Havoc Tactical Solutions Deflector Brake Celebrates Sale of 10,000th Sale on Amazon

Havoc Tactical Solutions Celebrates Sale of 10,000th Deflector Brake on Amazon

Pinehurst, NC – (Ammoland.com) – Havoc Tactical Solutions, a veteran-owned firearms accessory company, is proud to celebrate the sale of its 10,000th Deflector Brake product on Amazon.

Havoc Tactical Solutions Deflector Brake

This milestone is a meaningful accomplishment to the Havoc Tactical Solutions team, who started the company in 2014. In 2017, they began selling their product on Amazon, an online retail giant. Havoc Tactical Solutions started to see a large increase in their Amazon sales in 2019, and now they have officially reached the sale of 10,000 products through Amazon transactions alone. Their goal going forward is to reach 10,000 Deflector Brake units per year through Amazon sales.

Havoc Tactical Solutions is actively expanding and is continuing to see increased growth in product sales. Their Deflector Brake product is an AR accessory that guides spent brass into a pile as it is ejected. It absorbs the energy normally contained in the ejected casing and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels by an average of 60%. It also pushes the hot brass out in front of the firing line. The Deflector Brake is easy to apply and nearly weightless. It is a disposable, peel, stick, and press accessory for standard AR15 platform receivers.

MSRP for the Deflector Brake is $17.99. Havoc Tactical Solutions recommends swapping out Deflector Brakes after 1500 rounds to maintain the desired effects. Results will vary as no two rifles or shooting conditions are the same.

For more information about Havoc Tactical Solutions, visit www.deflectorbrake.com.

About Havoc Tactical Solutions:

Havoc Tactical Solutions is a veteran-owned firearms accessory company based in Pinehurst, NC. After seeing a need for a product and an opportunity to solve a problem, they came up with the patented Deflector Brake. Havoc Tactical has been in business since 2014 and has now sold over 10,000 units. They continue to use innovation and experience to offer solutions to firearms owners.

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Ryben Flynn

Just glue a piece of rubber on the deflector. Save $17.98

American Patriot

What a joke, I was using rubber adhesive pads on my deflector for years when using steel case ammo, go to a hobby & get a pack for a $1.99


I use a piece of self stick Velcro loop side cut to the right size. Works great, costs maybe 2 cents…. Clean the surface with alcohol cut to size and apply. when worn out, repeat… No marks left on the deflector and the brass doesn’t fly as far… Cheap and effective.
$18.00 for a 25 cent piece of 1/2′ by 1/2′ molded adhesive backed rubber, I don’t think so Chuck….


Monica isn’t a firearms enthusiast or a reporter, she’s a marketer so this is nothing but an ad from someone who likely has never fired an AR.