What Do You Do Now That You Bought Your Gun?

Below the Radar: The Multiple Firearm Sales Reporting Modernization Act of 2019
What Do You Do Now That You Bought Your Gun?

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- We learned some difficult truths in 2020, we’ve been “flattening the curve” for fifteen weeks. We are also in the third week of “defunding the police”. We watched the news and saw situations that could pose an immediate, lethal, and unavoidable threat to ourselves or our family. Millions of us decided to buy a gun for personal protection. The great news is that millions of new gun owners acted responsibly. They found out that self-defense comes with homework. These new gun owners bought gun safes and also sought training. There is certainly a lot to learn, but if you’re a new gun owner, there is something you discovered in the process of buying your gun. You saw that politicians and the media lied to you about gun ownership.

  • President Obama said it was as easier to buy a handgun than to buy a book or buy fresh vegetables, and that we could buy machine guns over the internet.
  • Socialist politicians also said only the police should have guns.
  • We saw known criminals wave guns around during riots while the police watched from a distance and did nothing.
  • Socialist politicians disbanded the police and then hired private security to protect them at home and at work.

The real world isn’t like what we’re told on the news.

For many of us, buying a gun didn’t go the way we expected. Millions of new gun owners were shocked by the amount of paperwork required to legally buy a gun. We found out that the so-called “instant” background check can take days or weeks. If their purchase was approved, these gun owners found out about state-mandated waiting periods before they could take their gun home. Gun buyers also discovered that an inconsistent name or address on their driver’s license or on a utility bill meant that their purchase could be denied. Those are the problems we found if the system of gun control is working. In many states, honest people who wanted to buy a gun were simply turned away after the government refused to process firearms purchase requests.

It was easy for the average citizen to believe the lies about gun ownership until we experienced it for ourselves. Government officials from the US Supreme Court to local bureaucrats said they couldn’t be bothered with the right to keep and bear arms.

Politicians ignored the right of self-defense.

We saw politicians close gun stores while they left liquor stores open. Politicians demanded that we get firearms owners identification cards and safety cards..and then refused to issue them. State and local governments stopped processing firearms purchase applications and concealed carry applications. Some states demanded a background check to buy ammunition, and then stopped processing those ammunition purchase authorizations. Politicians closed or limited the use of shooting ranges where new gun owners could learn to use firearms safely.

Criminals get illegal guns in minutes while bureaucrats deny the right of self-defense to honest citizens.

Change the things you can.

Those political decisions didn’t happen by accident or surprise. For years, some politicians told us they didn’t support the right of self-defense. That is exactly the way they voted. Changing that is up to us.

First, tell your politicians about your experience of trying to own a gun. Ask them to fix the laws and public policies that denied you the ability to protect your family. You might not be completely familiar with your local gun laws, but there are state and local organizations that are. (Here are a few of them, and here are a few more.) If you wanted to know more about your local gun laws, you could ask a local firearms instructor for advice. If you write yourself a short note about what happened to you, then you can tell that story on the phone, by fax, and then send an e-mail to your representatives. Tell your local newspapers too, because what happened to you is news.

Replace the politicians who don’t represent you.

I wish that politicians would learn from your experience, but many politicians won’t change their attitude about armed defense. That means you’ll have to change the politicians you support and change the way you vote. Here is a list of local organizations that support the right to keep and bear arms. These groups know which local politicians voted against your right to own a gun.

Time and money create change.

Work changes the results of elections. You might have to put your time and money to work if you want to get your rights back. That means volunteering to make calls and putting in the money to buy campaign signs. You also have to vote and ask your friends to vote.

You have four months to get your rights back. Please start now.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article with references is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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1 learn gun safety and that a gun is always loaded.
2, proper maintenance and storage.
3 practice, practice, practice.

Green Mtn. Boy

This to me is the correct way to approach new gun owners.

After Buying Your 1st Gun – The Most Important Thing You Should STOP Doing



‘Choot it!

Get Out

Dr. S, I’d be willing to bet if you had ties to the criminal element, you’d be able to get a firearm without question.

Philip J. Cook, Susan T. Parker, and Harold A. Pollack conducted interviews with criminals being held in the Cook County Jail. Their primary findings were that criminals get guns from their “social network,” i.e. friends and persons known to them, but generally not from the various legal sources available to them.

Dr. Strangelove

Where did the author learn that “Criminals get illegal guns in minutes…”? It’s not like you can walk in Homeboy’s Illegal Gun Shop and plunk your money on the counter.