Men and Women, at Home and in Public – More Self Defense Gun Stories

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Men and Women, at Home and in Public – More Self Defense Gun Stories

U.S.A. – -( You didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Tony Simon joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they well trained? (21-minute audio)

These victims saved lives because they had a gun and good habits.

First story- Are you armed at home?

It is after dark. You hear someone knocking at the side door of your house. You go to the door and turn on the light. You see a woman you don’t know and she’s asking for help. She has a mask on her face and she’s turned partially away from you. You ask her to speak up, but you still can’t hear her clearly. You open the door to hear her better and see what she wants.

A masked man appears at your door. He pushes the door open and forces his way into your home. You’re armed. You shoot your attacker and both strangers run away. You hear a car drive away, and you call the police. The police find your wounded robber at the hospital and then arrest the four people who were trying to rob you.

You are 76 years old. You move with a walker. Your gun is in a basket on the side of your walker. Your four robbers were planned to rob you for your money and the drugs in your medicine cabinet. The robbers were going to trade your drugs for heroin. Police also arrested two drug dealers in a nearby hotel. Your four attackers are charged with burglary, assault on a handicapped person, and drug possession. They are held on 200 thousand dollars bail.

Second Story- Are you armed as you stop for gas?

It is ten at night on the fourth of July. Your car is low on fuel. It is hot outside and your two young boys are asleep in the back seat. You pull into a convenience store and leave your car running. You get out to pump gas. You look up to see a stranger open your driver’s door and get into your car. You quickly dive into the back seat with your kids. You shout for the kidnapper to stop the car, but he drives out of the gas station. You grab your gun from the center console and shoot your attacker in the face. The car crashes into a fence. You grab your boys and get out of the car. There, you call 911.

EMTs take your attacker to the hospital. Your attacker had a criminal record including assault and family violence, arson, theft, making a terroristic threat, resisting arrest, and drug charges. He is facing additional charges of kidnapping and vehicle theft if he recovers.

Third story- Are you armed when you drive?

You’re driving through town in the middle of the afternoon. You’re stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change. Two strangers run across the intersection and they are being chased by a man with a gun. You see one of the men get shot. The attacker shoots at the other man, and then shoots at you, hitting your car, and wounding you. Now your attacker has another wounded victim on the ground and is pointing his gun at the victim’s head.

You have your Indiana concealed carry permit. You’re armed. You park your car, open the door, and shoot your attacker. The attacker drops his gun and falls to the ground. People are coming out of their cars to help. You put away your gun and you ask them to call 911. EMTs treat your wound, but you stay at the scene and talk to the police.

Your attacker is from 20 miles away. The police said he came here to kill people and chose the two men at random as they worked in a nearby cemetery.

Fourth story- Are you armed in public?

You’re stopped at a convenience store getting coffee at dawn. You hear an argument outside. You look up to see a man waving a machete walk into the store. The store clerk is following along behind him. The man with the knife tells the clerk to leave or he’ll kill him. The attacker goes to the cooler-section and pulls out several cases of beer. The robber threatens the employee again.

You have your Louisiana concealed carry permit. You’re armed. You draw your handgun and point it at the attacker. You tell him to drop the knife. The clerk runs up and grabs the knife from his attacker.

The attacker says he’ll leave if the clerk gives back the machete. The attacker leaves the store with his knife, but leaves his wallet behind. The clerk calls the police. You remain at the scene to give a statement.

The police arrest the robber when he comes back to the store to get his wallet.
TAG- No Shots Fired

Links and text of the discussion at the podcast webpage.

Slow FactsAbout Rob Morse 

Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

Contact Tony Simon at You can find Tony on Instagram and facebook at Simon Says Train and at The 2nd is For Everyone podcast.

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1 year ago

You left your engine running as you pumped gas, with your children in the back seat? Gee what could possibly go wrong with that? Lucky outcome, but not very clever or responsible behavior up to that point!

1 year ago

The last one was the best. No shots fired.