New York City: On The Verge Of Meltdown – Part 4

New York City: On The Verge Of Meltdown - Part 4
New York City: On The Verge Of Meltdown – Part 4

U.S.A.-( How has the jabbering, Bill De Blasio, single-handedly turned the safest Big City in America into a snake pit? Consider what this present New York City Mayor has done——

  1. He has welcomed criminals with open arms, releasing hardened dangerous, sociopathic and psychopathic inmates from prison; tolerated or actively encouraged unruly protests, riots, arson, vandalism, and looting; and has implemented a no-bail policy requiring Courts to release countless more dangerous criminals onto the City’s Streets.
  2. He has hand-cuffed the City’s own police, the NYPD, preventing law enforcement from providing even minimal protection for the community at large, and has effectively alienated them; treated the New York City Police Department like pariahs as if the police were the enemy of the community rather than the community’s protectors, even as he welcomed private police protection for his own personal security.
  3. As an anti-Second Amendment fanatic, he, along with the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, continues to discourage civilian ownership of firearms.

Unfortunately, de Blasio isn’t a one-of-a-kind loon. There are many others. The dangerous, ruthless, inordinately wealthy and secretive Marxist Globalist, George Soros, has quietly seeded a plethora of Radical Left Marxists leaders throughout the Country, down to the local level of Government, and the results of his well-organized plan to destroy our Nation from within are in evidence.

These Radical Leftists are dutifully operating, as Soros expects them to. We see them working either in concert with, or otherwise as passive sympathetic observers of, virulent Marxist and Anarchist groups that have been deliberately fomenting violence in Cities across America; engaging in continuous, massive seditious acts of unbridled destruction to property and deliberate, unprovoked assaults on civilians, police, and military—goading and baiting the police and President Trump, daring them to try to stop the rampaging plague of violence.

The seditious Press and Radical Leftist Democrat Party leadership and its members blatantly, chillingly, and caustically ignore the carnage, ravaging and rampaging rioters; refusing even to acknowledge their existence; continuing to refer to them peaceful protestors but not agitators, rioters, looters, arsonists, and assailants, or even murderers, which is what they are; incongruously blaming the existence of, and continuation of, violence on President Trump.

Community Law enforcement officers, in particular, are ordered by the radical Left local and State governmental leaders either to stand down, or have become wary of doing their jobs, lest they place their own life in danger or face criminal charges themselves, given new police policy directives, designed to constrain them from effectively, quickly and safely restraining vicious predators and rioters. The result is that they have become the target of violent attacks.

New police policies are often deliberately vague, ambiguous, or altogether incoherent. And they are clearly insane.

NYPD Police Officers, for example, face recriminations or criminal charges themselves for simply attempting to perform their duty: promoting at least a modicum of safety for the community.

Not surprisingly, police from neighboring jurisdictions are loath to venture into New York City to apprehend criminals fleeing their own jurisdictions.

Keep in mind that, under the laws of New York, and around the Country, police do not have a duty to protect the life and safety of individual members of the community, except in very narrow, carefully defined circumstances.

The duty of ensuring one’s own life and safety and that of one’s family rests on the individual. See the November 21, 2019 Arbalest Quarrel Article, titled, “Can We, As Individuals, Rely On The Police To Protect Us?

But, as the recent situation with the McCloskey couple of St. Louis, Missouri, makes manifestly and disturbingly clear, the Radical Left intends to handcuff the police, preventing the police from, at the very least, protecting communities at large and; but, at one and the same time, the Radical left has precluded law-abiding, rational, responsible, American citizens from defending their own life and property. See the website, law enforcement today.

Thus, with their hands effectively tied, NYPD police officers—and those police officers of other communities whose departments have faced defunding and downsizing, disassembling or dismantling—have left their communities in a precarious situation, as those communities do not have even a modicum of protection from the worst elements of society.

Residents of these communities cannot now rely on armed police to provide them with even general community-wide protection. And, as if this state of affairs weren’t outrageous enough—brought about by the apathetic and pathetic, totally irresponsible and useless Radical Left State and local governments, innocent, law-abiding, rational, and Americans of these communities once mercilessly denied their God-given right to defend their own life and well-being utilizing the best means available to do so, the firearm. This state of affairs is truly mind-boggling and it is continuing non-stop. It will likely continue in the run-up to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

If a Government denies a person the means to protect his or her own life and safety, Government generally covers the gap, bestowing substantial power to the police to maintain law and order and to provide for the safety, security, and well-being of the community at large. This also means that Government would not suffer criminals gladly or kindly, but would enforce criminal laws quickly and stringently. Convictions rates would be high and recidivism low.

Countries such as Singapore that fashions itself as a Constitutional Republic but, in practice, operates as a “benign” Dictatorship, and China that, curiously, also calls itself a Republic operates as an oppressive, repressive Communist Dictatorship, both have relatively low violent crime rates. Private ownership of firearms is prohibited in both Nations. The Governments of these countries don’t tolerate crime. Crime is stamped down fast and it is stamped down hard. See, e.g., crime rates by Country, 2020.

Other Nations, Switzerland and Luxemburg, may best be described as Democratic Republics. Luxembourg, though, has a strict policy against private firearms ownership. Switzerland’s policy encourages private ownership of firearms. Both Nations have extremely low crime rates. The populations of both countries are small and homogeneous. See, e.g., crimes rates by Country, 2020.

Venezuela and Mexico both have extremely strict gun control policies but Venezuela, in particular, has exceedingly high crimes rates. Extremely strict gun control policies in Mexico belie the claim by antigun zealots that Mexico’s high rates of gun violence that high gun rates and lax gun laws are directly related, albeit, antigun zealots argue that guns in Mexico emanate from the U.S., as Newsweek reported last year. But, then, who, in Mexico is responsible for all the shootings and killings? Newsweek would rather not say, but the photo accompanying the story more than suggests that it isn’t your average law-abiding Mexican citizen who is responsible for the carnage. Dollars to Donuts, we would wager the violence in Mexico is concomitant with rampant criminal activity. In our Nation, companies settle their differences in Court. In Mexico, drug cartels settle business differences through other means.

Both Venezuela and Mexico refer to themselves as Republics. They aren’t. The former is an oppressive Marxist Dictatorship. The latter is more accurately described as a Narco-State—that is to say, a Country essentially controlled by criminal gangs. Neither Country is politically, socially, economically, or jurisprudentially functional in any practical sense.

The term ‘Republic’ is ubiquitous as a descriptor for governments of Countries around the world; curiously, even among those Countries in which the term is clearly a misnomer.

The most oppressive dictatorships invariably refer to themselves as “republics,” ostensibly to convey the idea both to their populations and to the outside world that—however obviously false the nomenclature is to reality—these Countries are responsive to the needs of the people and operate through the consent of the governed.

Despite the strenuous and strident arguments generated by those governments and organizations that are vehemently opposed to private ownership of firearms, there is no demonstrable causal connection, nor even a correlation, between high rates of violent crime in a Nation and liberal policies pertaining to private ownership of firearms. This becomes obvious when size of a nation’s population and ethnic and racial composition of that population—whether homogeneous or heterogeneous—are factored into the equation, as they should be but rarely are.

Nations that historically encourage, even strongly encourage, the private ownership of firearms, such as Switzerland and the U.S., have a relatively low violent crime rate.

Nonetheless, Anti-Second Amendment groups and other Radical Left and Progressive political groups proclaim endlessly and vociferously, but erroneously, that the U.S. suffers from a brutally high violent crime rate and that this is due predominately if not exclusively to the notion of too many firearms in the hands of too many people. The conclusion is false. It is predicated on a calculated and deliberate failure of anti-Second Amendment groups to consider critical factors, such as population size and population density in urban areas, the diversity of the ethnic and racial makeup of the population, and lax enforcement of criminal laws, which has grown noticeably ever more lax in recent weeks.

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Coelacanth (@coelacanth)
1 year ago

If you Google DeBlasio, you will see that his name is really “Warren Wilhelm Jr.”, a self avowed Marxist. In 1994, he and his bride honeymooned in Cuba. Need I say more?

MarkE (@glock45_9mm)
1 year ago

The larger problem is that the result of the ever-increasing number of residents who leave New York, with common sense and foresight, simply means that the residents who remain (by either choice or circumstance) become an ever-increasing majority of the voters – and who then vote, with increasing weight, to elect those most dedicated to continuing the chaos. This transition is now posed to destroy “cities”, not just “inner cities”, and the results of this will not be pretty. In many instances, the progressive left’s intent is no longer covert socialism but overt Marxism.

Tionico (@tionico)
1 year ago

Few folks are aware any more that General Gage’s little “raid” to disarm the Colonials at Lexington and Concord was his FOURTH such raid. The first one, the Regulars seized lanty of powder and shot, and carried them off, storing them inside Fort William and Mary, “securing” it under a guard of a handful of very old soldiers who were not too keen on sacrificing their own lives when the Colonists came round the next day with a small field canon and threatened to breach the gates to come in and “get our stuff back”. The “giard” ceded the gound… Read more »

Bob (@houseofmontague)
1 year ago

The voters of New York are not victims, they are enablers. However, abysmal has become NYC civil society, the voters deserve it–even earned it. NYC is a metaphor of what democrat policies will do to the rest of the country if voters don’t pay attention.

gregs (@gregsodeman)
1 year ago

leftists radical intellectuals have from the early 20th century, beginning with lenin and marx, have envisioned a utopia that they would control. it has never happened anywhere at any time, yet they continue to espouse it. they delude themselves into thinking that they are the ones that would be the ones that would finally make it happen. how many 10’s of millions of corpse’s does there have to be to show them that that will never happen. lenin had the kulaks imprisoned or killed by mob violence and 6 million russians starved. mao’s takeover/cultural revolution of china cost 10 million… Read more »

john (@johnwestside4545)
1 year ago

Local and city mayors hand picked in sanctuary run cities along with Obama appointed judges and district attorneys have been stacking the deck against gun owners for years. This is nothing new the only change is Democrats have learned that they are above the law without fear of prosecution. They allow Antifa Black Lives Matter to damage property and commit assault on those who disagree. If you have to put a color infront of Life Matters you are nothing more than a hate group. All life matters socialist marxist extremist such as the mayor of NYC should be removed from… Read more »

Arny (@dmaxter)
1 year ago
Reply to  john

I see the police as the problem when they fail to do what’s morally right.

Alan in NH
Alan in NH (@alan-in-nh)
1 year ago

If only the police in these places would just stand down completely and declare open season on rioters for any one who would take them on, like the purge movies. It’s coming anyway, only a matter of time, when the true Patriots among us will have to take out the trash. Why would the police want to stop that? It is becoming impossible to do their jobs, in many cases they are being told to stand down by their superiors and let the anarchy happen, so be it.