Savage Arms Celebrates Hunters’ Journeys with New Campaign

Savage Arms Celebrates Hunters’ Journeys with New Campaign
Savage Arms Celebrates Hunters’ Journeys with New Campaign

U.S.A.-( Savage Arms is proud to announce a new multimedia project: Savage Journeys. Savage knows what it takes to put rounds on target, a skill that’s crucial to successful hunting. Now the team is joining hunters across the country to chronicle the unexpected twists that can make hunting feel like such a Savage Journey.

“Savage makes the best possible tools for American hunters,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “From the button-rifled barrels on our Axis rifles, to the proven lethality of Renegauge, Savage has proven itself in the field. And now we’re out to capture more—the faces and places of American hunting—and we’re bringing it to you in Savage Journeys.”

Every sportsman, even those with years of backcountry success, tackles unexpected challenges while hunting. This is what makes a lifetime of hunting such an incredible journey. Savage is proud to celebrate those who never quit and allow their boots to carry them over the next ridge. Follow Savage as we capture the experiences of new and experienced hunters as they embrace the unknown and face the unforeseen challenges inherent on their hunts.

Over the course of the next year, Savage will be documenting several hunters as they pursue wild game across a wide swath of the American landscape. These unscripted hunts will showcase the hunting highlights, but they’ll also capture the hard work and determination needed to make it into, and out of, the woods.

From the field-to-fork pursuit of Kansas Whitetail and Wyoming antelope, to the predator calls of the Arizona desert, Savage is there. From the precision needed for dispatching rabbits to the magnum power preferred by bear hunters, Savage rifles do their part. But that’s not half of the hunt. Follow Savage Journeys to see the rest.

The first episode is available here:

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