Elite Iron Featured on Trigger Time TV

Elite Iron Featured on Trigger Time TV
Elite Iron Featured on Trigger Time TV

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- Elite Iron, premier designer and manufacturer of professional-grade firearms equipment and accessories, is proud to announce its sponsorship of Trigger Time TV on the Pursuit Channel.

Elite Iron will be sponsoring Trigger Time TV to promote their innovative line of suppressors and bipods. They are proud to serve the industry with an impressive line of high-quality products. Their relationship with Trigger Time TV and the Pursuit Channel will allow Elite Iron to grow brand awareness and connect with consumers on a new level.

Trigger Time TV wrapped up filming with Elite Iron products in August 2020 for immediate airing in upcoming episodes. The 30-second Elite Iron commercial will air four times a week during Trigger Time’s scheduled air times:

  • Tuesdays at 11:30 AM
  • Wednesdays at 11:00 AM
  • Thursdays at 2:00 PM
  • Fridays at 8:00 PM

“We are very proud to represent Elite Iron and run some of the most cutting edge suppressors in the industry on our show. Their products are truly groundbreaking,” says Troy Guillotte of Trigger Time TV.

Elite Iron Featured on Trigger Time TV
Elite Iron Featured on Trigger Time TV

Trigger Time TV is a show about guns, gear and training that brings together firearms professionals from across the United States to provide the highest level of firearms training and information to gun enthusiasts. Trigger Time TV’s purpose is to entertain, engage and educate viewers. For more information about Trigger Time TV on the Pursuit Channel, visit https://pursuitchannel.com/portfolio/trigger-time-tv/.

For more information about Elite Iron, visit www.eliteiron.com.


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9 months ago

I own 2 Elite Iron suppressors. They are definitely top quality. Kathy will help you with the required paperwork.