Montana You Need to Vote to Keep Steve Daines in the U.S. Senate ~ VIDEO

U.S.A.-( Daines is the junior United States Senator for Montana. He is running for reelection against Governor Steve Bullock in a close race.

Steve Daines grew up in Bozeman Montana and attended Montana State University. He is a visionary. In 2000, he served as Vice President of a cloud computing company before cloud computing became a household term. Although he had success in private industry, he never lost his love for Montana. He decided to serve in the U.S Senate to give back to his home state.

Steve Daines is a defender of gun rights. He opposed Fix NICS and have fought to protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Gun Owners of America has endorsed Daines for Senate. The gun-rights organization believes this race is critical to stop the Senate from falling into the hands of anti-gun politicians.

Re-Elect Senator Steve Daines to U.S. Senate

I had a chance to speak with Senator Daines about guns and his reelection campaign.

John: Why did you decide to go into public office?

Senator Daines: It’s simple: I’m running for More Jobs and Less Government. I spent 28 years in the private sector building businesses and creating jobs, and I know it takes to create better-paying jobs and opportunities for Montanans. I’m also running to protect our way of life that is under assault by the radical left who want to implement a socialist agenda and rip away our Second Amendment Rights.

John: Montana Governor Steve Bullock is challenging you for your Senate seat. What can you offer the people of your state that Bullock cannot?

Senator Daines: I’m running to serve Montanans and to protect our Montana Way of Life. Steve Bullock is running to serve Chuck Schumer- Schumer personally flew to Montana to successfully recruit Bullock into the race. Bullock will just be one more vote for Chuck Schumer’s radical liberal agenda that threatens our freedoms and liberties.

John: Montana has a big oil industry as well as a big mining industry. Vice President Biden wants to eliminate both which would crush Montana’s economy. Bullock is a Biden supporter. Will you pledge to fight against the devastating energy policies of the Democrats?

Senator Daines: Absolutely – what we’ve heard from Joe Biden is chilling, what he said would destroy thousands of jobs alone right here in Montana. And also deeply concerning is the fact that when my liberal opponent, Steve Bullock, ran for president, he came out in support of a job-killing carbon tax that would threaten 35,000 good-paying Montana jobs and opposed the Keystone XL Pipeline. I will always stand strong and fight back against any attempt to harm our economy and our Montana jobs.

John: What do you think about all the civil unrest going on in the Country?

Senator Daines: The violence and looting, and the villainizing of our police officers is unacceptable and should be condemned by every single American. The rioting we’ve seen from the Liberal Mob, and the radical calls to defund the police is outrageous and I’m proud to always stand with our men and women in law enforcement.

Senator Daines Supports our brave Law Enforcement
Senator Daines Supports our brave Law Enforcement
Senator Daines Supports our brave Law Enforcement
Senator Daines Supports our brave Law Enforcement

John: If you win, what will be your number one goal in your next term?

Senator Daines: We must absolutely protect our Second Amendment Rights from the liberals back in Washington who want nothing more than to take away our right to bear arms. Our freedoms are under attack. I will stand strong with gun owners across this nation to protect our constitutional rights.

John: Now onto guns. You are endorsed by Gun Owners of America, so we know you are pro-gun. I want to dig deeper into your stances and how you will help expand gun rights.

Will you compromise away our rights like so many other Republicans have done in the past?

Senator Daines: Absolutely not – I have a proven record and that will never change. I will never compromise on fighting to protect and defend our Second Amendment Rights. The Constitution is clear: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

John: Will you pledge to support national reciprocity?

Senator Daines: Absolutely, and I have already co-sponsored legislation to do just that – the Constitution Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.

Senator Daines respects and enjoys our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Senator Daines respects and enjoys our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Senator Daines respects and enjoys our Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Senator Daines respects and enjoys our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

John: What steps can be taken to dismantle the NFA?

Senator Daines: I’ll always be supportive of efforts like the Hearing Protection Act which would begin to roll back some of the onerous regulations prescribed under the National Firearm Act.

John: Why is the Second Amendment important to you?

Senator Daines: The Second Amendment is important to me because it’s about protecting our constitutional rights and our way of life. It represents who we are as Americans and Montanans– but unfortunately, our Second Amendment is under attack from the radical left including my opponent, Steve Bullock. I will never stop fighting to protect our Second Amendment Rights.

Senator Steve Daines and President Trump
Senator Steve Daines and President Trump

John: How can people help you win?

Senator Daines: We need all the help we can get right now – we are being significantly outraised and this race is in a dead heat, please visit to chip in any amount that you can give to help us right now.

We would be grateful for any support. The left is organized and incredibly well-funded, and we have to fight back together if we want to win this. We must get this done for Montana and America.

Steve Daines has an A+ rating from the NRA and an A rating from GOA.  His opponent,  Steve Bullock, has an F rating from the NRA and an F-from GOA respectively. 

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people from all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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Dear Montana; should you elect Bollocks it would save you time, effort and money to just move your capitol to Sacramento.