True Velocity Advances to Shortlist for Australian LAND 159 Project

True Velocity Ammunition makes all sorts of high-quality calibers. IMG True Velocity Ammunition

U.S.A. -( GARLAND, TX (October 26, 2020) – Australia-based NIOA, a company specializing in the supply and sustainment of weapons and munition systems to the Australian Defense Force (ADF), has invited Texas-based True Velocity to the next stage in the LAND 159 Lethality Systems Project procurement process. The LAND 159 project will equip the men and women of the ADF with next-generation pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, direct fire support weapons, and ammunition. True Velocity, which manufactures composite cased ammunition for the military, law enforcement, and civilian use, will specifically participate in the narrowed search for next-generation ammunition solutions.

“Being added to the shortlist for the LAND 159 program is a clear acknowledgment of the benefits that composite ammunition can deliver to the warfighters of the future,” said Chris Tedford, President of True Velocity. “The composite casings we produce provide advantages on the battlefield through improved accuracy, reduced wear and tear on firearms, and a significant reduction in the weight of the ammunition itself compared to traditional brass. True Velocity also offers NIOA and ADF a partner that can put unmatched innovation in ammunition production technology to work benefitting overall logistics and spending.”

In collaboration with the Commonwealth of Australia, NIOA serves as Prime Contractor for the LAND 159 program. NIOA’s role includes identifying and approaching market providers such as True Velocity on behalf of the Commonwealth to identify and evaluate Sniper and Close Combat weapon systems and provide acquisition and support recommendations for future defense needs. Program participants ultimately selected will deliver next-generation weapons and ammunition to the ADF in three phases or “tranches” over the next decade.

“For NIOA, the LAND 159 program is all about the next generation of Australia’s defense industry and, most importantly, the next generation of the ADF,” CEO Robert Nioa said. “The work of these young men and women is entrusted to all of us involved in the LAND 159 program. Their safety and their ability to successfully complete missions is of the utmost importance and is why we must ensure that the ADF has the best equipment and ammunition available for years to come.’’

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True Velocity is an advanced technology and composite manufacturing company based in Garland, Texas. Founded in 2010, True Velocity has more than 250 patents pending or issued on its products, technology and manufacturing processes. Initially, the company is focused on revolutionizing the ammunition industry. True Velocity products are manufactured in the U.S. in a state-of-the-art, 66,000-square-foot facility and are currently available to public agencies, with consumer products available soon. For more information, visit

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Yep. This is a step in controlling ammunition for the Civilians. Unreloadable.


I agree. just like we can no longer store gas or diesel long-term.

Not A. Potato

I distrust any arms manufacturer that has no interest in selling to Honest Joe Citizen. Period. And the product is also very suspicious. Nonreloadable means being left at the mercy of factory new production. And I cannot imagine this being stored for more than a few years without becoming unsafe. Polymers are permeable to moisture and oxygen and degrade over time. Imagine buying nonreloadable ammo with an expiration date. Its a gun control dream. Now imagine being the only company with this technology, having it become the only type of ammunition legal to manufacture, and licensing it to every ammo… Read more »


why do we want to applaud ANY company, especially an American one, producing ammunition that will only/mainly be used by a fovernment against their own people?? It’s not as if the people will be buying large quantities of it.


Thumbs down on this crap!!! I would not want this crap on my ammo storage shelf! Polymer cased ammunition has too many problems, both direct and indirect, to be put into general public use!!!


I’m so confused.

Not A. Potato

A new company in Texas that has developed nonreloadable plastic-cased ammunition has been invited to go to Australia to participate in Australian military weapons trials. If they Australian military and/or bureaucrats like it, there is a chance they could land a contract supplying the Australian military.