Eric Holder & Barack Obama as the Next Justices to the Supreme Court!? ~ VIDEO

Opinion by the Madison Coalition’s Charles Downs

Joe Biden Kamala Harris Img joebiden-com
Joe Biden Kamala Harris Img joebiden-com

USA – -( Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick of Kamala Harris proves the progressive takeover of the Democratic Party is virtually complete.

If Harris and Biden win in 2020 and bring with them a democratic majority in the senate, the writing is on the wall [for our nation]. Kamala Harris is open to (we know what that means) packing the Supreme Court and has a strong, though flawed, view of American law. Kamala Harris as Vice President will have even more power to whip the votes for a progressive agenda due to her experience as Senator.

Washington DC would likely be added as a state within 6 months of the Biden-Harris administration. With the addition of DC’S two new progressive senators, the Harris-Biden administration, with senate majority leader Schumer’s encouragement will not be able to resist the temptation to pack the United States Supreme Court.

Centrist Democrats like Joe Manchin and Chris Coons will be powerless given DC’S two new Senate votes in the Senate and Harris’ ability to break any 50-50 tie. The path will be cleared for Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s appointments as the 10th and 11th justices to the Supreme Court. Following the packing of the court, Kamala Harris and her team with the encouragement of AOC, will write executive orders for [weak]President Biden to sign, imposing much of the Green New Deal upon Americans by regulatory edict without a vote in Congress.

Is Eric Holder our next Supreme Court Justice?

Eric Holder
Is Eric Holder our next Supreme Court Justice?

Also, around this same time, newly appointed Justice Eric Holder will announce the United States Supreme Court will take up Ohio and Pennsylvania’s “Racially Gerrymandered” state legislative district drawings.

Later that year, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona will hold state elections, in newly redrawn districts, that will lead the state legislative chambers to go blue, ratifying the National Popular Vote Compact to end the electoral college. The new “People’s Supreme Court” of the United States of America will uphold the Compact as constitutional.

Joe Biden will announce that he will not seek reelection in 2023, stepping aside for Kamala Harris, who will be elected in 2024 with the national popular vote.

The incoming 2024 Democratic Congress will work with President Harris to outlaw most independent expenditures, limit campaign spending (except for Harris and her friends), and require that taxpayers subsidize political campaigns.

With Democrats guaranteed a source of income for their campaigns and free speech muzzled, President Harris will then use the excuse of the massive federal debt her spending bill will have incurred to propose and force Congress to enact a wealth tax in the United State with penalties for those who try to move their money out of the country.

Republican members of Congress, moderate Democrats, and non-Left wing citizens’ groups will watch with horror as each one is stripped one by one of their power and influence by various methods of regulatory intimidation upheld by the new People’s Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Republicans, Independents, and moderate Democrats have a chance in 2020 to stand against this destruction of our constitutional system of checks and balances that is almost inevitably coming if we do nothing.

If Joe Biden truly wants to be an uniter, not a divider, he could disavow the radical court-packing agenda of the left and instead stand with the views of an overwhelming majority of voters by endorsing the KeepNine Amendment, which already has bipartisan support to permanently preserve the current number of nine Supreme Court judges.

The Keep Nine Amendment Says: “The Supreme Court Of The United States Shall Be Composed Of Nine Justices.”

What could be easier than saying

“Yes, I Support The Keep Nine Amendment?”

But if Joe Biden and his fellow Democratic Senate candidates, who claim they want to win the votes of moderates, still secretly want to preserve the option of packing the Supreme Court, they and their fellow Democratic supporters need do nothing more than avoid any mention of the KeepNine Amendment.

Who will stand up to the court-packing agenda of the Left and vote now when there is still a chance for voters to have their say?

And who will remain silent?

Our job as citizens and activists is to make sure candidates and their supporters cannot avoid the simple question:

“Will You Support The Keep Nine Amendment To Prohibit Court-Packing?”

The future of our nation is at stake.

The Madison Coalition

The Madison Coalition .

The Madison Coalition is working to restore a balance of state and federal power and to make Congress more accountable.

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Deplorable Bill

Not on my watch

Arm up, carry on


If elected, Joe may be the one seen sitting in the Oval Office, but Kamala will be running that administration.



a.x. perez

The idea that the son of a bitch who facilitated arming the Mexican drug cartels in 2010 leading to the slaughter of thousands of people in Mexico, including many American citizens, is possibly among the most disgusting things I’ve read this week (admittedly it’s only Tuesday). He should ha been shanked in a Cereso prison in Mexico long ago, the son of a bitch.

Green Mtn. Boy

Neither is qualified as there first duty is to Marxism not the Constitution.


Everybody should keep this in case they have the audacity to use mail in voting to give the election to Biden.

uncle dudley

If this was to happen you would see another civil war very quick.


‘eric holder’ — you mean THE ‘eric holder’ – that signed off on the ILLEGAL TRANSFER of guns into Mexico with the “Fast and Furious” gun running using the ATF AND the FBI? This man Must be sitting in PRISON for the next 50 years for his TREASONOUS ACTIONS AGAINST American!!!!!!!!!!

WI Patriot

Not in 1000yrs…


Nothing new here. I said when Hildabeast was running if she were elected. Her first appointment to the Supreme Court would be Obama.

Capn Dad

That would be after the fight if there’s anything left.