Gorilla Ammunition Bulk Buckets of Ammo Ready to Ship – 9mm, .223 & 300 BLK

2020 Update: As we wait for new inventory to arrive on this product I figured we could put in some useful direct-links where you can hop out to retailers and check their 9mm inventory stock.

Editor Note: this is Hand Loaded Match Grade Ammo made for precision shooting, not for plinking ammo or mag dumps.

Gorilla Ammunition Bulk Buckets of Ammo
Gorilla Ammunition Bulk Buckets of Ammo

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Gorilla Ammunition now offers bulk buckets of their most popular selling super high-quality ammunition all ready to ship in 9mm, .223 and 300 blk. These loads are each manufactured to the same insane quality standards as the other Gorilla Ammunition match loads, but packed in 1 quart or 1 gallon buckets for easy storage and access.

Gorilla Ammo Fans,

As requested we have bulk buckets of ammunition available on our website now! The buckets hold from 150 to 700 rounds and are available in 9mm, .223, and 300BLK.

For your convenience, we have attached links below. We are shipping daily with no delays on in-stock ammunition.

Gorilla Ammunition LogoAbout Gorilla Ammunition

Gorilla Ammunition is a manufacturer of high-quality modern sporting rifle ammunition and dominates the 300 Blackout ammunition category. All of Gorilla Ammunition’s modern sporting rifle ammunition offerings are capable of Sub-MOA accuracy and have standard deviations in muzzle velocity of fewer than 15 feet per second. Gorilla Ammunition industry-leading quality and performance is helping this young manufacturer company grow very rapidly.

For more information, please visit www.GorillaAmmo.com.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, Ammoland will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.
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Bulk Ammunition 300 Round Gorilla Self Defense 9mm 147gr Speer Gold Dot $375.00

That works out to $1.25 a shell. You have got to bee out of your minds.

Dogma Factor

Boom and another one is shows up just in time to gouge us.


55GR .223 – UNDER 3000 FPS – $1.33 per round.

Deplorable Bill

Are you telling us that 66 cents per round of 223/556 f.m.j. is a good deal? Most anyone who is competent on reloading can easily beat this price by 50% or more. If you don’t already reload, you have some time on your hands with this virus and it’s effects on the nation. Grab yourself a GOOD loader (like a Dillon for instance) and get cranking. At about the 2K mark in reloads, your machinery is about paid for and the rest is gravy. Most any of their rifle caliber sized machines will easily do 350 rounds per hour. The… Read more »

AZ Lefty

PSA is selling Winchester white box for .68 a round

Just Dave

DB could you spare a little of your time? I’m new here. Would like to talk about the above topic. Don’t know how to send pm’s…


Ah No, have you bought any primers lately? Best I found was 15 cents each from a hoarder., and no creditable suppliers or gun stores have any….


Like you, I kind of read it that was at first, also. But if I calculate right, 150 rounds for $199.00 is the inverse, or $1.33 per round. Yay! What a deal! Not.


.66 cents a round?
150 rounds $199.00 by my math is $1.33 per round.


Finding primers is as hard as finding ammo.


That’s because the manufacturers/wholesalers/distributers/retailers didn’t charge enough. What do you want low price or availability?


That must be one nice bucket!


I bought a bulk box of 1000 xm193 5.56 from Federal a week before everything went to hell for $320 including shipping and hazmat fees. It was on sale fortunately but far from deeply discounted. These guys want $400 for 600 rounds of basic .223? I have been watching ammo prices very closely for the two months prior to COVID preparing to buy some bulk ammo and I’ve been watching it since. Not for buying but to see who’s adjusting prices accordingly and who’s gouging. The last time this happened I paid attention and I no longer do business with… Read more »


Fair enough, thanks for adding that information to the ad. I don’t buy Gorilla, how much higher than normal is this price? Considering every competition I’ve come across has been cancelled or indefinitely rescheduled, even match ammo is going to be a hard sell. All the folks I know who compete reload practice ammo and otherwise buy the cheapest name brand practice ammo. Now I’m curious who shoots this stuff. The big dogs in the game usually get sponser ammo or big discounts on purchasing. There’s got to be a lot of people buying it to keep them in business… Read more »


That is still gouging. Gorilla doesn’t deserve support.


That’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the last time we had ammo shortages and the democrats wanted to ban magazines that held more than 10 rounds. Cheaper Than Dirt starting increasingly ammo prices exponentially and charging $80 or more for a single Pmag. They tried the same thing during this pandemic. They got blasted by several of the popular gun media groups and channels. I don’t know if they backed off or if they are still doing it as I swore off CTD after their reprehensible behavior the first time around. They are not pro 2nd Amendment,… Read more »


Yea, CTD is gouging big time, 147 gr 9mm 20 box $56 and some cents.


I agre – about the Price Gouging — It’s Ridiculous! And My Local shops Will NEVER SEE ME AGAIN — That I have been LOYAL to for many years !!! For now I have started to LOAD my Own !!!!


These prices are for all those people who scoff at preppers.


Can you imagine what all these new gun owners that bought their first handgun for self defense are thinking right now? I got this here gun, and it is gonna cost me about 80 cents a round to shooot it? This is what supply and demand means, folks. For all of you who did not forsee the possibility of this end of the world scenario, I truly sympathise with ya’ll. I hope that we, in my family, have enough stock on hand to carry us until next year, because Sam at SGAMMO has said we haven’t hit bottom yet, and… Read more »


Just checked out SGammo again after Sam sent me another email. They have nine mm available today for 27 cents per rd., if you buy a thousand, limit 1 per customer. I bought 5 months ago the same stuff for 16 cents a round……If you are in need of ammo, and have the money, you’d better act now before all of this is gone too.

Ryben Flynn

66¢ a round for the 55gr. .223. 75¢ for 300BLK. Screw that! I say price gouging.
You’re better off loading your own. 55gr. bulk is 10¢ a piece, brass the same, powder and primer another 6¢ for 26¢ a round. That’s what it costs me.
If your are being charged more than 40¢ a round for .223 it’s a scam.


, Have you been paying any attention to the price of ammo in the last month? Most places don’t have anything available at all…………what they show you is that everything is backordered. The only place that I can see very much availability is SGAMMO.com. Yesterday the cheapest price per round for 9mm was 50 cents apiece and that was in BULK.


Just got home from cabelas. 500 round red/white box of 9mm winchester ammo for 99$. Bought 4 boxes because that’s all they’d let me buy haha.

Ryben Flynn

I load my own. Except for .22LR.
So far no problems getting powder and brass. I have plenty of primers. Some caliber bullets are in short supply, but searching finds somebody with them in stock.

Ansel Hazen

My press is blue. What’s yours?


Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Lucky Gunner got these prices beat all day, every day


According to their “terms and conditions” they RESTOCK ammo that is returned within thirty days. There is a another online business that sells ammo using the same bullet at 65 fps faster for 45 cents less a round and it’s actual Speer ammo. “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”


Ammoland Y’ALL need to tighten up on advertisers now this is NOT a good deal. If they want to show ads they need to understand we are not DEMOCRAT/LIBERAL first time buyers here.


I don’t agree with the thumbs down.
The prices quoted are Not a deal let alone a good deal.
That said, however, I agree with Oldvet that Ammoland is only passing along what the advertiser is offering.


Am I doing the math right? 80 cents a round for 9MM?


That is the same price Speer is selling their self defense ammo, but with nickel cases. Does Gorilla actually make any ammo or just load other brands of components?


Bobtail, No, actually you didn’t do the math right. No, it isn’t 80 cents a round for 9mm… it’s worse! $375 for 300 rounds is $1.25 a round! I wonder if those are special rounds for that gun in the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”?


Wow, these are price gouging level numbers!


@Oldvet – A month ago, if you scanned down the page on ammoseek – past the reasonable prices – there were online retailers listing ammo at prices even higher than $0.50 for 556. Doubt they were selling much then. However low price retailers have run out of what they bought cheap. Some are certainly gouging, but my favorite (sgammo) is selling 9mm FMJ for ~$0.30 instead of $0.18. While they are doing great on volume – I suspect they are paying more to distributors in both price and for expedited delivery, plus paying half their staff to stay home instead… Read more »


This is not a good deal. Heck, the prices are not even fair.


These numbers are a misprint right? Is this a DEMOCRAT ad?


This has got to be one of the top worst ever deals on ammo I have ever seen. Literally no one is going to buy this haha. I dont know why you guys even listed this here.

Heed the Call-up

They got paid….


It’s just me, but….I would never purchase ammo online or with a credit card. I only shop local and pay in cash for any ammo. Paranoid?…who, me?..Where!

Last edited 1 year ago by BOB

Alcohol, tobacco, firearms . . . (ammo) . . . CASH!


Can I get a side of vasaline with that?




Is there no shame? Yes, it is a good time to rip off the public and fill the bank account.


Did you try to order some from BP? I ordered some on April 6th, it’s supposed to ship by May 6th and the ship date has already changed 3 times. It’s a great price if I get it.

Ryben Flynn

New email from ammoland has big sale at Sportsman’s Guide. Won’t be available until 6/17. But PSA has this.



147 gr 9mm for $375 equates to 62.50 a box of 50. Screw that!