This Week on Shooting USA – Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship
Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

Nashville, TN -( The game is Single Action Fast Draw, as near as we come in the 21st century to the OK Corral. 300 Gunfighters mosey into Fallon, Nevada, dressed to reflect their cowboy alias, and ready to draw and shoot wax bullets from Old West holsters. The winning results are speeds down to a third of a second.

Plus, John shoots and reports the new IDPA Pistol Caliber Carbine National match at Talladega.

The Uzi is historic full-auto fire. And Colt introduces the return of the Python.  More Info…

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Shooting USA

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5 months ago

down to 1/3rd of a second ? If I recall correctly, in Ed McGiverns book, Fast&Fancy Revolver Shooting, he was clocked at 1/12th of a second. The revolver was a da S&W, 6 shot. S & W thought so highly of him, they produced a one of a kind, revolver,all gussyed up, engraved & inlays and a very nice holster to cuddle it.Its been some years since I read his book, so as a disclaimer, I might be mistaken. Altho, I have a photogenic memory (-;

Last edited 5 months ago by gunnerdd517
Scotty Gunn
Scotty Gunn
5 months ago

I’d love to watch but since I dumped cable two years ago, I am not paying to watch something.