat leaves the range when they see him coming, because they don’t like being shown up by a ‘regular’ sgt. Another is a former Olympic shooter while third is highly competitive swat marksman at national level. None of them are typical cops, and each will happily inform casual shooters that they are better than an average cop.


So, is it cops that can’t shoot straight or is it the guns? Every department has officers who struggle to qualify any time they have to go to the range. Most also have gun people who can shoot whatever they are handed, well. Are the officers claiming problems with the Glocks from the group that struggles to qualify or from both groups. If both, then it would appear that the gun is the problem. My EDC is a G-19 Gen 5 made in Austria that I purchased in late 2017. I have read a lot of complaints that the rear… Read more »


reread the piece.. it is a UNION rep who wants to replace the duty guns with something else. I smell kickback of he succeeds. Seems the Department personnel haev no problem with THEIR guns. Its the UNION guy.


I’m inclined to agree. In this day and age the problem is very seldom faulty guns.


I competed in IDPA and USPSA for many years and won a lot. Many times an LEO would show up at a match with an attitude of, “I’m gonna’ show these guys how to shoot.” only to have a bunch of 50 and 60 year old men (and sometimes women) beat them lime a drum. Most of them never came back.

Matt in Oklahoma

Every class, every match, every qual there’s someone whining bout “muh pistol don’t shoot right”. 90% of the time a shooter will take it and it’s not the gun. 10% of the time it could need an adjustment because the owner dropped it, beat a dog while drunk with it, shut it in his car door or some other off the wall comment. Grip Grip Grip Your making it shoot left or pulling it right with improper grip. Ask me how I know. I’ll show you on a long string of 30 or so targets at a match when it’s… Read more »


What are the numbers here – what is the distance to target and exactly how far is the sight sifted? If the sight is indeed hanging over, then the offset is, at a minimum, 11/64 (.1718″), With a sight radius of 6.46″ (steel), then, at 20ft, the round will be off 6.38″. Is this error consistent (with ragged-hole repeatability) as a multiple (roughly 3.15″ off at 10ft, 12.75″ off at 40ft, etc.)? If not, with virtually no deviation for placement, then it is unlikely the weapon is the problem.


Maybe they need to have Birdman Weapons Systems Homeboy Nyte Sytes installed on their issue weapons.


I would imagine that grip technique is a big culprit in this matter. There is a strong possibility that officers on this force are gripping the handgun in such a manner so that they are not able to press the trigger to the rear in a straight line. Some retraining may alleviate the problem.


@nobody – While training is definitely the best fix and good shooters should be able to pick up and gun and shoot it reasonably well – it is also best to have equipment that helps make a task as easy as possible. Using the right grip insert can help make it so that one instinctively grips with better hand grip, naturally resulting in better finger placement and better trigger pull. I strongly suspect this was all a training issue, however problem probably could have been reduced, along with officer frustration, by good range master/instructor helping fit gun to officer’s hands.… Read more »


Without a more detailed report it’s hard to know exactly what the facts are. If any firearms sights are recognizably off, I believe any manufacturer would make it right. With respect to our men and women in blue though, my experience is that the average LEO is not a “gun person” and likely does not practice any more than they have to. A local sheriff’s deputy told me not long ago he wouldn’t even carry a duty gun if he weren’t required to. Huh? Training from someone in-the-know and practice (with the SAME pistol) can make the difference. Sometimes though,… Read more »


– Article didn’t say over what time frame they were getting worse. Could be that each time an officer quals he does a bit worse. Makes sense, gun hasn’t been cleaned for another year, so more gunk stiffening the trigger and another year of rust on the office’s skills. I’d expect him (or her) to do worse as well.


Replace it with the Glock 20 double stack 10 mm..yea I like that thought


I do as well with my Gen3 G20 as I do with my five other Glocks. And they all have the standard Glock sights although the G30 has the factory night sights and they have faded to where there is basically no glow left.


BIG FAN of 10 mm myself inventory consist of
2 glock 20s gen 4
1 Glock 29 gen 4
2 Sig Tac ops 10mm 1911s
Yea I got 10mm issues LOL love those people that say 10mm? Never heard of it, is it a good round? Only if you want to go through BOTH DOORS on the vehicle of your choice LOL ..Noobs.

Big George

Maybe ‘officer lacono’ is ‘pushing slightly to the left’, if you know what I mean!

a.x. perez

So some shooters in Officer Iacono’s department are slicing their shots? Tell me, are they all right or left handed? How is Officer Iacono doing on his quals? I’ve got a lot of work to do but I can usually shoot 212 out of 250 possible, even hitting high and to the right of the x (I’m a lefty). Interestingly I hit high and to the left shooting with my weak (right) hand. The right left stuff is a problem with finger trigger finger placement that I have managed to get somewhat under control with practice. just have to be… Read more »


@axp – My experience matches what I’ve heard, which is that dry fire is often more effective than live fire in fixing mistakes. I find it easier to see gun move, and to know it is all me, without round going off. Still need to do some live fire – but it is easier to make time to stay home and practice while saving on ammo. Particularly important now when it is so hard to replenish our stocks… many retailers are entirely out of 9mm, don’t even have the fancy stuff at over a buck per round. May be wise… Read more »


Shooting down and to the right? Yeah, its probably the gun’s fault 🙂


@GF – Article said low left. Classic newby right handed shooter. Saw an article from national police organization stating that within a couple years after academy most cops shooting skills are worse than those of new students (complete novice) following a few hours of instruction.
Way too many cops shooting practice is limited to 50 round annual quals. It’s a perishable skill and I need to go preserve mine. Time for some noise therapy, better relaxation than any other form of meditation.


Unlike in the past, nowadays most cops are NOT “gun people”. I started law enforcement in ’74, when everybody was a shooter hunter, reloader, or some combination thereof. And most were vets. Those days are gone. I still know probably a dozen local LEOs who’d never fired any gun prior to the academy.


Friend of mine’s 15 year old son joined the Police Explorers, became a cadet with the Academy, and took extra training with w view to joining the big city police force when old enough. He lived “out there” in the boonies, had a range in his backyard, and spent quite a bit of his own hard-earned money on his handgun and ammo for it, later an AR pattern, and more ammo. He’s a rether quiet kid, never tooted his own horn, just did what he knew todo. Learned anything quickly, too. When he “tried out” for the Police Academy at… Read more »


Hey, I was just like that kid! The down side is that you find out real quick that many older, supposedly more experienced shooters seriously resent being “shown up”.


Heh. I’m not surprised. Not surprised at all. IMO Glock’s only point of “perfection” is their BS’ing so many departments into adopting their glorified plastic 2×4. Just sayin’, of course.


It was actually the deep discounts and generous buy back programs that got police agencies to adopt Glocks.

The fact that they’re reliable, durable and accurate are just added benefits. Just sayin’, of course.


And Glock was able to BS Delta Force into using the Glock 22. And BS the SEALS to replacing their P226 with the Glock 19. And BS those gullible Marines into not only using the Glock 19M for concealed carry, but also the MARSOC Marine Raiders and Force Recon into adopting the Glock 19. Just sayin’, of course.


In my opinion it’s not hard to fix the Glock sights. First throw the Glock in the lake and get a Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt, a Springfield or any number of AMERICAN made firearms. I think Glocks are junk, and I refuse to own one. In order to have a reliable Glock you have to buy after market improvements to try and bring it up to the same quality as the aforementioned. I hope my life never depends on a Glock working properly.


Springfield? They are made in Croatia! Also Springfield Armory owners donate to Illinois anti-gun Democrats. I’m from Illinois and will not buy a damn thing from Springfield. I do own several Glocks, all are reliable and very accurate.


Amen to never spending a dime on a Springfield.


I am with you gcm. Just about every new shooter I have ever known, with a pistol, Glock or not, that is right handed pulls low and to the left. Until someone explains it to them, they just don’t get what not having a proper grip and trigger squeeze will affect a pistol, especially a lighter polymer type. For me, a Glock will always be in my arsenal.


@OM – I love my M&Ps, and really enjoy C&R pistols in my safe. Got to shoot someone else’s Glock one, including modified version of LTC quals (shot from holster, reloads as needed with time allowance therefore). I experienced reliability issues which contributed to my S&W preference… Gun hadn’t been cleaned or lubed for thousands of rounds and I was weak pinkying it (same effect as limp wristing) – resulting in ~1% FTE. Still shot 249/250. Have focused on my grip and now (great timing right!) looking for G40 mos.


@FIN, I spend almost all my tv time watching news. I dry fire for hours at a time, mostly shooting CNN hosts….. My grip and stance has gotten really quite good, my muscle memory is catching up every day, and I am hitting Don Lemon 95% right between the eyes.

uncle dudley

When you spend over $500.00 on a new handgun you shouldn’t have to sight it in like a rifle with no sights and the scope you had to buy for it.
I would think if Glock knew that these handguns were going to a police department they would have gone the extra step to make sure the pistols were on the money when fired or for that matter any pistol they sell.


uncle dudley . . . . While there MAY be some issue with the sights, I’d sooner believe that the problem boils down to the shooter. I cannot tell you the number of officers that I have had to “retrain” in order to get their handgun shooting in order. Anyone who follows the seven basic steps to good handgun shooting should not have a problem.


That is a disregard for the responsibility of the user of their weapon to make certain it functions as intended and make adjustments, really…


@UD, I suppose you also think that when you buy a new firearm of any creed at all, you shouldn’t bother looking down the barrel and checking functionality before loading it and pulling the trigger?

Last edited 2 years ago by Oldman

You should know better than that. If Glock had any integrity or manufacturing prowess, they wouldn’t ship new firearms full of abrasive anti-seize and then claim it needs a breaking in period, while the abrasive smooths out their poor manufacturing! OFC, they won’t tell you the last part of that sentence. OFC not!