HERO Re-Releases HERO2020 Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tool

Hero 2020 Non-Lethal
HERO’s new HERO2020 non-lethal self-defense tool. IMG HERO

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- HERO Defense Systems LLC, a manufacturer of non-lethal personal defense devices, announced today the re-release of HERO 2020. After being held up for months by COVID-19 shutdowns, the national supply chain is finally able to resume production and deliver parts to HERO distribution. Today HERO 2020 is once more available for purchase at HERO.US.com.

A New Class of Non-lethal Protection

This non-lethal, best in class defense device combines powerful and reliable features into a compact solution. HERO 2020’s award-winning design is easy to conceal and simple to use, a great fit for any lifestyle. Its innovative interchangeable cartridges are a stand out feature, allowing users to swap cartridges quickly and easily to fit any environment. HERO 2020 currently boasts three cartridge choices: Pava Ball, Pava Gel, and the newly released Pava Burst. Cartridges can be changed out in seconds and contain two rounds of PAVA/OC based irritant. A rechargeable onboard battery powers the 600-lumen stun light and laser aim assist. HERO 2020 was designed for comfort and usability. It’s compact size, sleek shape, and lightweight make it easy to carry while the dual finger trigger and double-sided safety make using it a breeze.

“We’re proud to relaunch our first product and get back to the business of saving lives. It’s important to all of us to stay focused on building the highest quality, user friendly, non-lethal solutions around. HERO 2020 and the accompanying accessories gives users a choice, a complete solution for self defense. We provide the training, and you build confidence.
We remain committed to our family, friends, customers, and distribution partners to provide products and training that are reliable, effective, and save lives.”
– David Clemons, Co-Founder and Partner, HERO Defense Systems

HERO 2020 is the first in a line of non-lethal products from HERO Defense Systems. A second, smaller device is planned for release in January 2021 at the annual Shot Show in Las Vegas.

The Need For Non-Lethal

As the world turns, all nations and people feel the pressure to protect themselves and their families. Safety from violence is a real and growing topic in personal and national conversation. HERO is listening. The team is working around the clock to create a non-lethal movement that saves lives. The mission at HERO is no secret: train over a million people in the use of non-lethal defense while teaching the life-saving skill of situational awareness. HERO is developing reliable and effective non-lethal tools to defend. Every product design, training program, workshop, and specialist at HERO strives for quality, reliability, and safety: values that save lives.

HERO products are not considered firearms under federal law. Some restrictions on usage and age may apply in certain states.

Hero Logo

About HERO:

HERO designs and manufactures less-lethal, self-defense products for the consumer and the professional. Our high-powered products provide a low cost, less-lethal, personal protection solution that is both affordable and saves lives.

For more information visit HERO.US.com.

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Dogma Factor

Bad guys carry guns too. If your life is being threatened, you’ll more than likely loose if you are depended on a device such as this.


The halls of history are littered with “good inventions.” And there are reasons for that.


Hi Roy – thanks for the comment – it reminds us everyday we have risk running a new business. Its not easy to take an idea like this through design prototypes and production, then through distribution. The financial cost is a considerable investment. We really run our business based on our mission to save lives and bring products to the market that people will catch on to. So far we are making a difference. Reach out to us – we need more smart people that care about the non-lethal space. David


If a crowd of a hundred “peaceful protestors” tries to pull you out of your car and introduce you to the joy of skateboarding, I wouldn’t want to bet my life on this. I think I’ll stick to the real deal.


Mike11c – We are in full support of both lethal protection and non-lethal. We know there are instances where non-lethal will not be a perfect solution, but we believe that having a solution (like non-lethal) is better and more effective than having nothing at all. We are focused on creating a way for people to learn and carry. Its important to us, and our customers. Maybe you would consider connecting with us and providing some more feedback when you practice with our products? We would like that.


You may as well shoot an attacker with a firearm as shoot them with this thing. In most states, the penalties for illegal use are the same.


(nobodyyuknow) Great name ! We observe the states that restrict pepper spray, the state restrictions for non-lethal carry are on our home page and our ordering page restricts a few states – but in almost all states Pepper Spray is legal with some restrictions – like age, volume of Pepper, felons can not carry, sold only by a reseller. I think there are 10 states that have some of these restrictions , it varies. I spend a lot of time at the range – and can tell you I’d rather pull one of these non-lethals out – where it meets… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

MSRP ~$290-330, Refills ~$15.


Dave in Fairfax – Hello and thank you for posting!
We are a small business- new manufacturing company and have a lot to learn in this industry and building relationships with media groups. Ammoland is a highly respected group and that why we are following up with you and your loyal fans.

Our established retail is $289.00. We often offer coupons and monthly give aways and sometimes free add ons.

I’d like to offer our services and products for a deeper non-lethal insight – let me / us know where we can help.



Looks like a poorly thought out copy of the $49.95 Kimber pepper blaster.
Is shouldn’t be long before Kimber files for patent infringement. I wouldn’t buy as support will probably be nonexistent.


Thanks for the feedback about our Hero2020 non-lethal, I think we need to do a better job at getting our story out, as we have worked really hard for over 2 1/2 years on our own product patents, engineering every part and piece of these new and different products. We have built these products to save lives and provide personal confidence in maintaining our active life styles. Its easy online to beat up new products – and we need this community to give us a fair opportunity to let customers review our products , share their opinion and personal stories.… Read more »