Ammo Deals: Red Army Standard 5.45×39 59gr Full Metal Jacket Ammo – Box of 20 $4.99

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Red Army Standard 5.45x39 59gr Full Metal Jacket Ammo Deal
Red Army Standard 5.45×39 59gr Full Metal Jacket Ammo Deal

USA – -( Primary Arms has 20 round boxes of Red Army Standard 5.45×39 59gr Full Metal Jacket Ammo for just $4.99. That is $0.249 a round. Limit 10 per household, even at that throttled pace they will sell out. Feed your 5.45×39 AK or rifle all day with these sweet tasty commie snacks. Election day is coming on fast be ready for after-the-vote madness, it is gonna be a war either way.Buy Now Gun Deals

The Red Army Standard 5.45x39mm 59 grain FMJ is an affordable and reliable round for competitive shooting or training. It is designed to enhance the performance of your AK-74 platform. The Red Army Standard features a 59 grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) with a Berdan-primed, lacquer steel case for optimal accuracy and reliability. The Red Army features a sealed primer pocket and case mouth with a lead core and bi-metal jacket.


  • Manufactured by Vympel in Russia
  • 5.45x39mm
  • 59 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets
  • Berdan-primed, lacquer steel case
  • Sealed primer pocket

These cartridges are manufactured in Russia by Vympel and are tested to guarantee the highest success rate no matter how extreme the conditions are for the shooter. The sealant around the Red Army Standard bullet and primer keeps moisture out making the ammunition ideal for long term storage and use in harsh environments. This cartridge is perfect for the serious shooter who looking for a quality cartridge to provide accuracy and reliability without going broke after a day at the range.

Ammo Deals: Red Army Standard 5.45×39 59gr Full Metal Jacket Ammo – Box of 20 $4.99

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Why are we pushing Russian made ammunition so much these days. We have plenty of domestic manufacturers. Yes demand is high, but the pricing is irrelevant if it is not available. Guns will no ammo are like a neutered prize bull.


Price in never irrelevant unless you are made of money or have more money than good sense. Does it really matter who made the ammo if you need it to protect yourself or your family?


For those that don’t know, this will probably not work in your brand new AR15. I believe that this is ammo for a rifle called an AK74 (a low powered version of the AK47).