Lucas Oil Outdoor Line including Gun Oils Sign Rep Groups for Midwest & South Central

Lucas Oil Outdoor Products
Lucas Oil Outdoor Line including Gun Oils Sign Rep Groups for Midwest & South Central

Corona, CA – ( – Lucas Oil Outdoor Line, makers of the best quality outdoor industry lubricants and cleaning products available, is pleased to announce their newest rep groups for the Midwest and South Central territories of America.

Lucas Oil Outdoor Line has signed Ferguson-Keller  and Frontier Sales & Marketing Group to represent the territories in the central part of the United States. Ferguson-Keller will represent 11 states in the Midwest region. Frontier Sales & Marketing Group will represent 4 states in the South Central US region.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Ferguson-Keller is a key match for their new appointment with Lucas Oil. Ferguson-Keller has over 48 years of experience in the hunting, fishing, marine, and outdoors markets and represents some of the leading manufacturers within the industry. They will be servicing both current and future accounts within their specific territory.

“Our team is very excited and in perfect position to partner with Lucas Oil. The Outdoor and Marine Product lineup fits excellent with our current brand portfolio. Ferguson-Keller works diligently to have the opportunity to be able to partner with iconic brands throughout the industry. We are ready to grow and expand the

business in our Central Midwest territory and we are very excited to provide excellent service to all of our current and future customers,” says Sean Kunzer, President of Ferguson-Keller.

Frontier Sales & Marketing Group is based in Katy, Texas. It was founded by Dennis Clark and Brad Downey in 1999 from a passion for the outdoors and the outdoor lifestyle. Over the years, the agency’s focus has expanded to include hunting, fishing, farm and ranch, Western wear, outdoor specialty, department stores, hardware and Law Enforcement.

“We are so pleased to be representing a fine Brand like Lucas Oil. We hope to be instrumental in fueling their growth in the Outdoor category for many years to come,” says Brad Downey-Principal of Frontier Sales & Marketing Group, based in Katy, Texas.

“We are so excited to welcome Ferguson-Keller and Frontier Sales into the Lucas Oil Outdoor Line family,” says Lisa Marie Young, Business Development Manager for Lucas Outdoor Line. “We know that aligning our company with trusted names like these two will help us to grow and better serve our customers. We look forward to moving forward together.”

Lucas Oil has been producing the best line of lubricants and additives available for over 30 years. They recently launched the Lucas Oil Outdoor Line for the hunter, sportsman or competitive shooter who is serious about their equipment and maintaining it properly. Lucas Oil’s unique proprietary formulas clean, protect and enhance the performance of firearms better than any other product on the market.

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About Lucas Oil:

Forrest and Charlotte started Lucas Oil Products with the simple philosophy of producing only the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere. Since its inception, Lucas has steadfastly adhered to this corporate objective. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas has established itself as a top producer of oil, grease and additive products. The Lucas success story has been built upon hard work, an unparalleled line of premium products and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This single formula for success will continue to guide Lucas Oil Products as it grows in the years to come.