Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boot Review

Lems Women's Waterproof Boulder Boot
According to my wife, you women ought to check out the Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boot. Or if you’re a man and want to impress your woman buy her a pair and you’ll sweep her off her feet.

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- I try to never turn down writing opportunities. In fact, I bet I haven’t turned down over three projects in the last 18 yrs. but when marketing guru Cameron Ownbey at www.deepcreekpr.com contacted me about testing some Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boots I had to tell him I’m a cowboy and don’t wear women’s boots!

But upon asking her, my wife said that she could test them out at work. She’s a kindergarten teacher and on her feet all day. If they hold up and are comfortable in her world, then they should work in almost any setting.

She needs something nice looking but her footwear also has to be functional or she’ll be dying by the time she gets home at night. Since we live in Idaho her footwear also has to be fit for handling snow/rain etc. when on recess duty and keeping up with the little overactive kiddos while they’re running around the playground. So with that said, let’s see what she has to say about the Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boots.

Lems Women's Waterproof Boulder Boot
Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boot

Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boots: Katy’s Review

“I love cute shoes, but as a kindergarten teacher, comfort and functionality are a must. I was recently introduced to Lems boots and given the opportunity to test a new pair for a Product Review.”

“Teaching is my passion, but it requires me to be on my feet all day. I must constantly hold the attention and keep up with these little bodies that have a seemingly endless supply of energy.”

“Therefore, as I said, comfort and functionality in footwear is a must!”

“Since the moment I put them on, my Lems boots have become my absolute favorite go-to for cute and efficient footwear. I decided that the best way to accurately test my new pair of boots was to wear them throughout my everyday routine. When I first took them out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised by how light weight and flexible the material was. I was also quite pleased to find they looked super cute with my skinny jeans. They felt comfortable and very soft, but because I knew I had a long day of teaching, dancing, running, jumping, and a string of after-school errands, I brought an extra pair of ‘just in case’ boots. However, much to my surprise and delight, I didn’t even have to change into my second pair of boots.”

“Having worn boots most of my life, I am all too familiar with the sore feeling that generally accompanies wearing a new pair of boots, but with my Lems boots, I did not have any of the usual issues. I wore my Lems boots all day from 6:30 in the morning until 9:00 that night, when I finally took them off to wind down and hit the hay. This is the first pair of boots that I have been able to wear all day without encountering blisters or sore feet. The leather is incredibly soft and flexible, and they fit my feet perfectly with plenty of room in the toe.

Another thing I love about the women’s Lems is that not only are the stylish, they are practical in all types of weather. The leather allows my feet to breathe, and they are so light that I can easily run and play with my kindergartners. Even when it is snowing or raining, recess is no concern because I know my feet will remain warm and dry. The traction is also excellent, and the rubber soles are superbly designed to withstand the intrusion of rocks, sloppy mud, and other debris that attempt to invade the boot. Regardless of your occupation, I highly recommend these boots. They are great for work or play.”

So, there you have my wife’s opinion of the Lems Women’s Waterproof Boulder Boots. The MSRP is $165.00 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

• Waterproofing: 100% – breathable waterproof membrane
• Tongue Construction: gusseted
• Last: Lems Natural-Shape™ Last
• Upper: Full-grain oiled leather
• Lining: Full-grain leather + moisture wicking
• Outsole: 9.0mm LemsRubber™ (air-injection rubber)
• Footbed: 3.5mm removable PU insole
• Stack Height: 10.0mm (not including 3.0mm insole)
• Drop: 0.0mm (Zero-Drop)
• Weight: 12.9oz. (Women’s size 7.5)
• Laces Provided: 2

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