Parson Shows the Show Me State Support for the Second Amendment

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Parson Shows the Show Me State Support for the Second Amendment, iStock-884171048

Missouri – -( The elections for the United States Senate and the White House are both drawing a great deal of attention, especially with the vacancy now present on the Supreme Court. But this is no reason to ignore gubernatorial races – which are taking place in a number of states across the country.

One of those states is Missouri, where Mike Parson is running for a term in his own right. Parsons was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2016, but took over the top office after Eric Greitens resigned following a dubious indictment.

His tenure as Governor has not seen much movement, but during his time in the state legislature, he co-sponsored legislation to expand “Castle Doctrine” protections. This latest legislative session did see some pro-Second Amendment legislation get knocked off track due to the Wuhan coronavirus, and it is a fair bet to assume he would have signed it.

Missouri was once the epitome of a swing state – it voted with every presidential winner for a number of years. Since 2008, though, it has voted reliable for Republicans. That was cemented with the 2018 defeat of Claire McCaskill, an anti-Second Amendment extremist, by Josh Hawley, as well as President Trump’s margin of victory of just under 20 points. Hawley, though, won by a margin of just under six percent.

That said, the 2016 gubernatorial race was closer to the split seen in Hawley’s successful Senate campaign as opposed to Trump’s 20-point blowout, with Greitens winning by about six points. Prior to that, it should be noted that Jay Nixon won in 2008 (58.4 percent) and 2012 (54.8 percent), despite Missouri being carried by John McCain (49.43 percent) and Mitt Romney (53.76 percent) in those years. Claire McCaskill also won her 2012 Senate race against Todd Akin by about 15 points.

As a result, Second Amendment supporters can’t take the campaign of State Auditor Nicole Galloway to unseat Parson lightly. She is calling for “universal background checks,” among other anti-Second Amendment actions, including a repeal of state preemption. It is also a safe bet that she is downplaying – or even avoiding – taking a position on other elements of the extreme agenda pushed by the likes of Mike Bloomberg – labeling them as “commonsense gun safety measures” in an effort to gaslight people in the Show Me state.

Second Amendment supporters can check out Parson’s campaign web site here. They also need to donate generously to the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to ensure that Parson and other pro-Second Amendment elected officials at all levels are elected on November 3.

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Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Parsons does stand in for 2nd Amendment but the rest of the politicians won’t back him to the fullest. They also have a screwy system that you have to go through to get a Conceal to Carry Permit, not needed if in the state but you need it to go out of state, that is where the fun starts, NO credit for military service, must take the N R A safety coarse, qualify with your gun, then you get the certificate that you completed the coarse, then you can go to the county sheriff to apply for it, then when… Read more »

Joe Wilson

I see you recommend giving to the NRA Political Victory fund to help Parson.

I have a question if you give to the NRA Political victory fund to help Parson will 100% of what you donate go to Parson or what part of your donation will go to maintaining Wayne’s lifestyle or to pay for Wayne’s lawyers to keep him out of jail?


Your ignorance is why Americans will lose their gun Rights.
You blithely regurgitate the LIES of SAF, GOA, CCRKBA and the democrat scum.
As for an anti-gun shill…you make a good one.


Yes that is what he said. But why wait with all the S##t she said about him. Time to show decency and respect? Where is that from the demonrats. None of them treat our President with respect like George Ramos or Jim Acosta, he should have never been allowed back in and now he is starting to get aggressive again, listen to Hitlary, Biden, Shumer, craposi, AOC, Bernie!!!! All of the left including governors that make threats.. Screwem. Tell us today who it is going to be and then do the following. This Sunday have a special session and start… Read more »


ONLY donate to the candidate.
WLP is a POS, but the NRA is powerful.


Please stop lying to us. If Parson is in danger of losing to Galloway, who also regularly has abused her current position, it’s because he’s told us quite clearly he’s a gun grabber. If the Republicans in the state house are in danger of losing their super majorities, it’s because they decisively switched to gun grabbing in the last couple of years, although you might date it to after 2016, the last time they passed anything pro-gun.