Bolshevik Brilliance On Police via Minneapolis ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( “I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.” ~ William F Buckley Jr.

From a friend and student in Minneapolis, MN:

“Yesterday afternoon, Minneapolis Commissar Frey and his ‘Gang of Aging Bolsheviks’ held a press conference to report on their progress to ‘reform’ police use of force.

As with Sleepy Joe, we citizens quiver at the depth of Commissar Frey’s knowledge of armed self-defense, and eagerly awaited the results.

He did not disappoint!

The Commissar revealed heretofore unknown brilliance such as, ‘Officers will be expected to use the least level of force necessary.’ Apparently, police will never be allowed to use force superior to that displayed by the suspect. Wow, we’re entering a new era of ‘fair fights!’

‘Chief’ Arradondo revealed further wisdom about officers drawing weapons.

Said he, ‘It’s threatening and traumatic (for the suspect) and damages public trust.’ I’m not sure why his officers still have guns, since touching them apparently ‘damages public trust!’

Hours later, the wisdom of City Commissars was underscored when a murder suspect took his own life in front of MPD officers.

The same omniscient social media that insists on selecting our next President quickly morphed this into a ‘police shooting,’ and mayhem, rioting, and looting (because looting is just ‘reparations’) promptly ensued. Fifty arrests (presumably not at gunpoint). At least three officers injured.

You can’t make this up!”

Comment: Democrats are currently caught between two mutually-antagonistic lies they’ve long promulgated:

First they say: “You don’t need guns, because police are there to protect you” Then they say: “We defunding the police!” Afterward they say: “… but you still can’t have guns!”


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Liberty Valance

As bad as this sounds it will be nothing compared to what we’ll hear and see if Kamala gets elected. Disarming, not just de-funding the police will be the goal of Ms. Harris and it will only get worse from there. Kamala has big plans for gun-owners. Using a gun in self-defense? That’ll be an automatic felony. Killing in self-defense? Minimum life sentence. It boils down to choosing wisely in November or becoming a full-blown criminal in the eyes of the law.


It’s kameltoe, not Mrs. Harris. If what you say is true then the only way to handle things is to leave no witnesses. More people wont hear gun shots and more people will not help the police, oops I mean social workers in their investigation. Looks like we will all need a throw away so we can say he saw me with my ar and shot himself in the head. .


I’ve only heard her referred to as “Joe’s Ho.” Seems appropriate enough…


Lol. She was willy browns ho for sure. That is how she got the job in kommiefornia and probably others too.


One would only hope that committing a crime with a gun would earn a life sentence.


My question is if they get rid of police who’s going to enforce this confiscation ? Or see that you even go to court ? Yeah I’m going to worry about a disarmed cop when I’m loaded for bear.


It will be the psychoANALyst.

Last edited 2 years ago by musicman44mag
Living Free in Texas

If you live in MS-SP area, you better be prepared to defend yourself. There will NOT BE ANY COPS COME TO HELP YOU.

When it devolves into ‘Escape from New York’ there will be no safe space in the twin cities.


I left MSP 11 years ago, I could not get out of there fast enough, a city run by METROCRATS !!


We left Minnesota 21 years ago. Started seeing ‘Proud Texas Democrat’ bumper stickers, so we left Texas 3 years ago.


Well ours don’t say that but they have Burney stickers on their subaru.

Did you know that if you drive with a mask on with the windows rolled up and you are the only person in the car, you don’t need a burney sticker on the back.


Commies are gonna do, what commies do.


I suppose if they’re going to defund the police and put the brakes on their use of force, any of Kamala’s efforts to confiscate our guns will be over REAL quick.


I hope Kamala’s goons have lots of BODY BAGS when she starts, and she comes along to serve the papers to confiscate them!!!!!!!!!


Yep! This BRAIN DEAD COMMUNIST BELONGS TO THE DemocRAT National Communist party of the ASS ICON!!!


police with all the authority of a mall cop… really????


Did the Defective Citizens sign on to using no more force on the police than minimally necessary???? Police Reform sounds great….immediately after we get equal doses of Defective Citizen Reform. Getting that would essentially resolve the need for Police Reform.


I suppose that if there’s only one suspect, only one officer will be dispatched to deal with him.


Perhaps nothing more appropriate for democrats than to be tormented by a demon of their own creation.

Boris Badenov

The LaRaza Mayor of San Jose Kommieforniastan, a strong supporter of Black Lying Marxists, got his house tagged with BLM nonsense last night. The fool is lucky that is all that happened. I’ve anxiously awaiting phase two.


For a second, I thought I was watching Justin Trudeau…


Anyone else notice where they placed their mask at the podium ? LOL I would be curious to see how many times this chief used his gun ?

Last edited 2 years ago by Arny
uncle dudley

There already is to many cops shot and killed each year in the U.S. and with a policy like this it will only add to the death toll of officers.
Can’t shoot at a bad guy until he shoots at them is what this sounds like, maybe I’m reading too much into it.
This will hurt the city to attract and retain officers on their force, who would want to work there.


Why is there no video when that is what the add was talking about. Did the video commies get hold of our site? Is this youtube now?


I saw the video, didn’t bother to watch politicians selling out their community.


Thank you.


You’ve got to listen with understanding that he is a politician. He says to use “minimum force necessary” – well quite often the simple presentation of overwhelming force is what it takes to peacefully resolve a situation. He did not specify what he meant by “minimum, and could well mean to leave that specification up to the experts.

While he probably will introduce addition restrictions on use of force, he primary objective is clearly to placate the mob with empty platitudes.


He probably means,,,use a 9mm vs. a .50 cal.

Peel the onion

This sounds like the rules that governed the Police in the movie “Demolition Man”. Didn’t work out it that movie either.


Frey and Arradondo: Two peas in the same Communist Pod! WHAT A JOKE!


Why do we even have police?
What are we paying for here?