NRA-ILA: Bloomberg and His Billions Just Won’t Go Away

Bloomberg NRA-ILA
Bloomberg isn’t done meddling in politics, not by a long shot. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( There once was a time when the far left pretended that it was deeply offended by money being involved in politics. They still spent millions to win elections, with Democrat presidential candidates regularly outspending their Republican opponents. The last time a Republican candidate for President outspent his rival was in 2000.

But failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is putting the final nail in the coffin of the lie that Democrats are opposed to money in politics.

Bloomberg is worth billions, and we now know he will throw good money after bad in order to be perceived as a major Democrat player. Although he was successful when he spent record amounts of money to buy three terms as New York City mayor—the third term requiring a brief suspension of NYC’s term limits—and he has claimed he “bought” Democrats a majority in Congress in 2018, his financial acumen doesn’t appear to work well on the national stage.

When he decided the Democrat nomination for president should be for sale, he burned through more than a billion dollars in roughly three months in one of the worst political campaigns in history. At least he seems to have a solid fan base in American Samoa to show for his efforts.

Since abandoning his attempt to be the head of the Democratic Party through election, he has now apparently committed himself to something more aligned with his business background—a leveraged buyout of the party.

After he quit, he funneled $18 million of his presidential campaign funds directly to the Democratic National Committee. While the Federal Election Commission (FEC) states that an individual may contribute only $35,500.00 per year to a political party’s national committee, there are no limits to how much a candidate’s committee may transfer to a national committee.

The $18 million, however, was the proverbial drop in the bucket.

Bloomberg has also committed to spending $60 million, through his personal anti-gun advocacy organization, Everytown for Gun Safety, to elect anti-gun Democrats to Congress. Recently, the group began running ads to flip US Senate seats in North Carolina and Iowa. These ads, however, barely even mention firearms. Perhaps one lesson Bloomberg learned from his failed national campaign is that pushing his true, draconian anti-gun agenda simply won’t sell to an American public that is currently embracing the Second Amendment as it never has before.

This lesson, apparently, has also been learned by other anti-gun activists, who are trying to convince America that the Harris-Biden…er…Biden-Harris ticket is not going to go after law-abiding gun owners if elected.

But Bloomberg and his group show they are ironically challenged by trying to portray themselves in their ads as being opposed to lobbyists, special interests, and the influence of money in politics. Yes, a lobbying, special interest organization is going to spend $60 million dollars to rail against lobbying, special interest groups that spend money in politics.

And that proverbial bucket continues to fill.

The latest pledge from Bloomberg is that he will spend at least $100 million in Florida to elect Joe Biden.

In the past, Bloomberg’s presidential rivals have spoken out against his attempts to purchase the Oval Office. Fellow failed presidential candidate US Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) once said of Bloomberg’s campaign for the Democratic nomination, “Michael Bloomberg is making a bet about democracy in 2020. He doesn’t need people, he only needs bags and bags of money. I think Michael Bloomberg is wrong.”

For what it’s worth, Warren was correct, at the time.

Two-time failed candidate US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said, while the two were still rivals, “He thinks he can buy this election. Well, I’ve got news for Mr. Bloomberg—the American people are sick and tired of billionaires buying elections!”

It is likely these two no longer feel the same way about Bloomberg, now that his fortune, which some estimate as high as $60 billion, is going to be spent on their candidate.

Even Joe Biden, the beneficiary of Bloomberg’s pledged largesse, chided the former mayor during the primary campaign, “$60 billion can buy you a lot of advertising, but it can’t erase your record.”

Perhaps it could not erase Bloomberg’s record, but Biden is clearly hoping it will erase his own.

As the race continues to tighten, and the finish line of November 3 gets closer, it would come as no surprise to see Bloomberg continue with his unprecedented spending spree. He can afford to burn through billions of dollars in his quest to elect the most anti-gun president this country has ever seen. Originally, he hoped he could purchase that position for himself, but now he hopes to buy it for Biden.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

About NRA-ILA:

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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1st question: Why wasn’t he prosecuted for violating federal gun laws when he conspired to make all those out of state gun buys????? The other, # 2 how long has he been on Putin’s payroll????

Get Out

Let’s all hope he loses all of that money too.


He may have lots of green but I believe he is lacking in some grey matter.


Little Mike wants to be just like George Soros.


I love seeing Blumturd peeing his money away. He thinks that he can buy anyone or anything he wants, just like you can in New York City where he bought a third term as Mayor. Let him p*ss his money away, it’s employing people and showing the world what kind of a**hole he really is. There’s a place reserved for him in Hell with Ted Kennedy and Little John McCain and the newest arrival RBG.

American Cynic

When the SHTF, and all bets are off… I doubt Soros and Bloomberg will stick around. Both will go elsewhere to lie low. Simply, both these men will be first to have targets on their backs; along with the liberal prosecuters they helped get elected. My dad used to say in his native language, “If you can’t go over, then you have to go under.” Y’all know what I mean. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Last edited 1 year ago by American Cynic

The shadow orgs they fund and control will continue on after they are gone.


but you need to cut the head off the snake for a start.

Rebel VA

Be careful, a rattlesnake head can still bite when severed!

uncle dudley

Greed and power is all this little man lives for and he doesn’t act like all that cash he has acquired has made him a happy person, same with Soros and other super rich people, they want to be in charge because they dislike Trump.


I once spoke with a rich man who’s health was failing because of the stress of his business in politics. I asked him, you have millions, why don’t you retire and enjoy the money you have what you need. He looked at me with a smile and said money is not everything, once you have the money then you want the power and I love to make people squirm with my power.

Rebel VA

Choot im!


I have faith that Soros, Bloomies and many other supporters of this attack on our System are in the sights of the justice department as I type. Judging from last nights charade in Kentucky, as the Guardsmen were fully loaded, they are not going to be held back like they were in Seattle. The end is near.


Seattle should have never abandoned the precinct, should have locked and loaded up, you walk inside with a fire bomb, you get DRT.


I hope so much that you are right. I don’t want a civil war but what am I expected to do when it comes to my door. I am not going to fall on the floor, cry and look for a safe space, I am going to fight to keep my safe space and my neighbors too.


Now the dirty little creep is bribing felons in my State Florida. God Damn Yankee Carpet Bagger!


His money may not go away, but he might just find himself it a deep dark hole!


Look how much this putz spent on attempting to become POTUS. Might as well thrown all of that ca$h down the toilet. People vote; money does not.


For the second time. Per his slip when running for president. I bought all the politicians. He is not done buying all of them yet but to his surprise some cant be bought and maybe their are more of them, republicans, than demonrats and Rino’s like Romney.