Blackhawk Hip Holster – Review

You can see in the top picture how my old holster inadequately covered the trigger as compare to the Blackhawk Hip Holster in the bottom pic.
You can see in the top picture how my old holster inadequately covered the trigger as compare to the Blackhawk Hip Holster in the bottom pic.

U.S.A.-( The canvas holster that I carry my .44 mag. in is wearing out. I’m up in the mountains a lot and if I’m in the mountains then I’m wearing my .44 mag. There are just too many bears, cougars, wolves, and moose. I don’t understand people that don’t carry a pistol Sure, bear spray works 50% of the time. Here’s what I mean by 50% of the time. If they’re charging you from upwind then all you’re going to do is to spray yourself. That’s not good when you’re trying to draw a bead on a charging bear.

Blackhawk Hip Holster

Just a few weeks ago I had a boar coming straight at me in a full charge. I’d hit him the first shot with a .50 cal. Umarex air rifle and knocked him flat but he jumped up in a hot second and here he came. I hit him the 2nd time with the last shot (The Umarex Hammer holds two shots). I had my .44 on my hip for backup.

I just don’t think a can of bear spray would have had any effect. Think about it a minute. He’s coming right at me at 40 mph. If I hit him with spray he’d run right through the mist and be on top of me before he knew that he was hit. I would of gotten freight trained.

Another time I saw two bears on a hillside, then a cub jumped up a tree by me. Wuh-row, not a good situation. Turns up all three were cubs and here came a sow. Luckily I got out of between them and made it out without having to shoot her. Another time a bear was rubbing against our tent when my daughter and I were backpacking. Then a month later while up elk hunting one was on the other side of my tent wall 12-inches away.

What good would of bear spray done with us pinned in a tent? So yes, sometimes bear spray will work but not every time. So you need to have a pistol handy. When things hit the fan, it happens in a New York second, so you don’t have time to dig a pistol out of your pack. According to your circumstances but you need either a shoulder holster (when wearing waders) or a hip holster while hiking.

I just got a Blackhawk Hip Holster to carry my .44 mag. in. There is one big difference in the Blackhawk that I really like as compared to my other holster. The side is slightly higher on the part near the trigger. In my old holster, the trigger was exposed. On the Blackhawk it isn’t. The trigger is covered. This is a big deal. A huge deal.

Here’s why I say the above. While hiking through the mountains snags and limbs are always scraping you, right? Or while you’re riding a horse. Of if you take a tumble. All it takes is once for a limb to stick in the trigger guard and pull your trigger and you now have a perforated leg. Not a good situation. This little tweak can be a life-changing difference. So even if my old holster wasn’t worn out, I’m not using it anymore. I’m big on that when you get a warning, take heed.

So if your old holster is worn out or if it is one like my old one and it doesn’t adequately cover your trigger, then you ought to check out the Blackhawk Hip Holster. I like my new one. The MSRP is $19.99 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

Blackhawk Hip Holster Specs:

  • Constructed of 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon outer material
  • Smooth nylon lining for easy draw
  • Adjustable retention strap with non-glare snaps

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1 year ago

Damn all I have to worry about are sharks
Was it a tiger shark or a bull shark? Maybe it was a dolphin, catch the next wave in or stay out? No shark spray, no 44 mag that’s at the house..gotta love mother nature !! Great article tom have to look into those Blackhawks for my wheelie collection

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1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Claycomb

I have them for all of my wheel guns, they are great and do protect the hammers from snagging and becoming a problem, carry them all without thinking about that. Works well with Colt’s, Ruger’s, and they are comfortable!!