Shell Shock Technologies Sponsored Shooters See Success in Matches

Shell Shock Technologies’ Sponsored Shooter Trevor Cotter competing.

Westport, Conn. ( – Shell Shock Technologies, LLC., an early-stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry, is pleased to announce a weekend of success for several of its sponsored shooters. Trevor Cotter, Albert Montanez, Chase Rains, and Garrett Schutz competed at the 2020 New Mexico Section Championship, held Oct. 2 – 3, 2020 in Clovis, New Mexico. These same shooters, minus Schutz, competed on Oct. 4, 2020, at the 2020 North Texas Open Sectional in Whitewright, Texas.

For the New Mexico Section Championship, Cotter finished High Overall, Open Division Champion, and Open Division Master Class Champion, with 1034.3304 match points and a time of 145.12.

Montanez finished 10th Overall, Fourth in the Open Division, and Second in Open Master Class with 893.9832 match points and a time of 169.48. Rains finished Fifth Overall, Second in Limited Division, and Limited Division B Class Champion, with 927.5835 match points and a time of 156.75. Schutz finished 13th Overall, Seventh in Open Division, and Fourth Overall in A Class, with 870.4925 match points and a time of 172.24.

Sponsored Shooter Albert Montanez competing at the 2020 North Texas Open Sectional.

For the North Texas Open Sectional, Cotter finished Fourth Overall, Third in the Open Division, and Second Open Master Class with 1167.8258 match points and a time of 153.49. Montanez finished 26th Overall, 18th in the Open Division, and fourth in Open Master Class with 1041.1080 match points and a time of 172.35. Rains finished Sixth in Limited Division and Limited Division B Class Champion, with 882.7023 match points and a time of 199.50.

Sponsored Shooter Chase Rains competing at the 2020 North Texas Open Sectional.

“I was blessed with a successful weekend, coming away with a championship and a top performance. Part of that success is confidence in my equipment. With Shell Shock Technologies’ NAS3 9mm cases I know my ammo is going to run flawlessly no matter what conditions I’m faced with. That’s why I put my trust in Shell Shock Technologies,” commented Cotter.

Cotter, Rains, and Schutz can be seen competing next at the 2020 USPSA National Championship, to be held Oct. 18 – 25, 2020 in Frostproof, Florida. Montanez has completed his 2020 competitive shooting season.

About Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 Cases:

NAS3 9mm cases are 50 percent lighter than brass cases, offer greater lubricity, and will not abrade, clog, foul, wear-out, or damage breach and ejector mechanisms. The cases offer greater corrosion resistance, tensile strength (2x stronger), and elasticity than brass. NAS3 cases will not split, chip, crack or grow (stretch) and are fully reloadable (using S3 Reload dies) and can be reloaded many more times than brass cases. NAS3 cases have been tested successfully by customers to pressures over 70k psi. NAS3 cases can be picked up with a magnet. The head can be colored for branding purposes and easy load identification.

NAS3 is “Best in Class” for maintaining consistent velocity between rounds. In an independent test performed by H.P. White Laboratory (a major munitions testing facility), rounds fired using NAS3 cases achieved a velocity standard deviation of 0.093 FPS (124-grain FMJ bullet, 4.2 grains Titegroup powder, 10 rounds, extreme variation 3fps).

Shell Shock NAS3 Cases
Shell Shock NAS3 Cases

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About Shell Shock Technologies, LLC:

Founded in Westport, Connecticut, in 2015, Shell Shock Technologies, LLC is an early-stage technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry. Shell Shock is a component manufacturer supplying shell cases to the shooting sports market, as well as to U.S. and foreign ammunition manufacturers, law enforcement, military, and other government agencies. Shell Shock does not load ammunition.

Shell Shock Technologies

About Trevor Cotter:

Trevor Cotter began competitive shooting in March 2018 in Limited Division A and Carry Optics B in USPSA and in January 2019 in Carry Optics Division – Expert in IDPA. When he is not competing, he works as a Directional Services Salesman, an RO for local clubs, and as a Pistol Instructor for Permian Basin Young Guns (youth shooting sports organization).

About Albert Montanez:

In March 2017 a fellow shooter invited Albert Montanez to watch a local USPSA match. He fell in love with the sport and has been competitive shooting ever since. He has previously competed in the Master Class in Open Division and A Class in PCC Division. In November of 2019, Montanez competed in a IPSC Level IV Handgun Championship International Match in the Philippines that consisted of 1,200 shooters from around the world and finished 64 overall. Montanez is transitioning to fully compete in the PCC Division in USPSA for 2020.

About Chase Rains:

A lifelong shooter, hunting, and target shooting have always been Chase Rains’ favorite pastimes. As he grew up, he began to work on firearms and became a Certified Gunsmith, as well as an instructor teaching new shooters. In 2018, Rains was invited to a 3 Gun match and fell in love immediately. He began competing shortly after, then transitioned to USPSA matches as his main focus. In 2019 he competed in nine majors and over 40 Level 1 matches.

About Garrett Schutz:

Garrett Schutz began shooting 3 Gun competitively in 2013 while stationed as active duty Air Force in Las Vegas, Nevada. After catching the bug, he looked for other competitive shooting sports and found USPSA and IDPA. He currently competes in the Open Division in 3 Gun and USPSA and competes in the PCC Division in IDPA and USPSA. After being stationed in Alamogordo, New Mexico, he found more USPSA clubs local to him and shifted his focus, making A Class in 2019.