Jefferson Descendant Disavows More than Ancestor’s Memory

Anyone who would tear down this would tear down all of Jefferson’s work. iStock-1147154919
Anyone who would tear down this would tear down all of Jefferson’s work. iStock-1147154919

U.S.A. – -( “I’m a direct descendant of Thomas Jefferson,” Salon columnist and novelist Lucian K. Truscott IV wrote in a Monday opinion piece for The New York Times. “Take down his memorial.”

The reason, of course, is because Jefferson owned slaves. It’s another springboarding from the agitprop of the “1619 Project” and the deliberate stirring up of racial divisions for political purposes by “the newsraper of record.”

How “woke” of Truscott. But slavery is not the only thing about the Founders he objects to. He’s also an unabashed “progressive,” meaning he stands as much against the tremendous advances in freedom his ancestor accomplished in life as he does against his failings.

Nowhere is that more apparent than in how Truscott disparages the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

“How about you join the Army if you want to shoot guns?” Truscott asks in a 2018 Salon hit piece on the right to keep and bear arms that packs in all the clichés. You don’t need an M-16 to hunt! You don’t need 30 rounds! You don’t need silhouette targets! Such guns were designed for war!

Not quite but no kidding – seems someone once mentioned a “tree of liberty” that anticipated exactly that. The Second Amendment isn’t about duck hunting and a Bill of Needs is straight out of Marx.

The militia, at the time the Second Amendment was ratified, kept the same types of weapons at home as they were likely to encounter when called forth – otherwise, they would be marching off to their slaughter. That’s hardly an outcome that would be “necessary to the security of a free State.”

As for Truscott’s Army suggestion, that’s reminiscent of nothing so much as a “join the SS or SA” quote widely attributed (but not documented that I can find) to Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel, Heinrich Himmler. Here’s one I can document (thanks to the Internet Archive) from Truscott’s ideological soul sister, “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher:

“Assault weapons were designed for military use. If a law-abiding citizen has such a yearning to possess one of these weapons, then let that person join the Marines.”

At least in his case, Truscott claims “I grew up in an Army family, and … I never saw a goddamned human silhouette target until I was on a United States Army firing range with an Army-issue M-16 in my hands.” His Salon bio further reveals he is “a graduate of West Point.” Neither qualification claim brings up an earlier admission that he  “got a general discharge under other than honorable conditions, generally known as a ‘bad discharge’” (not quite enough to “legally disqualify” him for gun ownership, but enough to get a foreigner “denaturalized”).

“Youuuuu might be a gun nut if . . .” Truscott began another Salon hit piece on guns (that’s all they ever have). In this one, he goes heavy on Alinsky Rule 5 ridicule to make fun of concerns that anyone wants to take away guns (of course they do). He falsely claims NRA is having hysterics over “bump stocks” (they actually gave a green light to treat them like machineguns), that introducing car comparisons is a “straw man” argument (he should tell that to his hosts at The New York Times), and that correcting the politically-motivated conflation of machineguns with semiautos is “military-macho-gun-speak.”

Anyone getting the feeling that “other than honorable” might be a way of life with this ankle-biter of a descendant?

Absolutely there can be no excuse for the sin of slavery, and noting that it has been practiced by cultures throughout human history, that whites have also been enslaved, and that it’s still being practiced today does not mitigate that.

It’s true that Thomas Jefferson and some of the other Founding Fathers, including George Washington, failed in extending the benefits of Liberty to all – that cannot and should not be denied. That does not mean the entire system and framework of government they devised, from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are invalidated. That’s what those tearing down monuments, the totalitarian-minded purveyors of universal slavery, are really trying to destroy.

The criminal defense blog, Simple Justice, has an interesting post up, analyzing a challenge to all the “woker than thou” white SJWs.  Simply put, it makes a credible case that most would have gone along with the prevailing values of the times. It is the rare person who is willing to stand up against the majority and take positions on individual rights that have been condemned and demonized by the establishment, resulting in ridicule, name-calling, silencing, ostracizing, denial of economic opportunities…

Think of who that really applies to. Chance are they won’t be writing for The New York Times or Salon.

Yes, the giants of our past had flaws. “He that is without sin among you…” and all that.

Who will end up making the greater ultimate contribution to Liberty? The Founding Fathers or ideological dwarfs demolishing the legacy bequeathed to them in the shallow quest to gain approval from their similarly stunted peers?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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Yet another weak kneed white apologetic leftist BULLSHIT rant… Lucian looking for his/her (can’t tell form that name), looking for their 15 minutes of “fame”… And wrote it for the New York shithole RAG Times… Adds up to a HUGE ZERO ! Crawl back into Bloombergs ass Lucian…


What is it with these morons who want to change history? It can’t be done. If in our youth it was fashionable to drive a red car and now some moron decided “red cars” were dangerous. Does that mean we are going to disown any family that owned a red car? If Truscott wants to be critical of an ancestor how about the WWII military leader TRUSCOTT who was known to be less than average. Does he disown his own relative? History is history and it is part of life. If our history takes a downturn then we change direction… Read more »


does his woke ass know that if our republic had not formed we would still have slavery here in America. just another virtual signaling “less than honorable” leftist. leftists are irrational and immoral, always have been and always will be.


I once knew an old CIA guy whose theory was that all generals’ kids were effed up.

No doubt Lucian K. Truscott would be more than disappointed in his progeny.


*Many* of the greatest generation’s children were effed up.

They were known as hippies. They spit on returning Nam soldiers, they rioted, the (now aging) men-hippies still wear their hair in a ponytail. Still libtards.


Just another traitor. Throw him in the sack, tree of Liberty is getting thirsty.


America, love it, or leave it!
I’ll help you, at your expense.

a.x. perez

Thomas Jefferson was a brilliant hypocrite who aspired to and expressed ideals of liberty he could not quite live up to.
It is a shame his descendant is an advocate of equality without liberty, aka universal slavery.


That’s like complaining that Christians are hypocrites who aspire to and express ideals of morality that they cannot quite live up to. No man can, because no man is perfect.

Jefferson himself admitted this would happen. In a quote (which I can unfortunately not find at the moment and so have to paraphrase), he stated that even if government officials wandered from the strict ideals of the constitution, still the constitution would be there as an exemplar of what they should be living up to.


Here it is:

“Though written constitutions may be violated in moments of passion or delusion, yet they furnish a text to which those who are watchful may again rally and recall the people; they fix for the people the principals of their political creed.”


And that’s why he was a genius.


Lucian K. Truscott IV is just another America-hating communist democrat. Anything this democrat totalitarian says is fit only for the bottom of a bird cage.
The communist democrats are the enemy, plain and simple.


Lucian K. Truscott IV….1….2…..or even 3 weren’t enough. There had to be a fourth. Insanity…..doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

American Patriot

I’m sure Jefferson himself would of wanted to abort that sperm as soon as that feeling left his body!!!!


Obviously being a decendent doesn’t make you a Patriot as much to being related to John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald makes you an assassin. These mindless morons want to roll back history at no cost to them and demonize the good as well as the bad. If this so called direct relative was alive in Jefferson’s day, I’ll bet he would have benefited from that culture and wouldn’t have thought twice of being so magnanimous about giving something up that was the flavor of the day. We have progressed so far to just throw it all away because… Read more »


People don’t realize what proportion of the Jefferson family’s wealth was in “human property” that he inherited from his forebears. In point of fact, Thomas was underwater on most of his other assets (slaves don’t get paid, but they don’t work at no cost). If Jefferson had “done the right thing” and freed them all (even assuming the Virginia government had allowed that), he would have bankrupted himself and his family; and this Truscott fellow would be hawking Geico in Hoboken instead of writing tomfoolery for the NY Times.


Additionally there seems to have been some liens against the holding of TJ which would have been satisfied with his slaves had he sold them, which was also apparently forbidden by the state.

He went on to create the documents that led to eventual manumission of all slaves.


The militia, …., kept the same types of weapons at home as they were likely to encounter when called forth. Actually most of OUR guys had long guns far superior to those the British Regulars carried. The Crown issued a smoothbore musket, of .75 bore, and ball of only .69 calibre. That means the ball had t least six thousandths clearance to the bore that was supposed to guide and proppel it. They were also trained to NOT use “wadding”, a chunk of cloth to help keep the ball INSIDE the bore until there as “fire in the hole”. Think… Read more »


As a happy shooter of Brown Bess, I don’t know what you mean by a wad of cloth. Using historically compatible paper cartridges, I tear off the end, prime the pan at half cock, and close the frizzen, which is the “lock” part of “lock and load”. Next, I pour the rest of the powder down the barrel, and follow that with the open paper cartridge, ball toward muzzle. Ramming the paper and ball sets the seal and holds the ball in place. The “load” step is now done. The rolled paper of the cartridge surrounding the .69″ ball holds… Read more »


At Bunker Hill, ONLY the patriots had bayonets, the official “military” did not, so when they retreated, the patriots STAYED and fought with bayonets against the British to allow the colonial army to escape. REAL heroism……something unseen in America since 1884 by the American people.We watch statues being torn down, police injured, people beaten and killed….and EVERY American who claims to be a ‘patriot’ sits quietly on their fat butts. The antifa terrorists came to our city…….we were in every doorway and on every corner, armed and ready to put the mad dogs down. They walked and looked around for… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by tetejaun

Thugs come to tear down public statuary, the police stand there with their thumbs up their a*es. Thugs beat down a grandma, a white male rescues her, gets chased with swung skateboards, bared knives and death threats, defends himself with a firearm, and police rush to arrest him.

The patriots aren’t lazy or cowardly. They know they’re going to have to FTP as well as the thugs, and they want the crossing of that line to be bright, bright.


Two points to the man with the stogie and the quality chapeau! One of my fave comparatives from the hard left is that anyone who is pro 2A, should be relegated to a flintlock musket and blackpowder. One of my responses to this, is if that is the case then they should be relegated to a quill pen, ink bottle, and must get rid of their computers, cell phones, and the internet! I expand upon this concept by indicating that none of their Communications on their cell phones, computers, or texting, is covered under the fourth amendment against unreasonable search… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Neanderthal75

I just moved from Green River, Wyoming to Missouri. WAAAYYY more active pro-gun, pro-America Americans here. LOTS of Americans flags, green lights and pro God Americans here. Plus, 8000 feet at Green River in the winter was getting to me at my decrepit age. By the way, the communist democrats DON’T CARE about the Constitution. At the 2016 DNC convention, the dems spoke of a public burning of the Constitution. It was the last day when the DNC was sucking up to the Revolutionary Communist Party, a black group that demands a violent overthrow of the government and burning the… Read more »


There is no doubt in my formerly military mind that N175 hasn’t served but had he done so he would be invited to “blow it out your barracks bag”.

Dubi Loo

No one who works for Salon NEEDS assault computer access as well as those weapons of war, high capacity pens and pencils.


not to mention multiple-yrttabyte hard drives, all the better to store the drivel they write.


I am Southern, but we can find no record of any of my relatives that owned slave, probably like 95% of the South they either didn’t need them or were too poor to own them. But I had a number of kin lost to the War of Northern Aggression. They often say ‘to the victors goes the spoils of war’ and one of those spoils is writing the history. I honor the Southerners who died fighting for a cause they felt right, not for slavery. I was also raised to honor and believe in the United States. I wonder if… Read more »


There is a great deal of confirmed academic research concerning slavery in the South, and the bottom line is that only 3% of all Southerners owned slaves. You cite the key reason: buying, owning, and keeping slaves was an inordinately expensive proposition, extraneous to all the moral and scriptural problems of engaging in slavery, with which many Southerners; being biblical Christians had concerns. The Underground Railroad, that conduit by which escaping slaves made their way to the North, could not have operated without Southerners who were against slavery! Sadly, these days there are very few open-minded people who are willing… Read more »


Right on brother, this information needs to be spread!!


The Democrats know this. That’s why they try and make gun ownership so expensive.


Ditto. My ancestors were from SC then moved across different into the N GA mountains. No history of slaves. They were Unionists until Lincoln invaded. That motivated them to join The Confederate Calvary as it was unconstitutional for the soldiers of one state to invade another. Who wouldn’t defend their home if invaded?


Only in America does being a descendant of a notable person warrant a public platform.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, we do the same thing for people who star in movies, people who can sing songs, even those who can jump high and dunk a basketball.

And we wonder why we’re in the shape we’re in?


It amazes me how hypocritical liberals are. I ask every one this question and not a single one would/could answer it. If you are so offended by the symbols of slavery from the past, why are you not calling for the end to the Democratic Party. They were formed in 1792 for the sole purpose of keeping slavery, fought a civil war to keep slavery, supported the Klansmen, honored the first grand wizard at their DNC in the 1800’s, fought against the Civil Rights act by pulling off the longest filibuster in the history of our country to fight desegregation.… Read more »

Dubi Loo

Let’s not forget “Senator” Byrd who is still revered by many prominent DemonRats.


There answer to those questions are the Political Parties switched sides, because a few Dems seen their wrongs. And decided to join the Rep. Party. They always have a answer. Even when wrong. They will never admit they’re wrong. Just as they will never accept Responsibility for their actions. I had the very same convo. with many on Twatter before I was banned permanently.

uncle dudley

If more people would research their family’s history that came to the U.S. in the very early years (before 1800’s) they might just find out that their ancestors also owned a slave or two.
The early census figures list people and the property they owned, might shock some of these anti-Americans.


Too much press coverage of these POS who hate America and not enough of those who love this country. But what do you expect from the so-called news media?

Commiefornia Sucks

Another piece of shit that wants to bash our country. Get the fuck out if you dont like it here.

uncle dudley

Truscott went to West Point but his attitude says he should have went to Canada, someone needs to tell him it’s not to late to leave the country he hates.


Big thumbs up.

Living Free in Texas

Thomas Jefferson was considered one of the smartest persons to ever walk the earth. Sadly, Lucian K. Truscott IV may be a direct descendant of Jefferson but it appears that brain matter was not passed down to him.

Why do democrats keep shooting.jpg

His education at West Point was paid for by the taxpayers, yet he refused to go to Vietnam after he graduated. Hence the general discharge under less than honorable conditions. (I went to VN but five good friends did not make it home alive.I am sure some of his classmates did not survive the war either) Now he thinks he can tell us what firearms (if any) we can own! What a disgraceful human being.


Graduated yet refused to go to combat? As both a USMA grad and combat vet myself I’ll have to declare him a disgrace.


Instead of a General under than honorable discharge, they should have first face a court-martial and spend time at Leavenworth at least until the end of the war.


Big thumbs up


How about he repay the taxpayers for his West Point education !!


Richard, your service to this country helped bring home many of my kith and kin. For that I am eternally grateful. RJJ


All I have to say is that after reading one of his stories, he is a very good writer.