Gun Deal: New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ Pistol just.. $359.00 Limit 1 Per Household

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Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD Pistol Deal july2020
Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD Pistol Deal

USA – -( Primary Arms has a sale running on the newest model GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ pistol in black for just $359.00. Compare that top the same product here and even here and here and you see why this is a great buy, besides just the fact that it is in stock! Limit 1 per household. Quantities exceeding 1 will not allow checkout.

The Glock 44 is chambered in the most powerful handgun round in the world… 22lr. Ok so maybe not the most powerful, but definitely the most fun and affordable. Buy Now Gun Deals

The Glock G44 22lr pistol features the same grip size as the compact G19 but because it is chambered in .22 LR. It makes this the perfect platform for training new shooters who will eventually move up to 9mm. Additionally, the low cost of 22 ammunition combined with the familiar controls make this great for high volume training while spending half the money. The Glock 44 compact polymer frame comes with multiple different backstraps to customize the fit to any hand size and the to included 10 round magazines features loading levers for easy loading. For a reliable, affordable, Glock pattern training platform, check out the G44 22lr pistol.


  • Chambered in .22 LR
  • Polymer / steel hybrid slide
  • Front and rear slide serrations
  • Compact G19 size frame
  • Same controls and ergonomics
  • Includes multiple backstraps
  • Standard light mount
  • Safe trigger
  • Glock Marksman barrel
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Includes two 10 round magazines

The G44 slide features a hybrid polymer and steel design to reduce overall weight and reciprocating mass for lower felt recoil. Tested with a wide variety of ammo, the G44 is extremely reliable and the Glock Marksman barrel ensures even the cheapest rounds will hit their mark. The rear sights are also adjustable to dial in your accuracy.

Glock is committed to Perfection in all their firearms and products. With a loyal following of law enforcement, military, and sport shooters, Glock has become the leading global pistol manufacturer. Renowned for its pistols which are safe, simple, and fast, Glock looks to continue pursuing perfection in design, engineering, and manufacturing. Add a Glock to your personal collection, you will be happy that you did.

Gun Deals: Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ Pistol ..just $359.00

or check the same deal here..

Gun Deals: Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ Pistol ..also just $359.00

The GLOCK G44 is well-reviewed:

Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD 4.02″ Pistol Deal Cart Check 07/20/2020:

Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD Pistol Deal Cart Check july2020
Brand New GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD Pistol Deal Cart Check

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Still a glock.


I thought that the idea with .22lr was that it was easier to get ahold of. If that is the idea, we need a 30-06 pistol. The stores are stocked with it!

uncle dudley

If this model #44 has a Glock marksman barrel why would you need adjustable sights?
Don’t they have confidence in their product.


90% plastic, with the GLOCK name branded on it. NOT worth more than $200.00 MAX.
Remove the GLOCK name, you have a $150.00 pistol.


Kind of about the same price as an Advantage Arms conversion kit. Which from my experience works just great with decent .22 ammo.


I purchased a G44 when they first became available, based on my prior experiences with Glock firearms. I find that this one does not measure up, and judging from user reviews, not marketing hype, I am not alone. My G44 has multiple issues with failure to extract or eject, and is super sensitive to the ammo used. Sad, but this item is just not of the Glock quality and dependability we have come to appreciate in their other firearms. Will I still own Glocks? Of course; their other guns are great. The G44 appears to be a one-off failure which… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

They can’t do that as Gaston created perfection, if only in his mind.


Glock’s motto should be “seeking perfection.” I mean after all..what do we have now? Generation FIVE?


Most .22 pistols are “sensitive” to the ammo used. Crap ammo, crap performance.


The Ruger SR22 must be an exception. I’ve never had an issue with it and at least 1000 rounds of assorted ammo.


WHAT? you had to clean a brand new gun right out of the box? How does that make any sense? What was “dirty”?


I will buy your G44 for $100.00 right now, since you are so unhappy with it.

Green Mtn. Boy

“Once you start with perfection – you stay with perfection.”

Now if Polymer 80 would produce a frame compatable with the G 44 upper so I could truly enjoy perfection as all my other Glocks,Gaston won’t listen to his costumers but Polymer 80 does.


Gaston is too busy spending his billions to listen to the customers that made him a billionaire. Sort of like Bozo from Amazon.