Rep. Crenshaw and Texas Reloaded Candidates Unload on Guns, Election

By Matt Manda

Dan Crenshaw Official Portrait
Representative Dan Crenshaw leads pro-gun ‘Texas Reloaded’ against anti-gun efforts of Bloomberg and his cronies in Texas. IMG

U.S.A. -( Gun rights are in the DNA of Texans and freshman U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) had seen enough intrusion on the firearm industry and firearm ownership. He put his foot down and took action.

Noticing the likes of gun control billionaire and failed Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg and other antigun groups pledging millions to flip Texas legislative seats for more gun control, Rep. Crenshaw went on the offense. He encouraged several candidates to mount challenger campaigns in the Lone Star State to help keep congressional seats in the hands of Second Amendment supporters. Rep. Crenshaw even organized an “Avengers”-themed campaign video to help boost his recruits to “Save Texas.”

The Second Amendment Superheroes, dubbed “Texas Reloaded,” joined forces and spoke with dozens of firearm industry leaders about critical industry issues during a virtual town hall event in the latest of the NSSF Political Action Committee (PAC) series. Moderated by NSSF’s Larry Keane, the event included Rep. Crenshaw (R-Texas-2) and U.S. Congressional candidates Wesley Hunt (R-Texas-7), Tony Gonzales (R-Texas-23), Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas-24), and Genevieve Collins (R-Texas-32). Each candidate is running their own congressional contest, but all spoke to the unique and important role the Second Amendment plays in their respective races.

Texas Traditions

Keane addressed how the Democratic presidential ticket of former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is setting the table for severe gun control at the federal level.

“It is, without question, the most antigun platform of any ticket that we’ve ever seen,” Keane warned. “They want to ban and confiscate modern sporting rifles. They want to impose liability on the industry for the actions of criminals. And the list goes on and on,” Keane warned.

“The issue of gun control is something that is very serious to us, especially in light of what we’ve seen in Portland and Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta,” explained Wesley Hunt, a West Point graduate and former Army helicopter pilot. “You’re talking about these areas not being able to rely on law enforcement to be able to defend them. It becomes incumbent upon the people to own weapons to defend themselves, and so here in Texas, if you haven’t noticed, we haven’t seen that high level of violence.”

Former Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Tony Gonzales noted some early advice he received. Gonzalez was to be cautious and tiptoe on the Second Amendment. His response was the opposite.

“We haven’t done that. We’ve leaned into it,” Gonzales said. “These [the Second Amendment] are Texas values and at the end of the day, we believe they are going to hold true.”

Former Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne explained of how she’d seen the gun control messages of antigun groups like Everytown and Moms Demand Action ring empty.

“They’ve fallen completely flat when you’ve seen mob rules across cities in the country. When you’ve seen in Dallas, in this district, riots that have happened and gone into neighborhoods,” Van Duyne said. “You’ve seen a lot of moms, a lot of citizens saying this is ridiculous. You can’t at the same time talk about defunding the police, you can’t talk about letting criminals out, and then take away our way of being able to protect ourselves. It’s become less an issue on gun control and more an issue on safety.”

Genevieve Collins, the first woman to serve on the Dallas City Council, described her own recent experience with a burglar in her home. She recalled the words of wisdom her dad passed on to her Texas roots of firearm owners and the importance of possessing and being familiar with using a firearm.

“A Texas woman has to be able to shoot, kill, clean, cook and eat your kill one day, and then wear a dress and work a board room the next,” Collins said. “That is exactly who I am and that is who a lot of women in our community are. There are a lot of suburban women in my district and the reality is they just want their kids and their families to be safe.”

Growing Gun Owners

NSSF’s Keane recalled current industry trends and described the national landscape and the importance of the congressional candidates’ support for the Second Amendment as vital to the industry. Firearm sales have reached historic highs due to coronavirus pandemic shutdowns and the subsequent ongoing riots, violence, and looting occurring in cities across the country. Law enforcement has been stretched thin and calls to “defund the police” continue. That’s created a growing diversity among gun owners as well. Of the nearly 16 million firearms sold so far in 2020, more than 6.2 million have been to first-time buyers.

Rep. Crenshaw cut to the chase about how the Second Amendment movement can continue the momentum and the importance for the industry and existing gun owners to change the way they recruit and welcome new firearm owners into the community.

“We need a lot less guys dressing up in their Call of Duty outfits, marching through the streets and we need a lot more women who are talking about how they need the right to defend themselves against a larger man. That’s the argument – and it’s a good argument.” Rep. Crenshaw said. “We should really take advantage of this current environment where people understand that self-defense is important. The right to self-defense is an individual right, a God-given right, it does not get taken away.”

There are less than two weeks to go before the Nov. 3 Election Day and millions of Americans have already begun casting their ballots. NSSF launched the #GUNVOTE campaign to make sure gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are educated and energized to vote so they don’t risk their rights.

About The National Shooting Sports Foundation

NSSF is the trade association for the firearm industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, firearm retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations, and publishers nationwide. For more information, visit

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Dan Crenshaw stood in solidarity with Mothers Demand Action, he’s a RINO and no friend of gun owners. He got off on handling every weapon he could as a SEAL, but he HATES the very thought of us Common Americans having access to similar weapons.


He also pushes corrupt “Cap & Trade”. Crenshaw’s another RINO abusing a military record to cover corruption & betrayals, like McStain, George Bush, Duke Cunningham and so many others. Why do so many Republicans fall for this?

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Because the Republican or conservative persons in this nation draw from APATHY!




@MTX; This is what I remember about D. Crenshaw. HE STOOD WITH THE ANTI-GUNNERS in RECENT PAST PROCLAMATIONS. What has changed his mind — or is this a ploy to continue his political career?


“What has changed his mind — or is this a ploy to continue his political career?”

He is up for re-election and doesn’t want to lose the progun vote. He still may be better than a Democrat but we need to watch him like a hawk. Might be a good idea to find a strong 2A replacement for the next primary.

Green Mtn. Boy

I think not as Mr. Crenshaw doesn’t have a problem with the violation of Americans due process rights, next worthless politician.


Dan Crenshaw is a LYING FRAUD! He loved handling every weapon he could lay his hands on when he was a SEAL, but his views on civilian ownership of similar weapons are decidedly anti-2nd Amendment. He STOOD in solidarity with Mothers Demand Action (Bloomberg activists), see the damning picture here:

Dan Crenshaw is an anti-Trump RINO, story after story on his idiocy here:


I am pretty sure that no one in this picture had a firearm on their person.
comment image


“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”
I don’t know who made that quote but they knew what they were saying.
Any politician who stands against the rights of every American citizen is a member of the criminal element who seeks through paying off the political element to put the American citizens at the mercy of the criminal element.
Navy Seals are the elite of our military, but it looks like this one has joined the enemy of our country, shame on him.


It’s all about getting elected and reelected.
Since Mr. Crenshaw is the only one of this lot who is a sitting Member of the House of Representatives. If I remember correctly, he voted for Red Flag Laws.
His Freedom Index is a HORRIBLE 40%.
The Freedom Index can be found here.

Say, if that bill passes will it increase the size, cost, reach and power of government?????


There are many in the Military and Law Enforcement that DO NOT believe American Civilians should own firearms. Either because of lack of training or because they have their guns and want the door shut behind them, only special people such as themselves have “earned” the Right to possess arms. The Bill of Rights is not an “a la carte” to pick and choose from, you support them all per your OATH, or find another profession. We cannot trust politicians anymore, they lie to feather their nests. I fear this is an effort of trickery by Crenshaw. Past behaviour is… Read more »


Well said.


The NSSF is once again shilling for a anti-2A Republican.


N$$F’s priority is $$$, not 2A.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r

Didn’t Crenshaw endorse red flag laws and universal background checks and support the “common sense” gun safety movement (aka the fake pro 2A groups funded by anti gun Bloomberg)? Hmmm…..doesn’t sound like the pro 2A warrior he’s portrayed as. Better than the alternative? Possible, but still screams fudd.

……and then they came for my double barrel shotgun.

Jeremy B.

Maybe he felt a little heat from that and has now seen the light!


Nope. Election year kabuki by a turncoat to sucker chumps out of money.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r
Big PP

He sure did! Red Flag Dan, Republican Turncoat. Typical Politician! Don’t vote for this snake! I learned that with Turncoat Rick Scott here in FL.


Let’a see how THIS plays out? – We “little guys” are left to fend for ourselves… When this tyranny first took place back in May of this year, 2020, being a lifetime member of both the NRA and the GOA, I immediately contacted both for legal representation and help only to be left out in the cold. It was OCT’s (Open Carry Texas’s) Legislative Director that lead me to the Law Offices of Warren Norred, the law firm that performed the Shelly Luther beauty salon case in Dallas, Texas. After seeking donations and funds from the Second Amendment community,… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

I forgot the law that states: What you already legally purchased CANNOT be taken in the future by a law that cancels past LEGALLY PURCHASED items.

Ryben Flynn

Ex Post Facto.
An ex post facto law is a law that retroactively changes the legal consequences of actions that were committed, or relationships that existed, before the enactment of the law


Provided it is a LAW and not a “regulation” or “ban”, otherwise non-Congressional action.


Zioclops supports red flag laws. He’s trash.


My kind of woman:
“A Texas woman has to be able to shoot, kill, clean, cook and eat your kill one day, and then wear a dress and work a board room the next,”_Genevieve Collins
Except I’d like her to be able to do it all on the same day. And not just in TX, but across the United States, what’s left of it. Screw Commiefornia, Oregone, NothingNew York and Dimocrat bastions of Anti-Constitutional States of Anarchy.


To all those that mention his prior comments/views/etc. – point taken (and genuinely appreciate the sentiment).

With the understanding that he is now organizing this effort, why can we not applaud this moment that serves our causes? As often disgusting as politics are, we must see farther than our nose.

Statists win because they “play the long game” and march together; we can’t even applaud when a political-animal gets it right.


Im glad he is doing something positive for the 2a, but no one should forget his support of RED FLAG LAWS! He would need to openly apologize for taking the wrong side on that and vow to never be on the wrong side of the 2a again in order to move forward while watching him cautiously.


Yes, Rep. Dan Crenshaw is very TWO FACED on the 2A issue. and he has NOT withdrawn his Red Flag Law stance. Texans MUST be careful of him.

An APOLOGY or WITHDRAWAL in necessary.


I wonder if he draws a paycheck for both sides of his face? The opinion of many will not change until he retracts his support for red flag laws.

Last edited 2 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

I’m sorry, but at this point our Nation does not have time or latitude for politicians to “maybe” support certain parts of our Constitution! Crenshaw voiced his beliefs, and if he is for red flag, universal background, and banning “assault weapons”, then only money and power are the reason for his backpeddaling. Do we not learn from past mistakes, history proves not to trust this man with our Freedom.


A prostitute will tell you she is clean of HIV.


Because it’s election year kabuki by a corrupt RINO.

Last edited 2 years ago by Russn8r
Big PP

Take heed and Do NOT Vote for him, Florida learned the hard way with Turncoat Rick Scott. Protect your Rights, he is a turncoat! A Politician!


The time to vote against RINOs is in the PRIMARY, not the general election.